October 7, 2014


What is “Overall Rating”?
It is the vote given by who writes the review: readers are able to see this vote in read-only mode. Reviewer can vote using the box on the top rigth when writing a new article or post (he or she must have at least the “Author” role). Remember to insert this shortcode [yasr_overall_rating] to make it appear where you like. You can choose to make it appear just in a single post/page or in archive pages too (e.g. default Index, category pages, etc).

What is “Visitor Rating”?
It is the vote that allows your visitors to vote: just paste this shortcode [yasr_visitor_votes] where you want the stars to appear. This works only in single posts or pages. This may not works if you use a caching plugin.

More info and demo here

What is “Multi Set”?
It is the feature that makes YASR awesome. Multisets give the opportunity to score different aspects for each review: for example, if you’re reviewing a videogame, you can create the aspects “Graphics”, “Gameplay”, “Story”, etc. and give a vote for each one. To create a set, just go in “Settings” -> “Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings” and click on the “Multi Sets” tab. To insert it into a post, just paste the shortcode that YASR will create for you.

More info on Multi Sets and demo here

What is “Ranking reviews” ?
It is the 10 highest rated item chart by reviewer. In order to insert it into a post or page, just paste this shortcode [yasr_top_ten_highest_rated]

What is “Users’ ranking” ?
This is 2 charts in 1. Infact, this chart shows both the most rated posts/pages or the highest rated posts/pages. For an item to appear in this chart, it has to be rated twice at least. Paste this shortcode to make it appear where you want [yasr_most_or_highest_rated_posts]

What is “Most active reviewers” ?
If in your site there are more than 1 person writing reviews, this chart will show the 5 most active reviewers. Shortcode is [yasr_top_5_reviewers]

What is “Most active users” ?
When a visitor (logged in or not) rates a post/page, his rating is stored in the database. This chart will show the 10 most active users, displaying the login name if logged in or “Anonymous” otherwise. The shortcode : [yasr_top_ten_active_users]

More info on rankings and demo here

Wait, wait! Do I need to keep in mind all this shortcode?
Of course not: you can easily add it on the visual editor just by clicking on the yellow star and then choose what to insert.

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  • Hi,

    I have shortcode [yasr_top_ten_highest_rated] and only show top ten. Can I show only choosen postition like 2nd, 5th etc ? also I would like put little thumb from post near title and short description ? Where I can do that ?

    Cheers !

  • Ciao DARIO,
    it looks like when I insert [yasr_visitor_votes size=”medium”] in my post, it doesn’t show data from table “xxxxx_yasr_votes” (number_of_votes, sum_votes). I don’t understand where it takes data.

    • Hello Jonas,

      yes, this is normal. From version 1.3.6 that table isn’t used anymore and that shortcode takes data from xxx_yasr_log table instead.


      • Wow… that’s why.
        Unfortunatly in the other table, for example in a specific post, I had 127 votes and now in the new one I have 4 votes. Is there any chance to quick edit the new table adding votes?
        Thanks again.

  • How can we update to 0.0.8 (Yet Another Stars Rating – Custom Rankings)

    Automatic Update in WordPress for reads “unavailable for this plugin”


  • Hi, is there a short code like yasr_top_ten_highest_rated for multisets voted on by users to my site? I’d like to include something on my site showing the highest rated posts based on the average rating of my multisets.

    Thank you!

  • I am trying to purchase the Custom Ratings plugin but keep getting a ‘card decline’ message. My bank notified me to make sure I was the one using my card and the told me to try again. I tried again and got another decline message.

    I purchased the comment plugin with this card a few weeks ago and love it. Can you help me..craig

  • Do you have a snippet for the “Yasr Recent Ratings” widget to show the actual recent star ratings instead of saying “Vote 5 from anonymous on”? What we’d like to have is just the post name and the actual stars.

