Unlock all the yasr features, GO PRO!

  • You can display as many rows as you like in all rankings.
  • Star size is now customizable in the rankings that use it.
  • You can change the text shown near the stars and choose to let it appear before or after them.
  • You can choose to show the Username or the display name in the charts that use it.
  • Category / post type filter in rankings.
  • Users can choose different ready to use stars sets or upload their own images.
  • Visitors can add their own review in comments.

Of course, many other amazing features are yet to come.

You can buy Yasr Pro “Single Site” and use it everywhere. But autoupdate will work only on 1 site.
The license is valid for 1 year. After that, you can renew it with a 20% discount. If you are not interested in renewing, you can still use yasr, but without updates.

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A few screenshoots of the pro version

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227 thoughts on “Pro Version

  1. Hello, I love the plug-in. I’m curious on how to remove the text at bottom of post that says;
    ” X reviewed by Derek on December 15, 2015 rated 5.0 of 5″
    it appears above the tag section at bottom of post

    1. Hi Derek, thank you for using Yasr!
      That text is the microdata rich snippet so I suggest to keep it.
      If you still want to remove it, go in the Yasr Settings, in the section “Rich Snippet Options” choose “json-ld” at this question ” Which format do you want to use? ”


  2. Hi Dario
    Is it possible to pay you for doing a little job/work on my site?
    I’m using YASR, but would like to get the featured image out in Google too. Not only the stars.
    And don’t know how to do that 🙂
    Or is it simple for me to do it myself?

    1. Hi Holger!
      It’s a simple edit and I’ll show you how to do this tomorrow as soon as I come back at home 🙂 (I’m from the phone now)


  3. Hello,
    I’ve just purchase the Pro version.
    I’ve added a multiset rating to my page.
    Whatever I do with the settings, I’m not able to remove the count on the right of each part of the multiset rating.
    Any idea how to solve this please?
    Best regards,

    1. Hi, thank you for using Yasr Pro! 🙂

      In the settings, go open the style tab and add this rule:


  4. I’m thinking about purchasing the pro version, but having some issues with the free version and need it solved before I can use the plugin. At the moment the free version is incompatible with SSL (https://) and is not fully compatible with W3 Cache. The plugin does not function at all on the SSL versions of my site.

  5. Hi Dario,

    Thanks for your quick respons!

    1. Yes, ths works, but is not a good permanent solution indeed. It should be possible to add a language selection in the settings, shouldn’t it? I’ve seen this with other plugins so I guess it could be possible. It only needs to change the language on the front, not in the backend.

    2. This didn’t work. I removed the customized text, put it on “No”, added the code in the Styles tab but the same issue occured. Maybe I didn’t make myself completely clear?
    I’ll try to clarify anyway: I would like this part : “[Score: 11 Moyenne: 4.5]” to be UNDER the 5 stars on another line. By default, this is appearing at the right of the stars on the same line. Does this help in anyway?

    Thanks for all your help!

    1. 1) This is an idea, I’ve added this on my todo list, but for the moment is not a priority

      2) Yes, I understood this, and that code do what you need. If it’s not working delete your browser cache.


            1. One last question:
              You say that there are “Logs and stats for visitors votes” available for Free version and Pro version, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Am I missing something?


            2. Yes, the logs are avaible in the dashboard, in the “Recent Rating” widget, instead the stats are avaible in the yasr_visitor_votes shortcode when you hover in the icon near the stars 🙂


  6. Hi,

    I would like to purchase the Pro version of this great plugin to use on several websites, but there are a few issues to be handled first.

    1. I’m Dutch speaking and so my WordPress backoffice is in Dutch, but I would like to use the plugin on French websites. The plugin appears to take the WordPress backoffice language. Can we change this without changing the WordPress backoffice language?

    2. Every line shouldn’t be wider than the stars, so it should appear as follows:
    Now, the “results” appear right of the stars on the same line. I managed to avoid this by adding to the “Custom text to display AFTER Visitor Rating ” in the settings, but when a new vote is cast, this line jumps up again next to the stars, pushing all text away.

