What is Overall Rating?

It is the vote given by who writes the review: readers are able to see this vote in read-only mode.
With the classic editor, when you create or update a page or a post, a box (metabox) will be available in the upper right corner where you’ll
be able to insert the overall rating.
With the new Guteneberg editor, just click on the “+” icon to add a block and search for Yasr Overall Rating.
You can either place the overall rating automatically at the beginning or the end of a post (look in “Settings”
-> “Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings”), or wherever you want in the page using the following shortcode  (easily added through the visual editor).


What is Visitor Rating?

It is the vote that allows your visitors to vote: just paste this shortcode  where you want the stars to appear.

[Total: 4 Average: 4.5]


What is Multi Set?

It is the feature that makes YASR awesome. Multisets give the opportunity to score different aspects for each review: for example, if you’re reviewing a videogame, you can create the aspects “Graphics”, “Gameplay”, “Story”, etc. and give a vote for each one. To create a set, just go in “Settings” -> “Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings” and click on the “Multi Sets” tab. To insert it into a post, just paste the shortcode that YASR will create for you.


[yasr_multiset setid=X]

What is Ranking Reviews ?

It is the 10 highest rated item chart by reviewer. In order to insert it into a post or page, just paste this shortcode 



What is Users' ranking ?

This is 2 charts in 1. Infact, this chart shows both the most rated posts/pages or the highest rated posts/pages.
For an item to appear in this chart, it has to be rated twice at least.
Paste this shortcode to make it appear where you want 



What is Most active reviewers ?

If in your site there are more than 1 person writing reviews, this chart will show the 5 most active reviewers. Shortcode is 



Why I don't see stars in google?

Please be sure that if you use mostly the “yasr_visitor_votes” shortcode, you have to select “Aggregate Rating” to the question “Which rich snippet do you want to use?” in the General Settings.
If, instead, your website use mostly the “yasr_overall_rating” shortcode, you’ve to select “Review Rating”.
Google will need some days to index the stars.
You can use the [Structured Data Testing Tool](https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/u/0/) to validate your page.
If you set up everythings fine, in 99% of cases your stars will appear in a week.
If doesn’t, it’s suggested to ask in a SEO oriented forum.

791 thoughts on “Faq”

  1. Hello,

    I need a rating system that allows you to post more than one rating per product on a post. So for example I have 3 products to review on one post, so I need a rating for each. Does Pro offer that?

    Also does the Pro version allow you to see a summary of each logged in person’s products they rated?


  2. Where do I find the shortcode information for visitor multi-sets when using the free version so I can insert it into a page. I want to try it out before I upgrade to pro.


      1. Hi,
        every rating is related to a post, so if you need to insert more than one you should do something like

        I know that this is a pain but there is no other way


  3. Hello !

    I am playing around with this great plugin, and i like it so far !
    I still have a concern i can’t understand: as a registered user, i can vote on a post, and i can see it even once disconnected.
    i see no records in database except in yasr_log
    am i doing something wrong ?

    Thank you for your time !

    1. Thank you Dario for response. Would you please help me to add functionality if a user leave 5 star review he should receive an email. I will add coding if you please guide me step by step.
      Thank you for your help

  4. Hello,
    I Have few questions.
    Is there a functionality that when a user leave 5 star review he should receive an email. Not all users who leave review should receive email only users who leave 5 star review should receive an automated email. Can I do this?

    1. Hi Wasif, there is not such functionality yet, but if you have a little of code skill, you can hook to this action



  5. all of a sudden my website is giving me this error and shows error due to plugin.

    WordPress version 5.2.2
    Plugin version Version 2.0.1

    error message showing is

    Notice: Undefined index: custom_text_must_sign_in in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas02_data01/62/2055762/html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/yet-another-stars-rating.php on line 122

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/p3pnexwpnas02_data01/62/2055762/html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/yet-another-stars-rating.php:122) in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas02_data01/62/2055762/html/wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line 1196

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/p3pnexwpnas02_data01/62/2055762/html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/yet-another-stars-rating.php:122) in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas02_data01/62/2055762/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1251

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/p3pnexwpnas02_data01/62/2055762/html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/yet-another-stars-rating.php:122) in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas02_data01/62/2055762/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1254

    1. Hi, thank you for sharing this.

      I’ve fixed this, in the meantime, you can just save yasr general settings to make this go away.


    1. Hi, sorry for the delay.
      If you’re using the classic editor, you can find the option to the top-right.
      If you use Gutenberg, just click on the starto the top right to open the panel.


