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Hello YASR users! Today is an important day! In fact, from version 0.9.8 (for the free one) and 0.5.0 (for the pro), yasr said goodbye to the microdata to swich to json-ld. What this means? Simple: to add rich snippet to your posts, there is no need anymore to the sentence at the end of the post 🙂

The changelog:

* TWEAKED: All the schema info use now json-ld and not microdata anymore. There is no need anymore to the sentence of the end of post 🙂
* FIXED: itemtype selection
* FIXED: itemtype if not rating
* FIXED: RTL support, thank’s to Arik Numlock
* PRO ONLY: TWEAKED: Enabling / disabling reviews in comments in the single post is made with the save_post action and not through ajax anymore

Hope you like these news, see you soon!

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