Yasr 1.3.6…bye bye yasr_votes table!

With this release is ended a work begin with version 1.3.5.

From today Yasr doesn’t use anymore the yasr_votes table.
For the final user what this mean? Not much: you will not see many difference.
But it’s now much easier to develop and understand the database structure πŸ™‚

Further this the new widget yasr recent ratings has now the link to the post title (I simply forgot to insert it in the last version!)

Good work!

What do you think about this?
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4 thoughts on “Yasr 1.3.6…bye bye yasr_votes table!

  • Hi Dario,

    Can you guarantee that the yasr_votes table won’t be dropped in the future? Whenever I launch a new review section, I need to manually feed this table with 10-20 initial votes so that people will see the social proof and start voting. I’ve noticed that nobody will actually bother voting if a review has 0-5 votes.

    Right now I manually change the SQL query after the update to take into account the votes in yasr_votes table as well but changing it up to the log table makes things a bit more complicated.


    • Hello Alex, yes, I’ll never drop that table in the code!

      But I suggest to keep Yasr up to date…new bugfixes are always coming πŸ™‚

      I’ve wrote some code just on these days to accomplish your need: add fake ratings: here a screenshoot:


      If you wish, I can give more info on email!

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