  6. Hi
    i installed the plugin but in the wordpress backoffice I wanted to add the score and save the changes but it does not save, I disabled the cache plugin because I thought that was it and it does not save the changes either. can you help me please?

    And for woocommerce products, is the plugin also valid? because on the product page I do not see the stars to add the score ..? Thank you

    1. Hi, do you mean the overall rating feature?

      Are you using classic editor or Gutenberg?

      If you’re using classic editor, is the plugin “Classic editor” enabled?

      About woocommerce, you should place shortcode manually.


  7. I am still having trouble to have my site let user rank the page. the only way they can do it is at the bottom by leaving a full review. Is there an easy fix

  8. just installed YASR.. as it was recommended by WPMU Dev

    Tried to add a Multi Set and got this message

    “Something goes wrong trying insert Multi Set name. Please report it”

    But could not find a place to report this except for this ‘LEAVE A REPLY’ form.. please advise..

    1. Hi, can you please write me to free_support AT yetanotherstarsrating . com?


    1. Hi, yes, it’s work without problemm but you will need to insert shortcodes manually.


  9. Hello,

    I have Google Search Console errors recently. I have tried disabling all Plug-ins and reenabling them one by one and I have determined that YASR is what is causing the error.

    I am receiving an error that states that “Either “offers”, “review”, or “aggregateRating” should be specified”. When viewing the Page Source, I noticed that whenever I activate YASR, it is attaching a “@type”:”Product” info into the page. Google Search Console is then identifying this page as a “product” page and prompting me to add other things related to that schema.

    How can I stop YASR from inputting this uneccessary Schema? I already have another Schema Plugin that I use that inputs that. I simply need YASR to input the information related to the star ratings and none of the other stuff.


  10. Good day, i’m interested in purchase of your suscription, but i need to know if the plugin is compatible with woocommerce

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay of this answer.

      You can test the trial version before buy 🙂


      1. Hi, soprry for the delay of this answer.

        You can remove the schema adding this code in your child theme:

        remove_filter( 'the_content', 'yasr_add_schema' );


      1. Thanks for the fast response.

        Do you mean the widget settings of YASR or something else? I deactivatet a couple of plugins (like “AddFunc Head & Footer Code”, “Cachify”) but that didn’t help. Widgets for our WP-site are only used in sidebars, not in the footer.

        1. I guess I solved the problem. There was a little link to our copyright in the footer. I put this to another place and now I don’t see the YASR rating in the footer anymore. Thanks a lot!

  11. Hi, 2 people have contacted me to say they wanted to rate a book in our store a 5, but they accidentally rated it a 1, and they can’t work out how to change it. They get a message saying – you have already voted. Can this be fixed? They’ve written 5 stars in the comments instead, but it’s affecting the book’s overall rating. I’m using YASR Version 1.9.3.

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay.

      If an user has rate has anonymous, they can’t update the vote.
      A logged in user can.

      If you wish, you can delete that ratings in Yet Another Stars Rating-> Logs section



    Hi Dario,

    I would like to know the way for adding 2 visitor voting elements on the same page.
    At this moment if I just add

    [Total: 4 Average: 4.5]
    in 2 different places on the same page, the result is that in both cases I’m getting the same Result.
    I would like to have 2 independent elements on the same page.

    Thank you very much for this amazing tool.


    1. [Total: 4 Average: 4.5]

      I have a little bit of programming experience but I’m hopeless with CSS and I’ve tried everything I can think of to try and center this bad boy. If you can give me any suggestions I’d greatly appreciate it 🙂

  13. Hi Dario! This is a great plugin 🙂

    Is it possible to center this in the middle of my articles/page using CSS or some such thing? I center all of my images and like to place the ratings below them and it looks strange being aligned to the Left.

    Kind Regards,

      1. Hi, sorry for the delay.
        In the editor screen, you can just center it like any simple text 🙂


  14. Hi Dario

    When inserting this shortcode in a WP page

    User Number of votes
    Anonymous 792
    david 6
    Account deleted 1
    the users name that appear listed are the login user_names, which I find it to be inconvenient (I think those names should stay confidential). Is it possible to change this so that the name that appears is the public “nickname”?

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay of the answer.