    You can see what I’m talking about on my website: http://www.casinos-belges.be/betway-casino/

    Kind regards,
    Tijs De Saeger

    1. Hi, thank you for using yasr…

      1) There is not a solution for this, because of wordpress…everything, from theme to plugin use the backend language. Hovewer, you can use an ugly work-around: in the plugin dir, open folder “languages” and rename yasr-fr_FR to yasr-nl_NL (so you’ve to overwrite the nl file) Remember to this everytime you update yasr.

      2) You can remove the customization you did, you just need to open yasr settings, in the “styles” tab add this
      .yasr-total-average-container {
      display: block;


  7. Hi Dario,

    Is there a way to make the fields underneath the stars rating required to fill in? Now a rating can be given by only selecting the number of stars.

    Also we would like to show a (thank you) message after the comment has been submitted, now the page just refreshes.


  8. Hello,
    Before buying the pro version, I need to know some details about the Rich Snippet support.

    It seems that the tags for the Rich api is generated when I add the “[yasr_visitor_votes]” shortcode but not when I use “[yasr_overall_rating size="small"]” or when the stars rating is generated by the user comments rating system.
    Am I right ? I did not explored the code really deeply so I probably missed it !

    Thanks for your help, Tristan.

    1. Another little question I just thinked about :
      Does the “pro” comment form (which have stars) uses the build-in WordPress comment system or do you overwrite it yourself ?
      And is it possible do add a spam prevention easily on this form (like a captcha system or something similar) ?

      Thank you !

    2. It depend what snippet you choose to use.

      In the yasr setting you at this question:

      Which rich snippets do you want to use?

      you can choose between

      Review Rating
      Aggregate Rating

      Review rating is the one generated by yasr_overall_rating, Aggregate rating is the one you’re using now.


      1. The second is not possible withoud editing the plugin (and your esits will be lost everytime you update it)
        About the first you can try this: in the plugin settings, inside the “styles” tab add this

        .comment-header {


  9. Hi,
    Are ratings in comment separate from what is displayed using yasr_visitor_votes? I left a rating in comment but it never change the main rating.

    1. Hi Renè, thank you for buying YASR PRO!
      To enable the “Reviews in comments” feature you can:
      1) Enable it in all post or page, buy going to the yasr settings, click on “Pro Options!” and then select “yes” on this “Enable on every post and page?”
      2) or you can enable it on 1 by 1 single post or page on the edit screen, by selecting the checkbox on the edit screen on this question “Check / uncheck to enable/disable reviews in comments”

      Did you mean this?


      1. Hi Dario,

        Thank you for your quick reply. I tried both, but no textbox appears. Can it be a WordPress setting that I need to change?

        Thanks, René

          1. Hi Dario,

            We are using the Virtue (Premium) Theme.

            Our plugins:
            – Advance WP Query Search Filter
            – Basic Google Maps Placemarks
            – iThemes Security
            – WP Store Locator
            – Revolution Slider
            – Leaflet Maps Marker

            Any known issues with the above?

            1. I don’t know any of this plugin, can you please try to disable it all? If stars still doesn’t show up, is related to the theme

  10. Hi Dario,

    I love this plugin and the support you provide for it. I wanted to know if it was possible to make it so that visitor votes count for 1, but registered users votes count as 2.

    Is that type of functionality even possible?

    Thanks again

    1. Hi Kevin,
      It’s possible but you should edit code and your edits will be lost every time you update the plugin.


        1. the file is inside the lib dir, yasr-ajax-functions.php, if you wish I can give you the code to accomplish this

            1. Hi Dario,

              Can you please provide the code to make these edits in the file is inside the lib dir, yasr-ajax-functions.php ?

              That would help me out a lot.


            2. Hi Dario,

              I used your new zip and I get a fatal error:

              Fatal error: Cannot redeclare yasr_add_scripts() (previously declared in /home2/klang54/public_html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-functions.php:32) in /home2/klang54/public_html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-functions.php on line 64

              it looks like changing this in the ajax-functions file is doing something to the functions file. I cannot activate the pro version right now due to this error. Can you please help?

