November 14, 2014


Yet Another Stars Rating (YASR) is a simple yet powerful 5 stars rating plugin for WordPress. With YASR you can turn your blog into a complete review site! I wrote it because I needed a plugin which allowed me to:

  • Add a review for a product (or whatever)
  • Let users vote
  • Build rankings
  • Add rich snippet for a rated post/page
  • Support Multi Sets
  • Easily use it through shortcodes.

Further this if you use Gd Star Rating (version 1.9.22 or lower) you can import all your data!
Plenty of rating plugins are out there (that’s why I called it “Yet Another Stars Rating”), but none of them provides all these features for free! Yes, YASR is free and all the data is saved onto your database. Therefore data is yours and yours only (this is crucial!).

312 thoughts on “Overview

  • When i test the page with Google Structured Data Testing Tool says there is an error when using YASR localbusiness because we need to add an image.
    there is no field to fill for that in YASR

  • Hi Dario,

    In the YASR settings, for “Do you want show stats for visitors votes?” I checked No. But the stats still show for the visitors votes. Is there something I should add to the short code to not all users to see the overall stats? I want to have access to the stats, but not allow the users to know the average rating and how many votes there are.


    • Hello Tim, thank you for using Yasr!

      That settings will only hide the icon between the stars and the text.

      If you want to hide that line just do this:

      Yasr Settings -> Aspect & Styles and add this line on “Custom Css Styles”

      .yasr-total-average-container {
      display: none;


      • Thanks! I really appreciate your help. Sorry to ask another question, but this should be my last. Do you know how I can insert the shortcode into the Visual Composer’s Raw HTML element? I don’t know how to make a shortcode into HTML.
        Thanks again,

  • Hi,

    My website will allow users to give star ratings for many different products. If I set it so that only logged-in users can give a star rating, will the plug-in tell me which product(s) a user is rating? In other words, will I only know the number of ratings Product A and Product B get, or will I know which users rated Product A and which users rated Product B?


  • Ciao Dario,

    Sei davvero gentilissimo! Scusa se non ti ho risposto prima, ma non mi appare più il tasto “reply”. Comunque per ora ho installato la versione precedente, la 0.9.7 e mi trovo benissimo. Quando rilascerai la 0.9.9 aggiornerò sicuramente scegliendo, almeno per ora, i microdati.

    Grazie ancora per il supporto eccellente!

  • Ciao Dario,

    Complimenti per il plugin perchè è stata la mia salvezza! 🙂

    Volevo chiederti se è una coincidenza che da quanto ho aggiornato alla versione 0.9.8 in SERP non si vedono più le stelline sotto i post. Ho notato che in Google Webmaster Tools sono apparti una marea di errori “Manca Updated”. Sai come darmi una mano? Ti ringrazio tantissimo! 🙂

      • Grazie per avermi risposto! Che link posso fornirti? mi segnala 50 articoli con l’errore

        Manca: updated

        Me ne sono accorto dopo aver notato un calo di visite. E credo sia dovuto alla scomparsa delle stelline in serp.. Secondo te l’errore può essere dovuto all’installazione di qualche altro tipo di plugin che forse entra in conflitto con il tuo? Però ho notato che dall’ultimo aggiornamento con l’introduzione di JSON-LD è comparso l’errore su Webmaster Tool, il calo di visite e la scomparsa delle stelline. Se il problema fosse questo posso installare la versione 0.9.7 del plugin secondo te? Grazie mille per il tuo supporto!

    • Hi, thank you for using yasr!

      It should work by adding a little snippet in the tamplate file. But on wordpress, I don’t know on buddypress (I never used it)


      • Hi Dario,

        thank you for reply.
        That is a great news. Would it also be possible to add a widget with top rated posts (with pictures)?
        Profile system is made with Buddypress. So, user profiles cannot be rated with yours plugin?
        It would also be great to put a widget with top rated users…

        Thank you in advance.



        • I suggest to try the free version: you can create a chart with the top rated post without the picture.

          But users’s profile cannot be rated.

          Here you can find more info on the charts.


  • Hi Dario,

    Is it possible to change stars image with smiley (emoticon) faces? Maybe from angry, sad, to happier faces 🙂 . I hope this feature will be added on the next updates.

  • Buongiorno Dario, è possibile richiamare il punteggio degli utenti di un articolo specifico? Mi spiego, su una pagina di riepilogo a blocchi, inserendo manualmente i titoli degli articoli, vorrei far vedere il punteggio attuale degli utenti (senza che si possa votare). Io inserisco nel blocco che creo [yasr_visitor_votes] ma giustamente le stelle appaiono tutte grigie perché non sanno a quale id post ci si riferisce.. C’è il modo di inserire l’id del post manualmente?

  • Hi Dario,

    Is it possible to include the stars only in the posts I want?
    I have installed the plugin in my blog but it appears in all my posts.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Emilio,
      for now auto insert include yasr in every post (you can just exclude pages) if you want to include it just in specific post or page you should insert shortcode manually.


