Yasr 1.0.4 and Yasr Pro 0.5.6 are out!

Last Saturday I’ve released an important update for Yasr free (1.0.3) and Pro (1.0.4). In fact, shortcodes doesn’t echoes javascript anymore; instead wp_localize_script is used.
This will avoid any js related problem.

But just yesterday an user reported a little bug. If a post or page use more than one yasr_visitor_votes shortcode (with the post_id attribute)it simply didn’t work. Today with Yasr 1.0.4 and Yasr Pro 0.5.6 I’ve just fixed this bug.

Good work,

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3 thoughts on “Yasr 1.0.4 and Yasr Pro 0.5.6 are out!

  • Beautiful, Nice work done Dario, What u have created is unique and not provided by any other on wordpress.
    This is not only a rating plugin, time for you to update it as poll, votes, survey, review ratings. We can add list of 10 persons and request people to vote for them, survey which colour of a car u like most and best of all with all data in our own database. Marvelous, U have laid a foundation for a plugin that will solve all the purpose. Simply Hats off to you

    • Hi Dario, Multiple post rating on one page is having one error.
      I creates this page: https://goo.gl/J6P490
      with code:
      Rate the two astrologers:
      Prem Kumar Sharma
      [yasr_visitor_votes size="large" postid=”194”]
      P K Sarna
      [yasr_visitor_votes size="large" postid=”179”]

      But there remains some error while submitting votes to database:
      check the link to see attached image:
      https://goo.gl/7EhSQu and https://goo.gl/nCKfZJ
      In yasr log table i voted with logged in id1 postid remains 0
      id 2 and id 3 voted from different browser it remained postid0 where they were 194 in id 1 and 179 and 194 in id 2 and 3 respectively

      • Hi Gaurav!
        look closer your shortcode: fore the size attribute you’re using this char (the good one)
        for the postid attribute, instead, you’re using this one (the bad one!!)
        so, the shortcode must be, for example

        [yasr_visitor_votes size="large" postid="194"] and [yasr_visitor_votes size="large" postid="179"]


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