Yasr 1.3.6…bye bye yasr_votes table!

With this release is ended a work begin with version 1.3.5. From today Yasr doesn’t use anymore the yasr_votes table. For the final user what this mean? Not much: you will not see many difference. But it’s now much easier to develop and understand the database structure 🙂 Further this the new widget yasr recent[…]

Do not update to version 4.4 (yet)

Today I’ve update to version 4.4 all my wordpress installation (including this) but I’ve some problem in the comment form (I’ve wrote here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/wp-comments-postphp-return-blank-page-on-44?replies=1 ) Are you having the same problem? I’m waiting for news, or I’ll downgrade to 3.3.1 before the week end

Yasr 0.8.0. and YASR PRO 0.2.4

Release day! Today both versions of our favorite wordpress rating plugin have been updated, this is the changelog! * Stats for visitor votes works now on click and not on hover * Buddypress compatibility * Huge code cleanup on yasr_visitor_votes shortcode * Security fix for pro shortcodes About buddypress compatibility please note that if Buddypress[…]