  • Ciao.
    Ho acquistato la licenza “pro” c’è la possibilità di mettere delle icone personalizzate al posto delle stelle (volevo mettere una macchina fotografica o l’impronta di una zampetta)
    Grazie, perdona le troppe domande

  • Ciao Dario. Ho provato ad inserire il tuo plugin sul mio sito, prima di acquistare la versione pro, che vorrei usare con delle icone personalizzate. Però riscontro un problema, cioè, nonostante le stelle (vuote) siano correttamente mostrate nei post, quando voto, il voto non viene memorizzato. Ho provato sia loggiato che non loggato.
    Hai idea di cosa possa essere il problema?

  • Ciao Dario,

    thank you for this great plugin!

    It would be useful to add Google Analytics Event Tracking to user rating events.

    What do you think?

  • Hi Dario,
    First of all thanks a lot for this wonderful plugin. No doubt you are a consummate coder.
    I just want to know,
    Is there any way to show 10 stars instead of 5 stars in overall rating and visitor rating?
    Can i display a thumbnail with multi-set chart within that box?

    • Hi, Thank you for using yasr.
      1) To keep yasr easieast as possible, it work only with 5 stars rating system
      2) Not sure what you mean?

  • Hi Dario, you may check, please, the answers via email?
    I’m getting lots of email at my personal address, from you and other people about the comments.
    thank you for doing this check!

  • First off I love the plugin, there are a few things, however, I wish were changed/added.
    For the orange stars on small, it’s hard to tell whether it’s, for instance, a 4 or 4.1. If one could put the actual numbers on the side, like **** (4.0) that would be sweet. Also, making the enqueueing of the jquery optional would be nice, as well as the .css.php file being split up so it’s just a css file – I dropped the php and haven’t seen anything negative? If one could sort by custom field that would be sweet, or if there was a yasr field that would be awesome too.

  • Hi! I am considering of purchasing the pro version of YASR plugin. Like you, I also came from using gd star rating and since it’s been unupdated for a long time.. I am also looking for a more updated similar star rating plugin – that’s how I stumbled upon yours.

    It covers all of my needs based on the description, but it does not mention anywhere if it is compatible to use with Custom Post Types (for both single and multiple in one site, perhaps). So, before I make my purchase can you clarify if it is indeed compatible?

    Looking forward to hearing for your response. Thanks! 🙂

      • Awesome, glad to hear back in such a short waiting period. Will let my team know about this so we can make the purchase very soon. 🙂 Good day!

      • Hey Dario,
        Plugin is great but when I paste the shortcode of the user ratings in the page I created, the titles of the post/pages under the “Post/Pages” section don’t appear. The table cells in this column are all blank. Please help!

  • Apologies Dario, I copied & pasted my last message as I had previously asked the questions on a WP forum B4 I found this page. WHat I should’ve been asked YOU was…. I have a list of restaurants, pubs etc.. on my website & I wanted to add a star rating widget next to each one so visitrs to the site can give their rating of each establishment. BUT i added Yasr, really easy & simple I loved it but when I gave my rating it gave that to all restaurants, so it then dawned on me that this widget was just one for each page not multiple

    would I be correct & if so how can I alter it please?

    Thankyou in advance,

    • Like you said, yasr works per post/page.
      You can do what you want, by passing to the yasr shortcode the postid eg:
      yasr_visitor_votes postid="XXXXX"
      this mean that a post or page must exist for every place you need to rate (don’t need to be publish, it can be a draft too)


      • Thankyou for replying, I am not 100% sure what you mean still though I’m afraid. So on one of my Pages I have a list of restaurants & under each restaurant I would like a seperate star rating so visitors can give their opinion. You know the sort of thing

        So under each restaurant on the Same Page
        instead of putting: [yasr_overall_rating]

        I put what?

        • You should insert the shortcode manually near every place, eg:

          restaurant [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”XXXX”]

          restaurant2 [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”XXXX”]

          and move on.
          Like I said before, must exists a post or page for each place, even as a draft

          • Thankyou but I’m still a bit confused, I get that every restaurant would have to have a different post id, but using the page/post id as requested, they would all have the same one as they are ALL on the same page arent they


            Sorry to be a pain but its just not making any sense to me & I really want to sort this 🙁

            • That’s why I said that for every resturant must exist a post or page: don’t need to be published, it can be a draft too, but must exists to get the postid.
              For example, for the resturant “The Willow Tree” you’ve to create a post called “The Willow Tree” and then save it (don’t need to publish.)
              After you get the new postid just like the video tutorial I linked above.
              After you can insert this near “The Willow Tree” [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”YOURPOSTID”]

              You’ve to repeat this for every resturant.
              I know it’s a pain, but yasr was build to work for a single post or page, so this is the only way to fulfill your needs.


  • Hi Dario,

    thanks for your wonderful plugin and for your support.
    There is one thing that I don’t understand. In the stats at the end of this page
    there are the following votes:
    5 stars 4
    4 stars 1
    3 stars 1
    2 stars 0
    1 star 0
    0 star 1

    How can anybody vote with 0 stars and be added to the number of voters?
    This adds up to 7 [!] votes with an average of 4.1 [?]
    I’m curious if there is any logical explanation.
    Thanks a lot.


    PS Another question: The yellow bars in the stats do not show up the first time the mouse hovers over the stats field. The second time they do. [?]