            1. Hey Dario,

              For some reason, my files have all been updated today 9/1/15. Did something happen? I didn’t update the plugin yet, but the customization’s on my files are gone. Did something happen today? I did not change anything and not why my files have changed.

            2. You should disable the auto update for your plugins or wordpress will update itself everytime a new version is out.

            3. Hi Dario,

              I’m getting this fatal error when using the ajax-functions.php file that you provided in a previous post. The fatal error is about a different file yasr-functions.php which I haven’t altered. Can you help?

              Fatal error: Cannot redeclare yasr_add_scripts() (previously declared in /home2/klang54/public_html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-functions.php:32) in /home2/klang54/public_html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-functions.php on line 64

              The yasr-functions.php hasn’t been altered and is the same as the one standard in the latest update.

            4. Right but when I do that, for some reason all my customizations are gone and the yasr-ajax-functions.php and yasr-shortcode-functions.php code are very different from the free version.

            5. If you’re using the latest version of both Yasr, yasr-shortcode-functions are identical, and yasr-ajax-functions are just a little different.
              Yasr free and Yasr Pro are 2 separate plugin with their own files, so if you edit the free all the customizations you did can’t work on the pro version (and vice versa)
              But why you’re still using the free version? After you installed the pro version you MUST disable the free one, and you can even delete it without losing your ratings.
              In your case, to avoid confusion when you edit the files, I suggest to remove the free version.


            6. I’m still using the free version because I like how registered users votes count as (2) and visitors count as (1). I like that functionality and the ajax-functions file looks very different and now sure how to change that functionality. Do you know how I could change the yasr-ajax-functions.php file to make it so registered users count as 2?

            7. Open file yasr-ajax-functions.php from the directory of the PRO version.

              on line 1111 add this

              if(is_user_logged_in()) {

              $rating = $rating*2;


              then on line 1125 remove this


              and use this instead

              if(is_user_logged_in()) {



              else {



              last on line 1145 remove this

              $number_of_votes = 1

              and use this instead

              if(is_user_logged_in()) {

              $number_of_votes = 2;


              else {

              $number_of_votes = 1;


  11. Dear Dario,

    How do I display the average rating of the visitors of the site?

    Any news on the multiset in comments?

    Thanks, Rutger

  12. Hi Dario,
    I had inserted the license number in my Production site. After a time, I changed your code for allow the users to reply several times with only a limit, a month of time between their last comment. It is ok for me now, but when I update automatically the plugin, all the changes that I made will lose.
    For example, I could update the plugin in my localhost, change the code and upload to my Production site. That is possible?
    I tried to insert the license number in my localhost but it is not valid, so what can I do? It is possible use the license update only in my localhost?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi,
      you can download the latest version from this site, into “Your Account”->”Your Purchase”-> “View Details and Downloads”.
      After downloaded the zip you upload it in your localhost and do what you need.


  13. Hi Dario,
    I purchased the Pro version, but I have the following problems.
    1 Option PRO! – Reviews In Comments Options: if I choose the small star, always appears the big star.

    2 The stars for to user vote, appear in the comments (that is perfect), but is a way to remove the inscription “Add a review” and the textarea “Summary of Review”?

    best regards

    1. Hi Margherita, thank you for use yasr PRO!

      1) I just released version 0.4.3, so you can fix first problem 😉

      2) After you’ve updated yasr, add this code in yasr settings in the “Styles” tab:

      #yasr-pro-title-comment-form-review {
      display: none;

      #yasr-pro-comment-form-title-textarea {
      display: none;

      1. Hi Dario,
        thank you very much for your quick response!

        1. is perfect now
        2. then I exclude them with CSS, thanks;-)

        I have another question: is it possible to have the user’s photo in most_active_users? 🙂

  14. Hi Dario,

    I am testing your free version plugin before purchasing the PRO version.

    But I notice the same user can vote more than one time? Is there a way to prevent it?


