Yasr 1.2.7 and Yasr Stylish 0.0.7 are out!

Hello Yasr people!
This release comes with a gift for you all of you…see the screenshot!

Yasr New Stars Set

This is the full changelog:

* NEW FEATURE: a new flat stars set has been added! (Just go in the Yasr settings, –> Aspect & Styles, and choose the one you want!)
* TWEAKED: added filter and action on yasr style settings page
* TWEAKED: added class yasr-visitor-votes-must-sign-in on “You must sign in to vote” text

Yasr Stylish have been update to version 0.0.7 too, in order to support Yasr 1.2.7.

After you updated the plugin, remember to delete all your caches (browser, server, caching plugin)

Good work to all!

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