    • I haven’t a logical explanation because there isn’t one 😀
      I’ve tried to vote in a couple of your post and I can see that it add 2 rate instead of 1. I think this is caused because you’re including yasr_visitors_votes in the sidebar too.

      Can you please try to disable from there and leave just one?

      Yes I’ve to fix the progressbars error.


        • Ok, to fix that youi should login in your database with a program like phpmyadmin, are you able to use it?


          • According to the support of 1&1, it is not possible to log into my database in safe mode. I have the option to change to free mode (what I don’t want to do). I will try to have 1&1 fix the problem. Do you have any idea what they should change in the database?
            Best – Bernd

            • In the table yasr_log, they’ve to delete all the rows where the column “vote” has a value < 1 Then, in the table yasr_votes, they've to update the column "number_of_votes" and "sum_votes". Or if you don't care about your actual data, they can simply delete all the data for a certain post_id (in both tables) Best, Dario

  • Hi Dario,
    apologize for the question, but I did not understand a thing.
    In backend, when voting, I can choose between “product”, “place” and “other”: what will change if I choose one over another?
    thanks! regards

      • Ok! : ) Thank you!

        I have another question: is possible to show the user voting also within the comments box?
        (I hope so, otherwise it would be a problem …)
        Thanks, regards

          • No, I meant that the outcome of the vote, was visible also with the comment posted as well as see it in the widget. Is possible?

            Anyway I put the shortcode of the comment in the widget [yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings size=”small”]. I voted from the comment, but I do not have any results in the widget. No star, no written of voting and average.


            • Ah, you need that in the sidebar widget.
              YASR by default doesn’t have widget support, but there are several way to accomplish this, the easiest is install a plugin like this and put that shortcode in it. It should work.


          • Excuse me, I have not explained;-)

            Use a theme that provides a widget where you can write HTML and shortcodes .
            The problem is that if I vote by the comment, nothing appears in the sidebar, where the widget affixed with shortocde [yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings size=”small”].

            Don’t work

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to keep the size of the “visitor vote read only stars” the same after the page is refreshed?

    After a vote the size is medium as it should be, just as the stars are for the visitor vote code but after the page is refreshed or when a new user comes to the page it reverts to a very small size instead of staying its medium size.

    This is how the read only visitor stars look after a vote
    This is what it looks like after the page is refreshed
    How can I keep it from reverting back to a small size? I just want the size to stay medium.

    • Hi Jasmine, thank you for using YASR.
      You’re right, I’ve fixed this, i you don’t want to wait the next version do this:
      In the plugin dir, open file lib/yasr-shortcode-functions.php and on line 440 change this

      to this

      Let me know if it fix 🙂


  • Ciao Dario,

    i have a question. I have the progress bar for the ratings on the post site and that works fine. But how can i add the progress bar with the ratings for the post on my main site ?

  • The stars show up and the import from Gd Star Ratings seemed to work well; all of the previous votes are counted.
    But, when I try to rate a post, nothing happens. Can you tell me what needs to be changed for the plugin to work?
    Also, Is there a feature in your Pro Version that I can require a comment to be posted in order for the rating to be accepted?

    Thanks in advance, Steve

      • Dario,

        Thanks for getting back to me. I have removed your system for now, and
        reverted back to a previous server save, in order to keep a working
        star ratings. I could not get the stars to update with a new rating.

        Your Questions: I try to rate the post by clicking on one of the post
        I am not using the individual post shortcode feature with GD star, and your system short code did not work either.
        Looked at the video and installed as instructed but the stars (when clicked) would not
        accept a new rating.

        Is there a way you can look at my site and let me know how to:
        Install your system along with the import of GD star (which worked great),
        and add a comment area that has to be answered in order for rating to be

        I feel that some my listing competitors are gaming the system and posting
        low star ratings, and even if that is not the case, I would like to know
        why any rating is given. Sorta a Yelp review is what I am looking for.

        If there is a cost let me know. Thanks, Steve

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if i would be able to add multiple multi-set ratings on a single page and whether those ratings are automatically updated.

    Thanks for all your help,

      • Thank you.
        I was also wondering if there was a way to average the responses from each domain in the multisets onto an overall rating.

        For example, if i had the following rating response:
        Ease of use: 3.5
        Appeal: 5
        Interest: 2

        Is there a way i can display the average rating across these domains? (so it would automatically output something like: “overall: 3.5”)


  • Hi there.
    I love the look of your stars but had a couple of queries:

    1. Is it possible to get them to show up on the home page (on which thumbnails of the reviews appear) – either in an excerpt or in some other way?

    2. Is there an option not to have “POST TITLE reviewed by AUTHOR on 11th June 2015 rated 3.5 of 5” at the bottom of every review, as the title, author name, date and star rating already appear on the page?


      • Thanks Dario.

        1. Unfortunately, I already had overall rating set to appear on Archive page, but it isn’t showing, unless I’m not understanding the terminology properly? You can see the stars on the review, but not the category or homepage?

        2. On that sentence at the end – I don’t really know enough about this, but you’re basically saying that it’s possible to get rid of it by adding code, but without that sentence, you get a worse google ranking? At the moment, google doesn’t seem to find me at all anyway, but maybe that’s because I only went live a few days ago!

        Thanks again.

