December 17, 2015

Yasr Custom Rankings



Customize your rankings with Yasr Pro!
With this extension you can choose how many rows to display (Yasr free is limited to 10), create ranking only from 1 ore more category or CPT, change the stars size, and change the text before or after the stars.

Here an example of a top 5 ranking ordered by “most rated” posts

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Yasr basics shortcode

[Total:3213    Average 4.1]
Yasr is coming back!

[Total:87    Average 4]
How to add custom stars with Yasr Pro

[Total:73    Average 3.9]
Test page n° 1

[Total:51    Average 3.8]
Yasr 1.0.5 and Yasr Pro 0.5.7 have been released

[Total:45    Average 4.1]
Post / Page Order By:   Most Rated | Highest Rated
YASR PRO 0.4.3 out today!

[Total:2    Average 5]
Yasr 0.8.2 and Yasr Pro 0.2.7

[Total:3    Average 5]
Pro Version

[Total:3    Average 5]

[Total:3    Average 5]
Yasr 1.3.5 is out!

[Total:5    Average 4.8]

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