YASR 0.6.8 and YASR pro 0.1.0 have been released

Hi all, new versions here!

Both of versions received

  • In the front end, Javascript is loaded at the top of the page, cause out there still exists theme that doesn’t use wp_footer function
  • Smaller bugfixes
  • French translation

French translation thanks to Sébastien Gracia

Javascript are loaded again in the top for compatibilty with that themes that doesn’t use wp_footer (it’s sad, but in 2014 they still exists)

For pro version:

  • Fixed default stars set at first use

I noticed that in the first use, if theme wasn’t choosen, stars didn’t appears at all. Now it’s fixed.

See soon with next versions. Brace yourself, HUGE changes are coming 🙂

P.s. Hey, today it’s my birthday!

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