        • 1) Uhm, I see that you’re using the “more” tag, are you sure you’ve put the shortcode before the more?
          2) That sentence is needed if you want to make the stars appear in your serp. I really suggest to keep it 🙂


          • Hi again.

            Thanks for your reply.

            When I put the short code in the excerpt box on my post editor, the home page just reproduces the short code itself, rather than showing the star rating.

            I wonder if you know of a way perhaps to combine the stars with the featured image, if the excerpt doesn’t seem to work?


  • Before I purchase the PRO version, I need to know if it’s possible to list the “Top 10 Rankings” For each category on that respective category’s page. In my case, different cities would be the categories, and I’d need the Top 10 Rankings to list the top posts in each of those respective cities.


    • Hi, in the plugin dir, open file lib/yasr-functions.php and on line 317 change this

      $schema = $div . $title . $author . $date . $rating . $end_div;

      with this

      $schema = $div . $title . $author . $rating . $end_div;


    • It’s possible but you should edit some code and then do it again everytime an update get released. If for you it’s ok, I can suggest what you’ve to edit

  • Hello, i am interested in using your ratings table, but can i control the frequency of the reports? for example:

    all time rankings vs top 10 rated posts of the past week, or month, etc?


  • Dans la traduction française il y a trop de fautes . envoyez moi le fichier language et je corrigerai les fautes d’orthographe! MERCI pour votre plugin super sinon!

    In the French translation there too many mistakes . send me the language file and I will correct the spelling mistakes ! THANK YOU for your great plugin.

    • Hi Pascal, thank you for using YASR!

      You can find the file in the plugin dir, inside the languages dir . Open yasr-fr_FR.po with a softeare like poedit 🙂


      • Je ne parle pas anglais mais voici deux fautes de Français à corriger:
        Quand on vote .. il faut changer “attendez s’il vous plais’ par “attendez s’il vous plait”
        En bas d’un message quand vous marquez le nom de celui qui a écrit le billet, il faut marquer “écrit par” et non, “écris par”… Au moins ces deux fautes que tous les internautes voient 🙂
        I do not speak English but here are two of French errors to correct:
        When you vote you must change .. ” attendez s’il vous plais ‘ with” attendez s’il vous plait ”
        At the bottom of a message when you mark the name of the one who wrote the ticket , mark “écrit par” and not “écris par” … At least these two mistakes that all users see 🙂
        Encore MERCI

  • Hi there. I’m in the process of testing out your plugin for a wite I’m working on. Any plans on adding something along the lines of a “Highest Rated Posts” widget that would enable users to quickly jump to the 5 or so highest-rated articles?

    • Hi, thank you for using YASR!
      For now yasr doesn’t support widget, but you can inlude the ranking on the sidebar by using the do_shortcode function or by using a plugin that allow to use shortcode in widget.
      With the free version you can only create a top 10 highest rated, with the pro version you can choose how many rows to display.


  • HI,

    I am developing a review site and love this plugin, but I have a problem.

    The site has categories of Review and Blog, so when I write a blog post, the review rating appears but with blank stars as, obviously the post isn’t a review and the stars are not applicable.

    Is there any way that the star rating can be restricted to posts with category Review so that I don’t get blank stars on a blog post?

    I tried using the shortcode to place the star ratings in manually on Review posts, but as the post are constructed using a plugin, some of the post content is auto generated before my content and so the star rating appears a little way down the review. It is positioned correctly when I use Auto Insert.



    • Hi Phil, thank you for using YASR!
      If you use auto insert it will appear in every post or page, there is not way to exclude in some place.
      Like you said, you should use manual placement, what plugin you use to create post?


      • Hi Dario,

        I use a plugin called AutoZON Builder.

        I can’t figure out a way to place the shortcode above the top part of the content created by AutoZON Builder, but the stars appearing on the blog post are very faint so I’m not worried.



  • I really love your star rating plugin. There is one problem, and it would be great if you could solve it in one of the future releases: WordPress Hosts using a load balancer, return always the same IP address, which means in the ratings all votes seem to be done by the same IP address. There are some workarounds for this, for example, by using the X-FORWARDED-FOR HTTP Header (Wordfence is doing this, and there is another plugin called “Reverse-Proxy Comment IP Fix” which fixes this problem for comments.

    Maybe you find a solution for this.



  • Hi Dario,

    I’m building my site and I love YASR so far. One odd thing that I can’t figure out is that at some point in making pages, something changed. Since then, all of the new posts/pages seem to trigger a star rating even though I have it removed. And they’re showing up in the top 10:

    They have a rating of -1.0, so I assume something odd is going on here. Here’s what the YASR box in the edit page looks like:

    Can you help me out? I am having a hard time even figuring out what to ask, so let me know if I’m being unclear.

    • Hi Liz, thank you for sharing this! I’ve fixed this, and will be avaible in the next update. If you don’t want wait you can do a simple edit:
      open the plugin dir, in the file /lib/yasr-shortcode-functions find line 682, and add this line

      AND v.overall_rating > 0


      • One more question – is there some kind of trick to unsubscribing from comment updates? When I follow the link in the email, it takes me to the subscriptions page. But when I click the checkmark, select “delete” (or anything, actually), then hit submit, nothing changes when I go back into my subscriptions.