    1. HI Darius,

      Since the last update of the Star Rating Pro, I have issues with another plugin called “WP Tab Widget”. It’s not updating anymore as soon as i activate your plugin. If it’s deactivated everything works fine. Any idea?


      1. Hi Roland,
        it’s really strange, the last version (0.4.0) has just a little security fix. Wich version did you use before?

        1. I could fix it. Actually after upgrading from 0.3.9 to 0.4.0 the folder was called


          Before it was:

          I renamed the folder back and now it works again. Strange is that i did not install it manually, this renaming happend automatically when upgrading in WordPress.

  15. Hi Dario, I share a couple of questions that other people had. I’m wondering if some of these have been addressed:

    1. Are commenters able to leave multi-set reviews yet?
    2. Can visitors who are not logged-in leave reviews? Is this feature planned?
    3. Do you expect to allow 10-star ratings?
    4. Ability for admin or specific user (example: restaurant owner) to reply to a comment rating?
    5. Does YASR offer the “thumbs up” / “thumbs down” option for comments like GDSR did?
    6. Do you offer paid support to help transition GDSR-based sites to YASR with some customisation?

    I have a review site that has used GDSR for 4 years with many commenter ratings. I was wondering if you could take a look at the site and let me know if YASR Pro could achieve everything I have existing with GDSR. Are we able to discuss via email?

    Thank you for your time.

  16. Hi Dario,
    I have purchased the PRO Version for a restaurant web and I want to use the comment review for the clients review to rating the experience.
    I have some suggests:
    1. Reviews with not limits for the same user, perhaps with a input time limit or something similar. If the people repeat the visit, what can I do with if they want to send a second review?
    2. Allow a review reply only by the admin, is that possible?
    3. Option for allow or avoid the rating edit and the title edit in the review comment.


    1. Hi Nacho, thank you for use YASR PRO!
      1) Reviews are limited per user only for a same post or page, cause is a not sense to review more than once a same product
      2 & 3) I can work on this 🙂


      1. Hi Dario, and thanks for your early reply.
        I changed your code for allow the users reply several times with only a limit, a month of time between their last comment. It is ok for me now.
        I have inserted the license number in the plugin settings, so when you have loaded a new update, the plugin will be updated automatically?
        I need to know this because all the change that I made will lose.

        Thanks you!

  17. Hi Dario.
    I am using the PRO version but I have one problem.

    I can not configure the plugin so that the user which is not logged in, he could use “Reviews in comments”. Any idea? Than you!

      1. Hi,
        I’m sorry but this feaure is is necessary for my customer (who purchased the license).

        Can you refund this licence? Thank you!

  18. Hello,

    I used to have the Ratings-Widget (rating-widget.com) and I’ve since moved over to YASR.
    Is there a way to import ratings from that ratings widget to YASR?


    1. Unfortunatelly that is not possible, YASR can import data only from GD Star Rating. With Rating Widget data is not stored on your website, so I don’t know if this is possible at all.


  19. Hey Dario,

    how could i disable the rating on attachment-pages like http://www.all4hardware4u.de/?attachment_id=2376 ?

    i would like to use a function in my functions.php like this

    function filter_media_comment_status( $open, $post_id ) {
    $post = get_post( $post_id );
    if( $post->post_type == 'attachment' ) {
    return false;
    return $open;
    add_filter( 'comments_open', 'filter_media_comment_status', 10 , 2 );

    which i use to disable comments on the attachment-pages.

    I have tried it with remove_shortcode but i didn’t get it work;)

    Best regards,

  20. Before I buy…Your YASR plugin is almost what I wanted.

    I need to know the following.

    1 – Admin as well as site users have the ability to add items/posts to be reviewed. There are two types of items/posts, parent type and child type that will be linked preferably by many-to-many relationship but parent to child 1:M is fine too. Child post type is the only post type to be ranked/star-rated.

    2 – I was thinking of connecting the two post types using Post Connector WP plugin. Perhaps you can recommend a plugin that would work better with your plugin for this purpose. The child post is the one to be reviewed.

