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  • How can i add it on my theme manually? like insert a php code? Could you give me a sample, it would really he alot thanks!

  • Hi, i use yasr on my blog with the aggregateRating rich snippet. I wanted to ask, if it is possible to use both rich snippets. In the settings i can only choose between the aggregate rating and the review rating. But i want to use both different rich snippets. Is this possible?

    • Hello, thank you for using Yasr!

      This is not possible with the plugin, you should access your db and export the Yasr Tables.
      I’ll add this feature soon.


  • Hello, thanks for your plugin.
    my website have a huge data, I installed your plugin for some days, it makes the website very slowly,. i found that there is many data is added in wordpress options table. i want to know how to remove those data in options table? thanks.

    • Hello James, thank you for using Yasr!

      I guess you’re talking about of options with prefix _transient_ .
      That rows are needed to have faster queries (here a link to Transient API)
      I suggest to keep that rows, even if they’re a lot in your db and can be impressive, I really don’t think that this is the cause of the slow site.

      Do you have a link to the site?


  • I have a site that has a page of audio players 10 or so on one page, can I use this plugin to let the visitors rate each file? I have tired putting the short code under each one but it seams to all have the same rating as it is for just the page id. Is there a way to use multiples on one page?

    • Hello Dean, thank you for using Yasr!

      Like you guessed, the shortcode is connected with a post or page.
      To accomplish your needs, you can do this:
      Create a new post (don’t need to publish, just as a draft)
      Take a note of the new postid (if you don’t know where to find, take a look to this tutorial

      Add the shortcode like this

      yasr_visitor_votes postid="XXXX"

      where XXXX is your postid.


  • The plugin looks great, but i have a small issue??? I’ve used the code for several thinks that i want to rate [yasr_visitor_votes size="small"] and when i’m rating something it automatically rates everything ales. Is it because it’s the free version??? Let me know because I really like the plugin.

    • Uhm I think to know where the error lies: seems like your theme is one page only and the articles are loaded in lightbox, and all article are sharing the same postid; this is really wrong!
      To make yasr work, in this case, you should specify the postid manually, i.e.

      [yasr_visitor_votes size="small" postid="XXXX"]

      where XXXX is the post id. Read here on how to find this value

      Every article has his own postid so you’ve to do this manually on every post…or simply change the theme 😉


  • Hello! So far, your plug-in looks great for us. We had a business directory and used another plug-in which failed after many months of success. During thos emonths, some posts and listings had as much as 1300 ratings. Now that we have installed your plug-in, we don’t want to start with “1” vote. If we knew a listing had, for instance, 987 3-star ratings, what custom field can I add to asdsure we start with 987, instead of 1 vote? On the business listing admin page, I have these custom fields available to me:

    yasr_overall_rating 4.6

    yasr_review_type place

    So, I want something like yasr_visitor_votes 987

    Or something like that, so I can “start” the number of where we left off with the prior plug-in

    Can you assist with what that form field would be?

  • Hello! Can I remove the text:
    [Total: 1 Average: 4/5]
    You’ve already voted this article with 4.0

    … which comes after each rating?

    • Hello Patrick, thank you for using Yasr!

      In the settings, open the “Aspect & Styles” tab and on “Custom Css Styles” add this:

      .yasr-total-average-container {
      display: none;


  • Hi, i put this in my custom template “” but, in my front end, just appears total:0 average: 0 and a litle graphic, how i can do to make my visitors can vote? i just working in localhost

  • Hi, need to change the stars color and background color, please what CSS code must use?

    • Hello Gaetano, thank you for using Yasr!

      The stars are .png images, so you can’t change the color sorry!


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