  • Hi. How do we install the PRO version if we are using WordPress via GoDaddy? We don’t have any WordPress files on our PC.

    Can you advise please.


  • I found a warning (division by zero) in my error.log coming from line 340 within yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-functions.php where it says:

    if ($visitor_rating[‘sum’] != 0) {
    $average_rating = $visitor_rating[‘sum’] / $visitor_rating[‘votes_number’];
    $average_rating=round($average_rating, 1);

    You might want to check for:

    if ($visitor_rating[‘sum’] != 0 && $visitor_rating[‘votes_number’] != 0) {

    to get that case cleaned up. I have no idea why I got a vote within my db without a positiv number of votes, but I somehow got that situation.

  • Ciao…Ho installato l’aggiornamento, ma non mi lascia cambiare da PRODUCT a OTHER nei vecchi articoli che non erano già cambiati…Potrebbe essere…?

    • Ciao, grazie per usare YASR 😉

      Si, la classe CSS per quel testo è questa

      Nelle impostazioni di YASR sotto la scheda Stili aggiungi tutte le regole di cui hai bisogno.


      • Dario, perdona l’insolenza… ma non credo di essere in grado.
        Non è che per caso hai 30 secondi per suggerirmi le stringhe da aggiungere.

        Ho due elementi AAA e BBB… vorrei che AAA fosse scritto in rosso e BBB in blu.
        Inoltre vorrei che rispetto alle dimensione di default il tutto sia leggermente più grande (font).

        Se non hai voglia/tempo… grazie cmq per la prima dritta.
        E, più in generale, grazie per il plug-in.
        un caro saluto

        • Se intendi una riga in rosso e una in blu non si può fare.
          Se vuoi fare tutte le righe in rosso devi fare così

  • Hello
    today I install your plugin . it was great . thank you
    I have question
    I want to put vote stars to special place in my site template . for example I want to add vote stars beside post title in site template . how I can do this? what code I must add?

  • [yasr_pro_visitor_votes_chart rows=10 size=medium view=most minvotesmost=1 minvoteshg=2 category=49]

    background color = white
    background color = black

    how is shortcode background change color?
    thank you for your interest

    • Hi, thank you for your purchase!!
      Unfortunatelly, there is not shortcode for background, but there is another way to change it:

      In the settings, open the “Multi Sets” tab, and in the question
      Which color scheme do you want to use? select “Dark”. This will work on both multi sets and charts.

      I’ll change settings panel soon about this one.


  • I’m hoping you can help! I have about 1500 testimonials from my workshop attendees. What I would like to do is copy and paste some of their testimonials with the star rating they gave the workshops. How can I successfully do this where the yellow stars show on my site AND have Google get ahold of these 5 star reviews. And, promise, I have first name, last name, and other specific identifiers to prove that they are real reviews. How can I do this?

    Best regards, and seems like a great plug-in! 🙂

    • Oops, user error. Site is Questions, though. For the purposes of Google, is it okay to copy and paste the code several times on a page because I’m doing 5 Star reviews? Also, better to have stars in front or above?

      On bottom of front page lie the testimonials boxes. Does that have any effect google rating – being in the box or being at the bottom?

      Thanks in advance! What a cool plug-in!

      • Uhm, if you want to show user info along the comment the only way you have is to use “Reviews in comments“, but in that case you can’t copy and paste the review, they should create an account and leave their own.
        If you use yasr in that way google will see only 1 rating, because there is always the same vote (you rate it once)

  • Hello!
    I like this plugin so much that I hope buy the pro version early. I have some questions or suggestions:
    1. Is it possible use multi sets in a review?
    2. Are you considering to include a section to valuate or edit the reviews before the publication?

    Thanks a lot!

    • For “review” do you mean “Reviews in comments”?
      If so, the answer at the first question is no, for the second question it works just like every other comment, so you can choose if comment must be manually approved or not (for the moment only logged in user can leave a review)

  • Ciao Dario , sulla versione tedesca del sito , non compaiono le votazione, il plugin è attivato, ho anche cancellato cache del browser , di wordpress, ma niente. Come risolvo? sulle altre lingue del sito , funziona.
    In attesa.

  • Hi since you have no contact page nor support page I will point this here…

    The stars don’t show up vote viewer to vote. Getting

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined
    Uncaught ReferenceError: yasrVisitorsVotes is not defined

    So it seems the javascript is not included ( I can’t find any yasr js included in my page).

    Any clue about this?

    Thank you,

    • Hi, some consideration:
      1) Do you use a caching plugin? If so, clear all your caches
      2) do you have any network error while trying to get the .js file?
      3) (most important) .js files are included at the bottom, so your theme must use wp_footer. Does your theme use it?

      • Thank you for the support. The person who did the theme (it’s a very old theme) didn’t include the WordPress footer and I didn’t catch that.

        • Ok, so just add this

          before the

          tag (info at the link I put above)

  • Love the plugin.

    I upgraded to the Pro version but I think something is broken. I’m selecting the “Small” size for the stars but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Please help

      • I’m using the shortcode [yasr_visitor_votes]

        Do you attributes that can be used with this shortcode that determine size?