      I don’t think is a security problem (just think an email adress, it’s the login field) hovewer, I will add the option to choos between nickname or user_name


        1. Sorry, I forgot to say…this is already possibile, it’s a feature of the Pro version.

          I need a vacation 😛

  15. Hey Dario,
    thanks for this awesome plugin, I really love it. Sadly I don´t have much codingskills.
    I would like to change the border-color in the multiset from gray to blue but couldn’t find out how.
    Would be nice if you could tell me where to change it.


    Thanks Ben

    1. Hi, thank you for using Yasr!

      in the settings, go to “Aspect & Styles” tab and then in the box “Custom css Styles”

      .yasr_table_multi_set_shortcode td {
      border-color: #YOURCOLORHERE

      Color must be hexadecimal, look here https://www.color-hex.com/


  16. I started using the YASR plugin for WordPress and loved it as it was very easy to use. A new update came up so I updated and activated it. Since that has occurred I am no longer able to put in any ratings when putting in a new post. I have cleared my cache but it isn’t showing up on the settings bar like it did just yesterday. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi, I guess you’re talking about yasr_overall_rating

      Do you rate and then update the post?

      Can you please try to rate, refresh the page and only later update the post?

      1. There is no longer an option to put in a rating. Before it was on the right side of word press (settings display) when posting a new post however it’s gone. I can still put in the code to show a blank star rating, but there is no longer the ability to put in a rating at all in. Even in the old posts, although they still show the rating on the web page, if I wanted to change the rating that option is no longer there.

    1. Hi Sena, in the last version I’ve removed image requirement for I mistake:

      Here it is:

      Svg Only. You need a plugin like Safe Svg to upload it. Aspect ratio must be 1:1 and width x height at least 32x32

  17. Just wanted to let you know, that your shortcode generator does not work in the pagebuilder Elementor.
    It does not show the actual generator just opens an empty white popup.

  18. Hi, how do I insert Multi Set ratings manually using shortcode into my post? Can you provide an example? Thanks.

  19. Hello!

    Please I need help. Since the last 2 updates, on my website I can not configure the stars as AUTHOR. I do not get the stars on the right side as before to be able to rate my film reviews from 0 to 5.

  20. Hi, i did the update yesterday and all the stars have disappered from the widget shortcode area, they were showing before the update, i have cleared all caches and viewed site through a proxy still not showing

  21. Hi there.
    I just (around 0900GMT on 27 December 2018) took an update on your plugin and your stars disappeared from all of the reviews on my website.
    Any idea why that might have happened?

    1. You just need to update all your caches (browser, caching plugin if you’ve)

      In fact, if I open your site, it’s working preview

  22. Hi,

    There is a JS error in IE with your plugin:
    “Incorrect character” in yasr-front.js – line 533, there is ` instead of ‘ . The voting doesn’t work.
    Could you make an fix for this ?

    Thank you

    1. I’ve fixed this, thanks for sharing.

      But please note that support IE is not my point, so if something else will not work in future, and this is because of IE and not because of YASR, this will no be fixed.


    1. Yes, in the plugin directory there is a “language” folder.

      You’ve to find the file in your language if exists, or create your with a software like poedit

      1. I don’t think the things I mean are in the file. Like “Title of your review” or “Add your own review”.

  23. Hi-

    This is a wonderful plugin. Thank you!

    Currently when customers hover on the 3 black bars illustrating a graph, they are able to see the votes for each star.


    5 stars…………….8
    4 stars…………….4
    3 stars…………….0
    2 stars…………….0
    1 stars…………….2

    I would like to remove this feature because it shows how many people voted.

    Is it possible to remove this feature ?
    Thank you!

      1. Thank you. It worked.
        However, I see that when people vote, they are told how many people voted. It looks like this:
        Total: 7 Average 4.5/5

        Is it possible to remove the total of voters?

        Also, It looks like people can vote more than once, is this correct? How can we prevent this?
        Lastly, do you have a donation button? I would like to donate.

        1. Hi Dario,
          Did you have a chance to look at my response. I had another question included, and I would like to donate.

  24. Hi!
    I have been testing the regular version for quite some time and it lacks a feature that I need: The rating (incl. storing of the rates etc) works just fine. My trouble is with the reports and it seems that they are not solved by the Pro version:
    1. Is it possible to have individual rates (top posts) by category, e.g. top posts in category “Sport” and below top posts in category “Nature” etc?
    2. Is it possible to include (by default) posts with only 1 visitor rating?

