Yasr 0.8.8 and YASR PRO 0.3.4 have been released

Release day today! From the changelog:

* NEW FEATURE: it's now possible to add the attribute postid on these shortcodes: yasr_overall_rating, yasr_visitor_votes, yasr_visitor_votes_readonly. It is only necessary when you wish to show another post/page's votes
* TWEAKED: Added facebook box in the settings
* TWEAKED: storage of the ip adress
* TWEAKED: Added Croatian language
* FIXED: support for rtl
* Minor bugfixes

Yep, finally YASR has it’s own Facebook page. Like it to keep updated!

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4 thoughts on “Yasr 0.8.8 and YASR PRO 0.3.4 have been released

  • Oh I see, thanks Dario.

    I’m using WP manged Hosting now which comes with its own cache,
    Do you think visitor votes will work and not be effected by this?

  • Hi,

    1. What is the short code to add a specific post id to the yasr_overall_rating, yasr_visitor_votes shortcodes?

    2. Will visitor votes work with a cache plugin or not?

    Thank you

    • Hi Jasmine, you can specify the post id on both shortcodes, you can simply do this:

      [yasr_overall_rating postid="XXX"] or [yasr_visitor_votes postid="XXX"]


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