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Remember: You don't need to learn shortcodes and parameters; you can easily create your pro shortcode in settings page !


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Pro version of yasr_top_ten_highest_rated shortcode.


(optional) rows number to display.
Accepted values: a number between 2 and 30
default: 10
(optional) Size of the stars.
Accepted values: “small”, “medium”, “large”.
default: medium
(optional) where to place custom text.
Accepted values: “before”, “after”
default: disabled
(optional) custom text to display.
Accepted values: your custom text, no longer than 30 chars
default: disabled
(optional) get posts from one or more selected categories
Accepted values: category number, comma separated
default: disabled
(optional) get posts from one custom post type
Accepted values: cpt name
default: disabled


Yasr 1.0.5 and Yasr Pro 0.5.7 have been released
Rating: 5.0
YASR 0.9.7 and YASR PRO 0.4.8 out!
Rating: 4.6
Yasr 0.9.6 and Yasr PRO 0.4.7
Rating: 4.4
Yasr 0.9.9 and Yasr pro 0.5.1 are avaible
Rating: 4.2
Fresh new versions…
Rating: 3.9
Yasr basics shortcode
Rating: 3.6
Yasr Rankings
Rating: 3.6
Yasr Multi Sets
Rating: 2.7
YASR PRO 0.4.2 is now out
Rating: 2.3
Test page n° 1
Rating: 1.6
will show a 10 rows chart, just like yasr_top_ten_highest_rated
will show a 5 rows chart, with large stars set, custom text displayed is “Rating” and posts are get from categories 113, 151 and 224

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