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Remember: You don't need to learn shortcodes and parameters; you can easily create your pro shortcode in settings page !



Pro version of the shortcode yasr_top_ten_active_users.


(optional) rows number to display.
Accepted values: a number between 2 and 30
default: 10
(optional) choose if display login name or display name of the user.
Accepted values: “login”, “displayname”
default: login


UserName Number of votes
Anonymous 5999
Dario 17
cityguide 5
Gadima 2
satechheads 2
graxi69 2
JackHiggs 2
crmtrain 1
Chandu098 1
jumbowap 1
just like yasr_top_ten_active_users
UserName Number of votes
Anonymous 5999
Dario 17
Christian Reischl 5
Gadima 2
Bryan Keller 2
Lukasz Graczyk 2
Jack Higgs 2
will show the 20 most active users, showing the display name instead of login name

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