  • Actually I want to work only with Comment Reviews.
    If I want the charts (Custom Rankings) from a Category I just get dates from the Visitor Rating (yasr_visitor_votes) or the Autor Votes. Is there a possibility to make charts with the voting from the comments (yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings) ?
    Thanks Wieland

  • Hello,
    Does the YASR stars only show up to admin users? I have users with roles as authors and editor roles and they are not able to see the YASR stars to rate them, however I can go in as an admin and see them just fine on their posts – so the shirt code is being inserted, they just are unable to do their rating because the pkugin isn’t showing up to them.
    Is this suppose to be happening?

      • Ok, so why would the author of the post then not see the multiset? Do they need to be set as certain types of users? I haven’t had this problem until I used the “author” user setting.

        Basically, I have an “author” user, who can’t even see the stars – yet, it’s their post.,they wrote it.

        Then I have me and another admin who can see the stars no matter who’s post it is..


  • Hi

    Is there any way to check if a post or page has a editor rating or not? I just activated YASR. But I have 100s of posts so I will add them one by one.

    Here is the code I have so far:

    add_action( ‘genesis_entry_header’, ‘sp_page_info_filter’ );
    function sp_page_info_filter() {
    if(‘[yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]’ != “”) {
    $post_info = ‘Editors Review: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]’;
    echo do_shortcode( $post_info );

    Please let me know 🙂



    • hello, you’ve to check the post meta ‘yasr_overall_rating’, eg:

      $overall_rating = get_post_meta($post_id, ‘yasr_overall_rating’, TRUE);

      and then check the variable if($overall_rating)

      or you can use the yasr function yasr_get_overall_rating(), eg:


      in the second case, be sure yasr is installed or you’ll get a fatal error!


  • I think it would be good if we can still choose the stars size when we not use auto insert. Currently it will auto choose the large size. and Thank you so much for include the recent review widget in the earlier version 🙂

  • Hi, I want to know if it’s possible to add the ratings widget to a category or tag or a custom taxonomy page in WordPress (I want users to have the ability to rate the tags or categories or custom taxonomies as a whole)
    An example of a link that I want the users to be able to rate is – ahemahem.com/technology/

    • Hello, Yasr needs a postid to work, so you should it manually in your template something like this

      Where xxxx is your post id (you can simply create a draft page and use that id)


  • We are trying to change some default frontend labels, for example we would like to change the titles of the stars when hovering over them. Currently they are “bad, poor, ok, good, super”, we would something like “not at all, a little bit, ok, a lot,very much”

    We’ve found the same string in yasr-functions.php but editing this file is not really upgrade-safe I guess. Fiddling around with the .mo/.po/.pot files doesn’t seem to work either, because we’re not actually using a translation(?) .

    So what would be the correct way to make this work?

    • Hello, sorry for the delay of this answer.

      Unfortunately I can’t try this by myself, can you please try to copy and paste the “yet-another-stars-rating.pot” but with this name: “yet-another-stars-rating-en_US.pot”.
      Then try to insert your strings.


  • Hi, I just purchased the plugin with the 3 extensions, I wanted to know if it’s posible to combine multi set and user review, I enable both and I have now 2 review system instead of one.

    • Hello, thank you for your purchase!

      Multiset will be avaible soon in Yasr User Review, it is already on my to do list 🙂


  • Hello. How can I change the size of stars in multi-set? I don’t use average, and individual ratings are shown with small stars. How can I make them medium or large?

    • Hello Vlad, thank you for using Yasr!

      This is not possible (yet) but this feature will be avaible soon!


  • Hi I have just renewed the YASR PRO licenses for a new year but when I try to activate the license I’m getting a “This license is invalid” message.

    What I’m doing wrong?


  • hello Dario
    i use YASR and found it very usefull.
    my YASR works fine in posts and i could see stars in serach results in google.
    also i have one page (homepage) that i cloud see YASR works for it in Structured data in webmaster tools
    but i could not see any stars for that page’s search result in google!
    any idea ?

      • hello Dario
        i know that YASR works for posts and pages only.
        my prolem is that my YASR works for posts and could see it in webmaster tools also could see stars of posts in serach result in google.
        but i have 1 page ( homepage ) that YASR works for it and could see in webmaster tools but i could not see STARS in search result for that PAGE!