        When I say I’m using the Small I mean in the Plugin settings.

        • If you insert the shortcode manually, just use [yasr_visitor_votes size=”small”]

          I suggest you to use the shortcode creator that you can find in the visual editor

          In the settings you can determine the size only for “Auto Insert”

          • That worked, thanks!

            One more question. If I have multiple ratings on a page (via custom post types), is it possible to sort on the rating? Can I put YASR data into a query somehow? Any recommendations on how to do this?

            • Not sure to have understood the question, however you can set up your rankings and use only rating from post type. Just use the shortcode creator in the “charts” tab inside the settings

  • Just two questions,

    I am considering the Pro version

    1. How much does the plugin affect page load speed?
    2. What happens if for reason you stop development for the plugin, as happened with GD stars.

    • Hi Pete,
      1) you cna try the free version on wordpress, and see with your eyes how lightweight YASR it is
      2) The last version will continue to work without limitation, but you will get no more update or support.
      But for now this is not a problem, YASR is just born and I’ll support it for a looooooong time 🙂

  • When I make changes on the settings page, they don’t affect the ratings that show up. I don’t want to show total visitor ratings, and I disabled it, but it still shows up. Also I can’t switch between light and dark themes or insert custom messages. (I finally went into the shortcode-functions.php to change one of the messages.)

    How do I get ratings to work?

  • Hi – is it possible for the Rich Snippets to recognise the post as a recipe rather than a product? As it currently recognises my recipe posts as a product, Google sees my recipes as recipes and products in terms of rich snippets.



  • Hi, as we talked about in some emails, I would notify your the it doesn’t work if used with WP-SuperCache. After posting the vote I get a “security check” error.

    Also, if I refresh the page I get the unvoted rank from the cached page. I hope you’ll plan to implement the votes display as an ajax routine.


  • Ciao Dario, volevo avvisarti che il tuo plugin da problemi con buddypress.. La visualizzazione dei gruppi si blocca presumo nel momento in cui si dovrebbe vedere il ratings.
    Al momento ho dovuto disattivarlo, ma spero tu riesca a risolvere il problema 😉

  • Hi, nice plugin, however it doesn’t look like you can add your vote, nor a multivote by using any ipad blogging app. I tried wordpress app and blogsy and both won’t allow me to rate my own posts


        The problem is when I create a new post I cannot set the author star rate, nor the multi star one

        Also, unrelated, can you set an option to add the multi star automatically at the end of the post similarly to what you do for the single star system?

        • Sorry, didn’t get this one.

          1) I’m not sure I’ve understand your question. When you are writing a new post or page, can’t you put the rating on yasr_overall_rating?
          If so, this is really strange, I use yasr from mobile almost everyday and it work. I suggest you to try do disable 1 by 1 you plugins and see what happens

          2) For now this is not possible, sorry

          • That is correct, when writing a post using WordPress application (not the HTML interface) or Blogsy Application on iPad or iPhone, I cannot set my rating, the article is published with the 5 stars unrated

    • Ciao Eddy,
      io ho appena votato correttamente in questo articolo e anche il fatto che su ipad ti funziona mi fa pensare ad un problema di cache: se quella del sito è già stata svuotata, ricorda di eliminare anche quella del browser, ti funzionerà senz’altro.

      Riguardo la sesconda domanda al momento non è ancora possibile eliminare un voto, ma se sai usare phpmyadmin ti dico come fare direttamente nel db

      • Ciao Dario, grazie per la risposta, ho svuotato la cache anche di chrome…ma continua a darmi quest’errore (Security check) quando voto da desktop, nella versione italiana del sito invece funziona. cosa puo essere ( qualche plugin? anche se ho gli stessi installati su tutte e 2 le versioni?

  • Salve Dario e complimenti per l’ottimo plugin, ho un problema sulla versione inglese del sito . Quando voto mi da quest’errore: Security check
    Come risolvo? Ho anche pulito la cache … questo solo da desktop, da ipad mi fa votare.

  • Hi Dario,

    Experiencing some bugs with the latest release (0.2.3). When it’s activated, I don’t see the stars in the YASR box while editing posts. Also, WordPress’ linking popup when creating links is no longer displayed. Lastly, YASR disables the Yoast SEO box from displaying in the post edit page when it’s activated. Disabling YASR does fix all of these issues.

    • Hi Brian,
      due to some changes I did between 0.2.1 and 0.2.3 you just need to delete your browser cache, and if you use a caching plugin purge that cache too.

      It should fix it 😉

  • Hi,
    I have a problem when YASR is activated, no BuddyPress page can be show.
    My website is a private learning one, so I can send you a acces if you write me
    from to – –

  • Ciao Dario e complimenti per questo bellissimo plugin.
    Ho tre domande da farti:
    1. Nella home del mio blog ci sono i riassunti degli ultimi articoli pubblicati e vorrei che subito sotto venissero visualizzati i voti degli utenti (proprio come per i pulsanti social). E’ possibile?
    2. Nella sidebar destra invece vorrei fosse presente un elenco degli articoli più votati, ma inserendo lo shortcode come widget si vedono gli articoli senza le stelline a fianco. C’è un numero minimo di voti da raggiungere o sbaglio qualcosa io nell’inserimento del codice?
    3. Quando riuscirò ad essere visibile nelle ricerche di Google, verrano visualizzati gli articoli con sotto le votazioni degli utenti?
    Ti ringrazio!

