Yasr 1.0.5 and Yasr Pro 0.5.7 have been released

New versions out there 🙂

Maybe today, after more than 1 year, it’s one of most important day for Yasr: in fact, a lot of hooks have been added in the code.
What this means?
For the final user, maybe nothing.
But it’s really important for who work on the code: it’s much easier for me to develop Yasr and Yasr Pro!! 🙂
Further this, every developer out there can use these hooks to add their own extensions: I’ll release the documentation soon!

This is the changelog:

NEW FEATURE: In the Yasr code have been added a lot of hooks! This means that is much easier to develop Yasr. Further this, other developer can add their own extensions!
TWEAKED: Added the postid parameter on the yasr_multiset and yasr_visitor_multiset shortcodes
TWEAKED: Color scheme settings have been moved from “Multi Sets” tab on the “Styles” one.

Have a nice day!

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