Yasr 1.8.0 is out: what’s new ?

First of all: after you update the plugin, delete your browser/plugins caches.

I’m excited to announce Yasr 1.8.0.

Until now, Yasr use to work with a jQuery plugin called rateIt.
After a lot of under the hood work, it’s now working thanks a library called rater-js.

What’s the difference for the final user?
Not much, except for 2 difference:

  • Stars images are not .png anymore, but .svg (higher quality with less weight)
  • “Active” star (the red one) doesn’t exists anymore (it was useless)


For Yasr Pro only user:

You can now upload your custom icons, without the tutorial!
Just upload 2 square .svg icons and you’re set, take a look to the new settings:

Again, remeber to delete all your caches after the plugin is updated 😉

What do you think about this?
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