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What is Overall Rating?

It is the vote given by who writes the review: readers are able to see this vote in read-only mode.
With the classic editor, when you create or update a page or a post, a box (metabox) will be available in the upper right corner where you’ll
be able to insert the overall rating.
With the new Guteneberg editor, just click on the “+” icon to add a block and search for Yasr Overall Rating.
You can either place the overall rating automatically at the beginning or the end of a post (look in “Settings”
-> “Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings”), or wherever you want in the page using the shortcode

(easily added through the visual editor).


What is Visitor Rating?

It is the vote that allows your visitors to vote: just paste this shortcode

What do you think about this?
[Total: 7 Average: 4.1]
where you want the stars to appear.


What is Multi Set?

It is the feature that makes YASR awesome. Multisets give the opportunity to score different aspects for each review: for example, if you’re reviewing a videogame, you can create the aspects “Graphics”, “Gameplay”, “Story”, etc. and give a vote for each one. To create a set, just go in “Settings” -> “Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings” and click on the “Multi Sets” tab. To insert it into a post, just paste the shortcode that YASR will create for you.


What is Ranking Reviews ?

It is the 10 highest rated item chart by reviewer. In order to insert it into a post or page, just paste this shortcode

Yasr 1.0.5 and Yasr Pro 0.5.7 have been released
Rating: 5.0
YASR 0.9.7 and YASR PRO 0.4.8 out!
Rating: 4.6
Yasr 0.9.6 and Yasr PRO 0.4.7
Rating: 4.4
Yasr 0.9.9 and Yasr pro 0.5.1 are avaible
Rating: 4.2
Fresh new versions…
Rating: 3.9
Yasr basics shortcode
Rating: 3.6
Yasr Rankings
Rating: 3.6
Yasr Multi Sets
Rating: 2.7
YASR PRO 0.4.2 is now out
Rating: 2.3
Test page n° 1
Rating: 1.6


What is Users’ ranking ?

This is 2 charts in 1. Infact, this chart shows both the most rated posts/pages or the highest rated posts/pages.
For an item to appear in this chart, it has to be rated twice at least.
Paste this shortcode to make it appear where you want

Post / Page Order By:   Most Rated | Highest Rated
Yasr basics shortcode

[Total:4793    Average 4.1]
Yasr 1.0.5 and Yasr Pro 0.5.7 have been released

[Total:140    Average 4.1]
Yasr is coming back!

[Total:92    Average 4]
Yasr 1.8.0 is out: what’s new ?

[Total:81    Average 4.8]
Yasr Filters and Actions

[Total:79    Average 4]
How to add custom stars with Yasr Pro

[Total:75    Average 3.9]
Test page n° 1

[Total:72    Average 3.9]
YASR 0.9.7 and YASR PRO 0.4.8 out!

[Total:54    Average 4.3]
Yasr User Reviews 0.1.5 is out!

[Total:41    Average 3.9]
Yasr 1.6.2 is here

[Total:34    Average 3.8]
Post / Page Order By:   Most Rated | Highest Rated
Yasr 0.8.2 and Yasr Pro 0.2.7

[Total:4    Average 5]
YASR PRO 0.4.3 out today!

[Total:2    Average 5]
Yasr 1.3.5 is out!

[Total:5    Average 4.8]
Yasr 1.8.0 is out: what’s new ?

[Total:81    Average 4.8]
Yasr 1.3.8

[Total:4    Average 4.8]
Yasr 1.2.0 and Yasr Stylish 0.0.6

[Total:4    Average 4.8]
Yasr 1.2.7 and Yasr Stylish 0.0.7 are out!

[Total:12    Average 4.7]
Yasr 1.1.3 is out

[Total:9    Average 4.7]
New website, and new translation system!

[Total:6    Average 4.7]
YASR 0.8.3 and YASR PRO 0.2.9 have been released

[Total:3    Average 4.7]


What is Most active reviewers ?

If in your site there are more than 1 person writing reviews, this chart will show the 5 most active reviewers. Shortcode is

Author Reviews
Dario 60


Why I don’t see stars in google?

Please be sure that if you use mostly the “yasr_visitor_votes” shortcode, you’ve to select “Aggregate Rating” to the question “Which rich snippet do you want to use?” in the General Settings.
If, instead, your website use mostly the “yasr_overall_rating” shortcode, you’ve to select “Review Rating”.
Google will need some days to index the stars.
You can use the [Structured Data Testing Tool](https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/u/0/) to validate your page.
If you set up everythings fine, in 99% of cases your stars will appear in a week.
If doesn’t, it’s suggested to ask in a SEO oriented forum.