    3 – After installing you plugin free version When I tried this the children show under the parent post, but the aggregate user rating of the child is not showing with the link to the child. Is there anyway I can show aggregate rating with each child when it lists under the parent?

    4 – Also I understand your premium will give me ability for user to review with comment, but I am not sure if it request them to enter comment if they rate the remedy. My need is to require them to do so.


    1. Hi Foanich, thank you for using YASR!

      2) Honestly I’ve not experience about this, so I can’t reccomend one plugin or another.

      3) Not yet, but soon I’ll add an option that will allow user to specify the post id, for example: [yasr_visitor_votes postid=XX]

      4) Yes they must enter a comment to insert the rating: you can test it yourself on the demo site


  21. Is it possible to use multi-sets for reviews in comments with YASR Pro?
    Ideally I want to have it setup so a visitor can leave a multi-set rating, along with their review (in the comment), plus name & email address, all as a new comment awaiting approval.

    Thanks for any help,

    1. Hi Greg, thank you for using yasr!
      This is not possible yet but will be avaible soon! (I hope in 1 month)


      1. Thanks for the quick reply, I just upgraded to Pro, but can’t find the setting to enable reviews in comments for guests? I don’t want users to have to login or register before leaving their review/rating, is this possible?


        1. Hi Greg, thank you for your purchase!

          I’m sorry, for guest users this is not possible yet, and I don’t know if I’ll ever implement this. If you wish I can refund.


          1. Ah, that’s a shame, a refund would be great please, as I really need that functionality, thanks for your time.

          2. I am having difficulty activating my license key. I paste the key in and press activate button…but, nothing happens.

            Also- just noticed in this comment- guest users cannot review without logging in? I noticed a setting that would seem to let anyone vote in general settings…does this setting address that issue?

  22. estou tendo um problema, quando uso o plugin yet anoter rating ele nao aparece nos post apenas isso
    nao aparece a opçao para votar nem as estrelas

    [Total: 0 Média: 0/5]
    Clash of Clans avaliado por Ronaldo em 30 de abril de 2015 votado 4.7 de 5

  23. Hi Dario,

    I bought this thinking that reviews in comments for multisets was available in the pro version. This plugin is now not what I was looking for. Will you be creating this feature soon?

    [yasr_visitor_multiset setid=0] doesn’t work in my posts. I have 2 multisets defined and I’ve tried using this short code or using multiset with id 1 but I see nothing in the post.


    1. Hi Dora, thank you for using yasr!

      1) This is not avaible yet, but is planned and I hope to implement it in a couple of mounths (I can refound if you wish)

      2) Do you see the “normal” multiset if you use [yasr_multiset setid=0] ? Remember to paste the shortcode that yasr show just below the editor

      1. Hi Dario,
        Thanks for fixing the multiset in the post, it works now!
        I will consider whether this is enough for now and get back to you if I require a refund.


  24. Hey Dario
    Love your work.

    Quick one: could I use YASR on custom post types? We are using The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe to build an events website. TEC uses custom post types.

    We want to allow people to rate the difficulty of an event (sporting event) when submitting to us (we accept community submissions) and then subsequently people can review/rate it.

    Will your plugin do this? The main thing is custom post type support

  25. Hi, will this replace the classes from GD Star Rating, basically take it’s place?

    I’m using an arcade theme with myarcadeplugin which has GD Star Rating code already in place and when I activate the plugin the rating sections appear. Would that be the same with this plugin or would I need to modify my theme?

    GD Star Rating id depreciated and over kill but I need it to show rating in the correct places throughout my theme. P.s I’m using the ‘BrayGames’ theme from exells.com

          1. Sure, it’s linked to this comment. =D It’s still in production so there’s not much to it at the moment, I’m in the process of ironing out all the bugs as it’s a on a sub domain and I’m trying to integrate it as best I can with my main website.

          2. Perfect =D is there any documentation showing exactly what shortcodes are available as I need to replace all the GD star ratings throughout the site and I’m not sure what shortcodes I have access to?

          3. Already on the case bro 🙂 thanks. Placing it’s easy It’s just finding the correct code to place =D should have it fully integrated within an hour.