  • is their a way that the overall ratings will not be removed after a week? I am using the yasr for review rating and my employer is the reviewer. he adds the rate. so removing the rating per review should not be done. how do I do this? thanks

    • Hello Jerome, thank you for using Yasr!

      Not pretty sure about the question, once an author vote the article, it will stay there until someone doesn’t reset the vote.
      If nobody reset the vote, it will stay there.

      Do you want to avoid another users to reset the vote?

    • Hello, thank you for using Yasr!

      I just check up your page with the browser console, you’ve a js error that is causing the issue.
      I suggest to fix that first 😉


  • Hi! Is there any way to translate “Post / Page” in the ranking? I have successfully translated “Most votes”, “Highest rated” etc, but I can’t seem to get the translation for “Post / Page” to work. Any help?

    See image here:

    • Hello Kristoffer, thank you for using Yasr!

      In the plugin directory you’ll find a “languages” directory.
      Find the file with your language and with a software like Poedit you’ll be able to translate that 😉


      • Thats what I have been doing with the other translations and they work just fine. I can’t figure out why it wont translate “Post / Page” when everything else is working..

          • I agree, very strange.

            I used this shortcode: [yasr_pro_visitor_votes_chart rows=10 size=small view=highest minvotesmost=1 minvoteshg=1 category=2]

            • Ahhh ok, it’s a pro ranking!

              In the directory of Yasr Custom Rankings, open file yasr-cr-shortcodes on line 243 and 304 change this

              to this

              The you can use the po file in the language dir.


              P.s. WordPress is cutting the < th > tag, keep it in the code

  • Ciao Dario,
    To validate your ratings as BlogPosting I firstly had 2 errors and 1 warning :
    1/ The url of the logo of the publisher was missing
    2/ The url of the Image Object was missing
    3/ The width of the logo of the publisher (or was it the BlogPosting’s Image object?) was wrong.

    I could not validate, whatever data I put in the field “Logo Url (if empty siteicon will be used instead)”.

    I have entered your code, and hardcoded my data and now it validates with all the correct data.

    I don’t know where the problem came from.
    But perhaps it’s coming from some confusion you make in the “Logo Url (if empty siteicon will be used instead)”. I don’t think it is a good idea at all to take the FAVICON as a LOGO, because the specifications for them in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool are totally different :
    – Favicon’s dimensions can be from 16×16 to 512×512 or else. Favicons are not taken into account in Structured Data Testing Tool.
    – Publisher Logo’s dimensions MUST BE at least 240px wide to validate in Structured Data Testing Tool for the AMP pages, and this is very important for SEO !
    And :
    – The Image Object of the BlogPosting MUST BE at least 696px wide to validate in Structured Data Testing Tool for the AMP pages.

    Another problem is that I have my own json-ld script in my header, with a BlogPosting section. It was validating correctly before I installed YASR.
    So with YASR, Google sees 2 rather identical BlogPosting, and yours was containing errors… so I edited yours and removed mine. But perhaps you should say somewhere, for newbies : “if you’re already using BlogPosting somewhere in your code, remove it, or remove YASR, but you have to make a choice”. And if we choose to have our BlogPosting written by your YASR, then perhaps you could give us more info and more control, more fields, even just to display the data your plugin will use, so we can check whether it is correct or not. With the current version, all the json-ld writing is done in silent, mainly in yasr-functions.php without us watching and knowing what’s going on. We need to know.

    As a conclusion, I think you could perhaps reconsider the way you define the urls and dimensions of the Publisher’s Logo and the BlogPosting’s Image Object. Favicons and logos do really not play the same role and can not be confused.

    Apart from that, thank you for your plugin and all the nice job done, Im’ using the free version and it works great, better than other plugins whose code is outdated.

    • Hello Ludovic, thank you for using Yasr!

      You’re right, Logo and Favicon are totally different!
      I always reccomend to fill that form; hovewer, if for some reasons an user doesn’t do that, it’s always better to insert an image (even if with wrong dimension) that doesn’t use it at all.
      I think I’ll insert a link near that form to the google doc, to give more information to my users.