    • 1) Si, basta che lo abiliti nelle impostazioni
      2) Il numero minimo di voti è 2, comunque sappi che lo shortcode nella sidebar non funzionerà, ammenochè non aggiungi del codice nel tuo template (trovi svariate guide in giro e mi sembra ci sia anche un plugin per permettere di far funzionare shortcode nella sidebar)
      3) Si, nelle impostazioni alla penultima domanda scegli cosa deve apparire su google

  • Dario grazie per la tua risposta, ma niente, ho verificato tutto ma non mi compaiono i voti totali.
    Il sito è Grazie se vorrai aiutarmi.

  •, ho appena attivato il vostro plugin per far votare il contenuto dei post ai lettori. Purtroppo però mi fa vedere solo il mio voto e non quello degli altri, né mi dà il totale. Perché? Vi chiedo gentilmente un aiuto

    • Hi Lauren,
      for now Multi Set can be voted only from who wrote the review. I’ll add this feature and will be avaible in the pro version

  • Funziona disabilitando l’opzione Abilita il caricamento pigro (LazyLoad) delle immagini.

    Il LazyLoad mostra le immagini su una pagina solo quando sono visibili all’utente.
    Questo meccanismo riduce il numero di richieste HTTP e migliora il tempo di caricamento.

    Dovreste fare in modo che il plugin funzioni anche abilitando questa opzione che migliora la velocità del sito.

  • Si si, purtroppo ho visto, sono errori del tema purtroppo, almeno credo.

    Non saprei come risolverli.

    Però prima si apriva, non credo image optimizer, l’ho disattivato ma non funziona lo tesso. Peccato, perché mi trovavo bene con il vostro plugin, veniva spesso utilizzato. Sarebbe un peccato toglierlo.

    • Dopo disattivato hai cancellato la cache?
      Se ancora non funziona, prova a downgradare alla versione 0.7.2, nell’ultima ho cambiato gli apici al codice che carica l’immagine di “attendere prego” proprio per dare maggiore compatibilita ai plugin di cache e seo. Tuttavia sembra che il tuo funzionasse al contrario della maggioranza degli altri quindi prova a fare il downgrade. Il problema di questi plugin è che non si prendono la briga di controllare il codice prima, lo modificano senza vedere quali apici vengono usati dagli altri…

    • Intanto ti consiglio di vedere il tuo sito con una console aperta (in firefox e chrome si apre con f12) cosi che puoi vedere tu stesso quanti (troppi!) errori js ha la tua pagina.
      Ciò detto in particolare quello che credo dia fastidio a yasr è EWWW Image Optimizer (o comunque qualcosa che ha a che fare con l’ottimizzazione delle immagini)
      Prova a disabilitare questi prima, eventualmente poi provane uno a uno

  • Non ho quel plugin… questi sono quelli installati:

    Async JS and CSS

    Contact Form 7

    Disqus Comment System

    EWWW Image Optimizer


    Google XML Sitemaps

    Organized – Visual Composer UI

    Regenerate Thumbnails

    SG CachePress

    TinyMCE Advanced

    TOP 10 plugin

    WordPress SEO


    WPBakery Visual Composer

    WP Rocket

    WP User Avatar

    Yakadanda Instagram

    Yet Another Stars Rating


    Cosa dovrei fare per rendere funzionante il vostro plugin?

  • Hello,
    I dont want to show text “xxx written by average rating 4.5/5 – 2 user ratings” how can i remove this? i already choose “Do you want show stats for visitors votes?” to NO but this still appearing

  • Hello Dario, Your plugin was working beautifully for us until recently. Now I am having same issue as others here with the visitor votes not sticking. I cleared the cache from WP Optimize and have disabled many plugins… Not finding the reason for the issue. I also like to use it for rating only visitor ratings, but it now won’t register votes, and we’ve discontinued using it. We loved this plugin, so hoping for some help. thanks in advance.

    • Some plugin is adding the tag “title” and “alt” on a line, I think it’s yoast.
      Try to do this: open the plugin directory, and open the file yasr-shortcode-functions.php inside the “lib” folder.

      On line 166 change this

      with this

      It should work

  • Ciao Dario, complimenti per il plug-in!!!!!
    Ti volevo chiedere se con la versione pro sarà possibile far inserire direttamente agli utenti anche i ste multipli precedentemente creati.

    Grazie e buon anno!!!!


    • Ciao Federico,
      in futuro si, sarà possibile permettere agli utenti di votare in un set multiplo, ma ancora non so dire quando aggiungerò questa funzione.
      Comunque, se vai alla pagina blog, trovo un bel coupon del 50% valida fino al 10 gennaio 😉

      Ciao e buon anno a te!


  • i think i’ve found a bug: calling the widget more than once (e.g.once for most rated posts on the left side and then again for most rated forums on the right side) gives an error during the second call

  • Great plugin! But where can I edit the text displayed on my website? (e.g. “reviewed by”, etc.) I want to translate to another language. Thanx!