          4. Hey bud, so I think it’s going to be a little harder then do_shortcode. I have added the ratings where they should go but when adding a rating to the post / page it doesn’t show it on the front end for the corresponding item. It’s because the shortcode doesn’t know what post / article has been rated. I’m going to have to use functions maybe?

            Don’t suppose you know a solution?

          5. This is the function used by GD Star,

            “size” => 12,
            “vote” => $postRatingData->rating

            anyway to modify it to use YASR instead ?

          6. Hey bud, Iv’e managed to fix it, I was using the wrong shortcode. It’s well rather confusing. What’s the shortcode to display multi sets? Can’t find it in the demo, well I can find what it does but no shortcode to use / display it?


  26. Ciao
    Vorrei capire una cosa.
    Se faccio un test con il Testing Tool di Google mi vede il voto alla voce “Product”.
    Se io però lo attivo per far votare i miei articoli del blog, va comunque bene che i dati strutturati passati a Google sul voto siano riferiti a “Product”?


    1. Nel box in alto a destra quando scrivi l’articolo puoi scegliere tra “Product”, “Place” o “Other”

      1. Anche quando ho dettato l’inserimento in automatico?
        Ho provato a cambiare tipologia sugli ultimi 20 articoli del blog, testare…e continua a dirmi “product”

        1. Ok, si tratta di un piccolo bug che ho messo recentemente. L’ho sistemato, nel prossimo aggiornamento nonci sarà più

          1. Ok 🙂
            buono comunque.
            Intanto le imposto come “other” su tutti gli articoli, non le abilito in automatico ed attendo l’aggiornamento per completare il test che volevo fare 🙂

            Grazie mille!

            Indicazioni sulla data di uscita dell’aggiornamento?

  27. Hello,

    I’m considering switching from the Ratings-Widget plugin to the YASR plugin, but haven’t seen either plugin with the ability to do what I’m looking for and wanted to ask.

    I would like the star rating to be blank for each visitor/user and then after the user or visitor chooses to rate a post, then the stars will be filled in with all of the total user/visitor ratings.
    Basically the user can see the total ratings of the post only after they choose to give it a rating.

    It could also be done in a multi-set where there are two different star ratings, one that has the users rating and one that has the total ratings, however, only after the user chooses their rating will the total ratings be revealed to each user.

    It doesn’t look like users can vote on multi-sets at this time, but will this be a feature available in the Pro version in the future?

    1. 1) This is not possible (yet) but you can try this: in the plugin dir, open file yasr-shortcode-functions inside the /lib/ folder. At line 238 change this

      with this

      It should work as you need.

      2) No, at the moment multi sets are read only, but I’m working on this right now, and it will be avaible for everyone (pro and free).

      1. Hello,

        Thank you for your help. Your code did work for the most part. However, the only thing left is that the [Total 1 Average 2/5] still showup before a user ever votes (basically telling them the vote count just not including the stars).
        I would like to have these stats also removed, but revealed after a user chooses to vote.
        Is there another way I can edit this to remove the vote count numbers but only show them after a user votes?

        Thank you for all your help thus far and responsiveness.

        1. You’re right, I forgot it; open the same file and at line 242 change this

          with this

          1. Hello,

            The newest update has change the folder and now I’m not sure how to make this change manually anymore as yasr_pro-shortcode-functions.php does not look the same.

            Can you please help me figure out how to change it back to how it was so that the users cannot see the ratings until after they vote? The code you provided worked perfectly before, but now not sure how to make this change with the latest update. Please help asap.

            Thank you!

          2. Ok I figured it out. The new updated version has these in lines 310 and 316 I think. I’ve used the same code as you provided before, and it works. However, it acts a little differently because if a user votes, they can then see the total vote count information. But when I refresh the page, the voting total is blank. They used to be able to see the vote count after they voted (even after refreshing the page).
            Do you know how I can make it so that once a user votes, they can continue seeing the vote count?