      We’ve to remember that Yasr is not a rich snippet / seo plugin. 99% of my users doesn’t know at all what rich snippets are, they just want the stars to show up in the serp (sad but true)

      This is why Yasr cames with just a few of settings… and if an user like you know what to do they can always do…that’s why in the code I’ve added this

      $filtered_schema = apply_filters( 'yasr_filter_schema_jsonld', $review_choosen );

      An user with some dev skill can easily use this hook to filter the result and insert all the info that he/she wants 🙂

      Have a nice day,

  • Hi,

    Since WordPress last update i’ve got an issu with the vote multiple.
    Here’s the code i get in the window where i should have the panel with the stars to set the vote :

    Warning: include(/homepages/31/d619169994/htdocs/clickandbuilds/latetedanslalune/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/yasr-metabox-multiple-rating.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/31/d619169994/htdocs/clickandbuilds/latetedanslalune/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-functions.php on line 285

    Warning: include(): Failed opening ‘/homepages/31/d619169994/htdocs/clickandbuilds/latetedanslalune/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/yasr-metabox-multiple-rating.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php5.6′) in /homepages/31/d619169994/htdocs/clickandbuilds/latetedanslalune/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-functions.php on line 285

    Can you help me ? thank you !

  • Hi! How can I use the NEW FEATURE: If auto insert is enabled, it’s now possible to exclude the single post or page. Thanks!

  • Hi… I purchased the user rating extension and activated it… and then I inserted the visitor’s review through shortcode [yasr_visitor_votes] at the top of the post. The problem is ratings submitted through comments are not being reflected in visitor votes displayed on the top of the post.

    I want to collect rating through both the places – stars at the top of the post, and through the comments form, and the aggregate should be reflected at one place, preferably in the stars placed at the top of posts.

    And if that is not possible, I would like to gather votes only through comments, but would like to display the result at the top of the post. How can that be achieved?

    • Hello Ashwini, thank you for your purchase!

      Just checked out the page, I see you removed yasr_visitor_votes shortcode and used yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings instead …so I think you’re done 🙂

      Let me know if I can help you!


  • Hi! I’m considering installing this and getting the extensions. Have a few questions. I’d like users to select a star rating for the page they’re viewing while leaving a comment, as you have on this page: https://yetanotherstarsrating.com/extensions/reviews-in-comments/

    1. If I require the user to be logged in to comment, is it possible to remove the name/email/website fields from the comment box?

    2. I only need one overall rating, not a separate one for the page author vs. visitors. Is this possible?

    3. Does the user’s rating AND it’s association to the page get stored in the database? I’d like to use it elsewhere in the code. For example, I’d like to sort my listing category pages by highest rating. I’d also like to display a user’s ratings in their public profile.

    Thank you!

    • Hello Michael!

      1) Yeah, in the settings you can choose if the user must be logged in to rate. If so, the only fields that will show up are

      Title of your review


      3)YEs, it’s stored in the db

      I’d also like to display a user’s ratings in their public profile.

      This is not possible yet, sorry.


      • Great, thanks. To clarify 3.1, I already have a plugin that displays a user’s public profile. I’d simply need to include a field with your shortcode, or custom code the rating by pulling from the db. Is that possible?

        • There is not shortcode for this, you should write your own function 🙂

          (most of work is already done, you can use as starting point the function yasr_users_dashboard_widget_callback inside the lib/yasr-db-functions.php )

    • Hello Borja, thank you for using YASR!

      If you’re using auto insert, this is not possible yet, but will be avaible soon!


  • Hi Dario. How do you require a user to be logged in before posting a comment? Under Settings => Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings => User Reviews (tab), I clicked on No for “Allow Anonymous?” It still allows non-logged in users to comment.

  • Hi Dario. Is there a way to have one submit button that will submit both the user comment and the multi-set rating together?

