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Remember: You don't need to keep in mind all the shortcodes. You can use the shortcode creator if you're using the Classic Editor, or just add a block if you're using Gutenberg.


Shows the Visitor Votes for a post or page.



(optional) Size of the stars. Accepted values: "small", "medium", "large".
default: large

(optional) The post ID
default: the post ID of the current post or page

(optional) Set if the stars set should be clickable or not. Useful if you want to show an average rating from another post or page, or in a different part of the template. Accepted value: "yes".
default: false


[yasr_visitor_votes]    will show the Visitor Votes with large stars set (default) for the current post or page.

[yasr_visitor_votes size=medium postid=9268 readonly=yes]    will show the Visitor Votes with medium stars set for the postid 9268, not clickable.