Yasr 0.8.1 and Yasr PRO 0.2.5 have been released

Hi all, 2 days ago I’ve released Yasr 0.8.1 and Yasr 0.2.5.
This is the changelog for both versions:

Fixed: Undefined variable in yasr_visitor_votes shortcode
Fixed: Fixed cursor style when is over the dashicon
Tweaked: Stars’ description is now translatable
Twaeked: Dashicon doens’t load if visitor stats are disabled
Tweaked: Italian translation

This, instead, is for pro only

* New feature: added shortcode [yasr_pro_comment_reviews_summary] will show statistics from reviews in your comments using progressbars
* New feature: added shortcode Comment Reviews for this post are disabled. Please enable it first will show the average rating from reviews in your comments

Take a look to the demo page to see the new shortcodes in action!

See you soon!

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