Yasr 1.4.3 is out

Yesterady I released Yasr 1.4.3: this is a minor change for rich snippets if BlogPosting is used.

Good work,

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3 thoughts on “Yasr 1.4.3 is out

  • This probably isn’t the best spot for this, sorry. Brand new user, never used anything but 1.4.3. Tried inserting a yasr_visitor_votes tag with size=”small” — not putting the square brackets here in case it messes something up. Anyway, I don’t get any stars, just the little chart icon and the total/average numbers, which normally go to the right of the stars. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Humph. Never mind. I changed my theme (not married to a specific one at this point) and the stars show up. Go figure! Maybe I broke something in the one I tried first. Either way, not your problem. Looks nice now that the stars show up!!

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