            1. You’re right, I’ve make important changes there.

              On line 228 after $readonly = ‘true’; add this line

              Then, on line 317 (it’s 317 and not 316 after you added that line) change this

              to this

              It should work.


          3. There was another update and this changed again.
            Now those pieces of code are for lines 282 and 288 (i think).

            Can you tell me where to put this code now?:
            $vote_if_user_already_rated = $cookie_value;

            At the moment the star ratings do not show up at all.
            PLEASE HELP!

          4. I had to switch back to the basic version (as opposed to the Pro version which I deactivated because the stars don’t show up at all anymore) here are lines 283 to 289

            /*$shortcode_html .= “
            [” . __(“Total: “, “yasr”) . “$votes_number    ” . __(“Average: “,”yasr”) . “$medium_rating/5]


            $shortcode_html .= “”;

            Please help me fix this because the Pro version doesn’t have stars showup after the latest code release and inserting the code you last provided.
            I am now back to using YASR standard version with it’s original code which shows all the info and voting before anyone votes which is not what I want.
            If you could help me correct this asap I would really appreciate it


            1. Hi kevin, just to be sure delete the pro version and install it again (you can download the zip from this site)

              After you installed it, open the file yasr-shortocode-functions and after line 200 add this

              than on line 289 change this

              with this

              Should work as you need.


          5. I’ve re-uploaded the Pro version and implemented the code you provided. Now the stars do show up, but i’m right back to where we started at the beginning of this.

            The stars show up all filled in when they’re supposed to be blank and not show any voting information until after a user votes. If you could please help me re-implement this functionality I would really appreciate it because as of right now, I’m where i was weeks ago when this started

          6. Okay i’m hoping this is the last thing. After implementing the code provided the stars work properly, but the ratings number information still shows up before a user votes. So in order to correct this i’ve implemented the code you provided previously on how to fix this.

            However, it acts sort of odd because it works properly when a user votes, but if I refresh the page, a user who has already voted cannot see the votes. After a user has voted, I would like them to be able to then see the vote information because they can’t vote again to see the ratings. Is this possible and if so how would I do this?


            1. CUT it and paste it twice: after line 189 and after line 202. Let me know


          1. Hello,

            I saw there is another update to this plugin. I’m hesitant to update it because each time I’ve done so the updates have changed these settings and I have to go back and manually make these same adjustments.
            Before I update, can you let me know if this will be affected? If so, can you tell me where to put these codes in the latest update?


            1. Hi Dario,

              I’ve updated with the latest release 4.4 and have made the necessary updates so that users don’t see ratings and vote counts until after they vote. I make these changes in the original yasr-shortcode-fuctions file but for some reason now after the latest update they do not work when the Pro version is activated. It works perfectly when I deactivate YASR Pro and just use the free YASR version, but they do not work in PRO.
              Has something changed here?
              I’ve looked at the YASR-pro-shortcode-functions file to see if i now need to make the changes there, but that file is not the same.

  28. Hi there, just bought the Pro version and I’d like to be able to hide all of the default text and just show the stars and the overall score with my own text in front of that. Is there a way to achieve this?

    1. Hi, thank you for buying.
      To personalize the text just go in the settings and put your customize text when asked this question “Insert custom text to show before / after stars?

    1. In the settings, open the “Styles” tab and add this rule:
      .yasr-total-average-text {
      display: block;


  29. Hello,

    Is it possible to have a widget that displays the top 5 posts? Also is it possible to hardcode it directly in to my code and not use shortcodes ? as it be easier for me to style…etc


    1. For now yasr doesn’t support widget.
      You can insert into your template by using the do_shortcode function.
      Please note that the free version rainking only support top 10 post. With the pro version you can choose how many rows you wish (here more info)

  30. I’m having a problem with the top 10 listing. I have it set up on just one page for now, but for some reason, it is also showing the home page on the top listings

  31. I’m liking this plugin, which is why I decided to grab the pro version. Always good to support great plugins.

    I’m having a bit of a problem though. When using the free version, the user voting worked ok, but now I have the pro version, whatever rating is selected, it says it is 0 and shows a zero rating.

