Yasr User Reviews 0.1.6

Released two days ago, Yasr User Reviews 0.1.6 fix the shortcode creator in text mode.

Soon will be available new features πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Yasr User Reviews 0.1.6

  • I do not want to renew my license, since I am quite disappointed by the plugin over time. Just wanted to bring it up to latest version until I get rid of it.

    • It’s strange that you want to download again a plugin that it’s disappoting you.

      Hovewer, if license is expired, this is not possible.

      • Well, after many hours of work that I put in votings and reviews it just doesn’t work for me. And I find the new license also not appealing enough.

  • Hello Dario
    as a former customer (I can provide my old SN for this) can you give me access to this version 0.1.6? As I understood there is now a different PRO model, but I want to keep my site current (and this seems like the final version I can get.) Thank you.

    • HELLO??!?
      Dario, it would be really nice if you could make the old version available for you former customers.
      Thank you.

      • Sorry, lost the email in the pile.
        You should still be able to download the version (if license isn’t expired, of course) BUT I HIGLY DISCOURAGE THIS.
        Some security fix have been released since then, further, why you should want to do so?
        Yasr Pro has the same features + yasr stylish + yasr custom rankings

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