  • Hi Dario. I have been working on a system that is in test mode that uses the Multi Set List and User Reviews components. It’s about ready to go to live to production. What’s the easiest way to delete the Multi Set List ratings and User Reviews that was used in testing? (FYI…I would comfortable with going directly to the database and executing SQL statements if that is the only way to do it–just let me know what SQL statements to execute.) Thanks.

    • I forgot to add a caveat to my question above. Some of the listings do have a lot of text, pictures, and video associated with them. I wanted to avoid having to delete/re-create the listing.

    • HEllo Ron!
      On Yasr custom rankings dir, open file yasr-cr-shortcodes.php and on line 258 change this

      to this

      then on line 294 change this

      to this


      • It seems like counting started over again for the following 3 blogposts. I don’t have a clue what happened. Could you please have a look at it? There were a couple of hundred votes already, so it would be great to get them back…


        The other posts from this format are still doing fine. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

      • The charts are still with just one decimal. I’ve replaced the codes correctly. Could it be that I need to replace it on other places as well?

            • Add this on line 253, same file

              honestly I don’t know why it started counting again, data is stored in the db so if you didn’t change anything it should be still there. Did you change the postid?

            • Hi Dario,

              Thanks again. This code still doesn’t do the trick. What’s next…?

              Regarding the reset. I had a look at the database. The wp_yasr_votes were reset, but the individual votes were still there. Somebody with the same IP has voted 30 times. The resetted posts all had overall_rating 0, the others had -1. Furthermore I couldn’t see anything strange.

              I was able to configure the votes manually, so all is fixed now. But how can I tackle this issue for the future?

            • It does, but only “most rated”, add the same code on line 311.

              Never, never , never, reset _yasr_votes tab. There is where the rating are stored.
              The “individual votes” (_yasr_log table) is simply a table used to see stats and to check if something goes wrong with voting.

              There is a cookie to block an user to vote a same post or page. But if the cookie is deleted, he/she can vote it again.

  • hi
    instead of the do_shortcode [yasr_overall_rating] I would like to call directly the function. Is it possible? something like shortcode_visitor_votes_callback() . thanks

  • Hi just purchased “Yasr User Reviews” but license key is not accepting showing following.
    I’ haven’t been able to comunicate with yetanotherstarsrating.com. Most probably your hosting can fix this

    • Hello, just go in the YAsr Settings, open “Aspect & Styles” tab and insert this in “Custom Css Styles”
      .yasr-already-voted-text {


    • Hello, Yasr Settings –> “General Settings” tab go to this section: “Insert custom text to show before / after stars”.

  • Hi thanks for solution, I have another issue, my customer is unable to rate any post everytime, and I also I have tested this after some time or after updating post rating many time I become unable to rate again, is there any limitation or how can I fix this issue?

  • Hi Dario,

    All of a sudden I keep getting this error:

    I’ haven’t been able to comunicate with yetanotherstarsrating.com. Most probably your hosting can fix this
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home2/klang54/public_html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating-pro/lib/pro/EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater.php:363) in /home2/klang54/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1228

    It looks like it is file EDD_SL_plugin_updater but I haven’t made any changes. I’ve also tried deacivating and activating the plugin but i’m still getting the error message. Do you know what this could be?


      • Yes I have some development skills, basically I am developing this site for my customer, I have used “Posts in page” plugin and using template for blog where I have added your short code to give users ability to post their ratings on blog page and my customer want them sorted according to rank

        • I never did but this is a good starting point http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/141125/allow-html-in-excerpt/141136#141136

          In your own function you should query the yasr tables: this is the code that the plugin use for show the first 10 rated posts:

  • Hello I am waiting for last two days for your reply but if it’s not possible to add sorting option for my blog page with ranking then please refund and there is no need for this extension if it’s not possible to sort posts
    Thank you

  • I just want to sort posts with high ranking first and then in descending order therefor I bought yasr custom ranking extension, hopefully you can help me

  • Hi I have purchased your plugin, I am using “Posts in page” plugin to create custom blog page and I have added your code to show rating on excerpts and it was working then I purchased your extension to sort those posts according to their rank but suddenly ratings are disappeared from that page, can you help me in this?

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