      • I did that, but now I see an update to the plugin deleted my translation files. I have re-uploaded them and CHMOD’d them to read-only in the hopes that future updates won’t delete them…

    • Ah ok, in tal caso no, non si può fare (almeno per il momento)
      Povresti togliere l’inserimento automatico e inserire a mano lo shortcode dove ti serve


      • Ah ok,

        peccato. Spero che implementerete questa opzione in un aggiornamento. L’inserimento manuale è meno immediato purtroppo, quindi per una categoria non ne vale la pena.

        Grazie per la delucidazione e buona giornata

        • Salve,

          avrei un’altra curiosità da chiedere riguardo al plugin:
          ma è permesso votare una sola volta per utente? perché sembra che faccia votare più volte agli utenti. Si può impostare per un solo voto a utente?

          • Se permetti il voto agli utenti non loggati c’è un cookie a bloccare la possibilità di votare nuovamente lo stesso post. Se però l’utente cancella i cookie ovviamente può votare di nuovo.
            Invece gli utenti loggati possono votare una sola volta, ma possono sempre aggiornare il loro voto (per esempio voto 5 all’articolo “Foo”, però le stelle sono ancora votabili anche dopo in quanto posso aggiornare il voto, per esempio posso cambiare da 5 a 3, cambia il voto ma ovviamente non cambia il numero di voti)

  • If CSS minify settings in W3 total cache are enabled, you can’t see the stars. You can exclude css files, but what is the css file for the stars??

  • Hi Dario,
    Yes I confirm, your plugin is the reason. I have deactivated all plugins it works.
    Then I have deactivated all plugins except :Yet Another Stars Rating Version 0.7.0 and I have the issue.

    details are here :


    This feed does not validate.
    line 68, column 4: Undefined item element: script [help]

    line 78, column 38: XML parsing error: :78:38: not well-formed (invalid token) [help]
    var loaderHtml = ”  Char …
    In addition, interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendation.
    line 36, column 0: description should not contain script tag [help]

    I will deactivate your plugin and you will not be able to see the error anymore. let me know if you need my help

  • it works for chrome,
    For IE and mozzila nothing reflects
    For mobile, I got this error.

    “This page contains the following errors:
    error on line 78 at column 38: AttValue: ” or ‘ expected
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.”

    But I am deep diving to be sure this plugin is the root cause or not

  • Hi, I have same issue.
    here you have my feed :
    When I deactivate your (great) plugin, issue disappear. It happens since I have update your last version.

    I am working on it so maybe you will not see this issue anymore. So here you have details :

    “This page contains the following errors:
    error on line 78 at column 38: AttValue: ” or ‘ expected
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.”

    Thanks for your help

  • Yasr has a bug on secure sites. Browsers show a mixed content warning.
    Please fix ‘lib/yasr-functions.php’ line 33 by using https instead of http for the google api.

    wp_enqueue_style( 'jquery-ui','
    libs/jqueryui/1.11.2/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui.min.css', FALSE, NULL, 'all
    ' );


    • Hi Hans, you’re right, but I suggest you to doesn’t use at all the protocol, something like this:

      wp_enqueue_style( 'jquery-ui','//', FALSE, NULL, 'all' );

      Thank you for sharing this,

  • Hi, i have the error with my feed rss with this plugin, my feed can not perform normally, it always add this following code before every content of post
    jQuery(document).ready(function() { var tooltipValues = [‘bad’, ‘poor’, ‘ok’, ‘good’, ‘super’]; var postid = 6235; var ajaxurl = “http:\/\/\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php”; var size = “small”; var loggedUser = true; var voteIfUserAlredyRated = “5.0”; var loaderHtml = ”  Loading, please wait “; var nonceVisitor = “2c9a892541”; yasrVisitorsVotes(tooltipValues, postid, ajaxurl, size, loggedUser, voteIfUserAlredyRated, loaderHtml, nonceVisitor); var visitorStatsEnabled = “no”; //If stats are enabled call the function if (visitorStatsEnabled == ‘yes’) { yasrDrawTipsProgress (postid, ajaxurl); } });

  • Hi, I really want to use this plug in and i am leaving it enabled, but it doesnt seem to be working. i think the script is being blocked but i dont know by what. I use W3 total cache and cloudflare, for things that i think might be interfering. thanks

    • Ok, seems like some other plugin conflict with the js put at the begin of the document (Until version 0.6.7 it was at the bottom, but from 0.6.8 I put it to the top to support old themes that doesn’t use wp_footer function)
      Maybe in future I can change my mind again and remove support for that themes and put again js at the bottom.

      Thank you for sharing this

    • Yes, I can see this error too, seems like that jquery-cookie.js file is not included, but it is.
      I can’t reproduce this problem on my desktop and websites, could you please try to:
      -deactivate your plugin 1 by 1;
      -Go to plugins, editor, select “yet another stars rating”, edit yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-functions.php and change this

      wp_enqueue_script( 'cookie', YASR_JS_DIR . 'jquery-cookie.min.js' , array('jquery', 'rateit'), '1.4.0', FALSE );

      with this

      wp_enqueue_script( 'cookie', YASR_JS_DIR . 'jquery-cookie.min.js' , array('jquery', 'rateit'), '1.4.0', TRUE );

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