Yasr 1.0.1 and Yasr Pro 0.5.3

Hello everybody! Changelog for both versions:

NEW FEATURE: is now possible to choose a recipe as itemType for rich snippets
TWEAKED: moved from jquery(document).ready to DOMContentLoaded in some shortcodes
FIXED: various minor fixes

and for YASR pro…

NEW FEATURE: is now possible use as parameter the postid to yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings shortcode
FIXED: fixed illegal string warning

Good work to everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Yasr 1.0.1 and Yasr Pro 0.5.3

  • Hi Dario,

    first of all, great plugin, but I have one question. When is it possible to list, for example, the top 10 of post with multisets?
    I already bought the pro but I am still missing the feature 🙁

    • Hi Mario, Thank you for bought YASR PRO!

      This feature is not avaible yet, but I’ve added this on my todo list 🙂


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