Yasr 0.6.9 and Yasro Pro 0.1.1

Great news today! From today the shortcode

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can be used in archive pages!
This is the complete changelog for YASR 0.6.9

* Yasr Visitor Votes shortag is finally avaible in archive pages!
* Code cleanup on yasr visitor votes shortag
* Javascript loaded again at the bottom in the frontend. Theme that doesn’t use wp_footer will no be supported anymore

And more amazing news for YASR PRO users! Support for autoupdate have been just released! Yes, this is the last time that you need to install YASR PRO manually. You will see the next update, (0.1.2) directly in your dashboard. To activate the auto update just go in “Settings”, “Yet Another Stars Rating PRO: Settings” and then License tab. Here, insert your license that you can find in your download details. License is valid for 1 year. If you won’t renew license, YASR will work without limitations, just autoupdates will be disabled. Renewing a license will cost only 8$.

Hope you will enjoy this news!

See you soon!

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