    Is user voting available on the multisets yet?


    1. Hi Joe, thanks for buying.
      Do you insert the shortcode manually or use auto insert?
      Not yet, multi set are read only for visitor, only who write the review can use it

      1. Having the ability to let users give star ratings on multi-sets in their user comments would be great. I hope this feature will be available in the future!

    1. Click on “Your Account” -> “Your Purchase” than “View Details and Downloads” and at the bottom you can download the zip

  32. Just to be sure before going for a pro version. I want to display top ten tables on each category page just below the category description. Is it possible? Another interesting feature can be searching based on multi ranking like search for all the post with at least 4/5 on rank 1 and 3/4 on rank 2.
    Thanks again.

  33. Thanks for this fantastic rating system!. I think that some features are very welcome in the future updates, maybe some of them are already implemented:
    1- Top ten for a specific Category, something like [yasr_top_ten_highest_rated category="4"]
    2- enabling to show rating as a number (e.g. 3.6) together with stars as a parameter in the shortcode. they are already present in the top ten but not in the overall for instance.
    3- Allowing to see the rational of the rating, like 1 star = sufficient, 2 stars = good etc (as a pop up?)
    Thanks again.

    1. 1) this already work on pro version
      2) thanks for info 🙂
      3) this work on [yasr_visitor_rating], just over the mouse on a star

  34. Great you allow fractional ratings. Wonder if you might consider adding hovertext over the rating that would display the numerical value of the rating on posts?

  35. Hi,
    Question: Is there a possilbility that a visitor rate and leave a short comment?
    e.g. “Restaurant” – A visitor rate a restaurant and gives a comment, so other visitors are able to read why a restaurant would be rated in this way.

  36. Hey Dario,

    Thanks so much for the speedy response. I’ll pick this up for sure.

    Would love to see:
    1. A Developer Version that enables updates for all installs 🙂
    2. Ability to select default multi-sets for custom post types
    3. More themes or pick up CSS from the theme
    4. Pro features mentioned to be implemented soon 🙂
    5. Ability to integrate directly into a custom theme
    6. Some type of faceted search to search for rated posts by post type, type, multiset value(s).

    Overall, you’ve built an intuitive engine that makes total sense in it’s implementation and logic. Kudos!

      1. Perfect, I see you added additional options for more sites. “THANK YOU” – now hopefully a BlackFriday Sale? LOL.

        Ideas for coupon codes 🙂
        – 50%OFF
        – BF2014
        – EARLYBIRD

        Seriously, very excited about the potential of this great solution.

  37. Clarification Requests – 2 items:

    1. This page says “Buy YASR PRO, lifetime updates! (Processed by paypal)”

    but the terms at checkout states:

    Licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase. A valid and active license key is required in order to get autoupdates. If you won’t renew license, you can still get updates and install it manually: just login into your account and download the latest available version.

    2. How many sites can this plugin be used on?

    Loving the plugin so far! Can’t wait to see the additional features implemented soon 🙂

    I’m assuming it’s lifetime and multiple sites?


    1. Hi Al, thank you for using yasr 🙂
      1. Lifetime update means that you can get always the latest yasr version, but a valid license is needed if you want to use AUTOUPDATE: for autoupdate I mean that you can update your plugin directly in your dashboard. If you won’t to renew a license, just grab the latest .zip in this site and upload it manually. With the purchase you always get a license valid for 1 year.
      2. You can buy it once and use it everywhere you want: you’ve no limitation. But autoupdate will work only in 1 site, in the others you should update it manually by uploading the .zip that you will always grab here.

      1. What about “visitors can vote on multi set”?
        Do you have a rough idea on when that is going to be available?

        I will buy it as soon as you add that feature..

  38. The comparing chart “free vs pro” says “not available” for 3 cool features.
    Does it mean “yeah, maybe the’ll become a part of the pro version somewhen” or does it mean “if you buy it, these killer-features will be available for you”?
    Depending on this, I will buy it! 😉

  39. Any chance the pro version offer something more custom for the stars? I mean someting like a color picker with Font-awesome.