Important news for all Yasr Users!

Hello everyone!
This is a must read announcement!

Until today, Yasr have been separate in Yasr Free and Yasr Pro.
But from today everything will change!
Yasr will be avaible only as free version, and a single extension can be purchased.

Why this? There are many good reasons:
1) Most of my customers doesn’t need all the feature that Yasr Pro offers; in the case that you need them all, all the extension are avaible in a bundle saving money.
2) Much easier for me to develop!
3) Every developer out there can add his own extensions 🙂

If you’re a Yasr PRO user, this is what you need to do:
-Disalble Yasr Pro
-Install Yasr Free (download it here )
In this page you’ll find all the new extensions with their licenses

The license can be put in the “Extensions” tab in the Yasr Settings (here a screenshoot)

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