Yasr 1.0.4 and Yasr Pro 0.5.6 are out!

Last Saturday I’ve released an important update for Yasr free (1.0.3) and Pro (1.0.4). In fact, shortcodes doesn’t echoes javascript anymore; instead wp_localize_script is used. This will avoid any js related problem. But just yesterday an user reported a little bug. If a post or page use more than one yasr_visitor_votes shortcode (with the post_id[…]

Yasr 1.0.2 and Yasr Pro 0.5.4

Hello everyone! This is the changelog for both versions… * TWEAKED: Max length for multiset fields in now 40 instead 23 * FIXED: Fixed a bug in multiset editing * FIXED: Itemtype selection * FIXED: minor bugfixes And this is pro only… * NEW FEATURE: New method to add custom stars: read here https://yetanotherstarsrating.com/how-to-add-custom-stars-on-yasr-pro/ for[…]

Yasr 1.0.1 and Yasr Pro 0.5.3

Hello everybody! Changelog for both versions: NEW FEATURE: is now possible to choose a recipe as itemType for rich snippets TWEAKED: moved from jquery(document).ready to DOMContentLoaded in some shortcodes FIXED: various minor fixes and for YASR pro… NEW FEATURE: is now possible use as parameter the postid to yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings shortcode FIXED: fixed illegal string warning[…]

Fresh new versions…

Hello YASR users! Today is an important day! In fact, from version 0.9.8 (for the free one) and 0.5.0 (for the pro), yasr said goodbye to the microdata to swich to json-ld. What this means? Simple: to add rich snippet to your posts, there is no need anymore to the sentence at the end of[…]