    1. Hi!

      1) Yes, with the pro version (you can try the demo) simply go to settings -> Rankings
      2) Yes


  25. Ce l’ho di già, l’ho acquistata e le uso entrambi. Ma il discorso è differente, quell’estensione, fa fare le recensioni. Io vorrei conoscere come migliorare.

    Ma in un blog ho molte valutazioni, e vorrei usare questo plugin per conoscere come migliorare gli articoli. Quando mi mettono 1, 2 o 3 stelle vorrei che apparisse un popup che chiedesse cosa migliorare… quasi obbligatorio.
    In modo che possa sapere come migliorare l’articolo.

  26. hi Dario

    Yasr is an excellent plugin for voting
    I thank you very much for this

    But unfortunately I have to use an optimized and personalized plugin for my template.
    If I delete the plugin
    Will stars stay on Google?

  27. Ti rispondo in Italiano, faccio prima 🙂

    Innanzi tutto scusa per il ritardo della rispostam puoi sempre inserire lo shortcode manualmente 🙂

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay of this anser.

      No, Yasr will work always and only with five star

  28. Hi Dario, this is my question: can I move the stars in another position or I have to choose only between before and after the content?
    Because I would like to put them before the content but it results too close to the text on the bottom. But if I put them after the content I lose visibility.
    Thank you for your answer!

  29. I’m getting spurious ratings for an event that has not yer taken place.

    Can I remove these anonymous votes?

  30. Hi, i would like to know if it’s posible now or maybe if it will be possible in the future to have a different number of star, say 7 for example?

  31. Hello Kevin, Sorry for the delay of this answer.

    Unfortunatelly, this is not possible.


  32. Good day!
    I want to know, exist some functions in yasr, which would help to build a table with top 5 lowest rating?
    Thanks, have a nice day!

  33. Hi – is it possible to have a conditional field show when someone rates it only 1 star? I would like to ask them why so I can fix the problem that is making them rate it so low.

  34. Hi, Dario

    I have installed, yasr plugin about month ago, it was fine and working good, i was able to see stars in google search,

    but when i update my posts to the latest date, i also rated again the star from post editor….then after some days the stars disappear from search results..

    when i check my site like in this way site:sbgamehacker.org then stars appear with posts, but when i do keyword of any post then stars not showing…did you understand ?


    when i do in google search site:sbgamehacker.org then stars appear with posts..
    when i do keyword search in google like “pandora one apk” then you will not see stars with posts of my site why ?

    thanks and hope to see your reply.

  35. Hi,
    the plug in worked when tested it,

    and all of the sudden just as I’m about to upload my articles it went weird and doesn’t show the stars (i think i updated this plug in today with other updates)

    Please see for example on this article https://beautyenquire.com/2018/04/04/test/

    Do you have email support, I actually like this plug in….. it was easy to use…
    Please assist, I want to give it a chance and keep this, also I don’t mind paying the yearly version I just need to be confident it works.


  36. Matteo Camenzind

    Hello! When a user has to vote, I don’t want him to see the average of all the others users who already voted (it’s a secret vote).

    Is it possible?

    Thank you!

    Matteo Camenzind

    1. Hello Matteo,

      Nope, this is not possible, but if you wish I can do this custom work for you 🙂


      1. Matteo Camenzind

        Thank you Dario,

        but I need this for school (I am a teacher) and I am not allowed to spend any money on this project.



    1. Hello, in the Yasr Setting, did you already select “No” at this question?
      Show “Overall Rating” in Archive Page?
      Show “Visitor Votes” in Archive Page?


  37. Sorry to ask you this. I am not a very technical person. When adding the shortcode

    2 lists are actually displayed and the reader – user can select to order them for the most rated or most voted. Is there a shortcode that displays only the list of the 10 most rated posts, from highest to lowest, without giving the user to change anything, not even the order?

    1. Hello, not yet, hovewer as you can see there is a little bug (when you click on a link it scroll the page up) this will be fixed in the next version.


      1. Ok I see what you mean: the ranking should be only one, and when you click on a link it show/hide the most rated or highest rated.
        This is not working (not even on this site) and I’ll release a fix later. (version 1.5.5)

  38. Hi,

    Really like your app but got one question.
    I am using shortcut code to display the stars.

    The thing is it always displays the stars as large and I cant see an option in the settings to change the size.
    Th only option is to change the size if using the auto insert option which I I am not using.
    Can someone help me with this?

    Many thanks

  39. Hi Dario
    is there a possibility to upgrade to the latest version of all Extensions to test them?
    I used to be a paid subscriber, but somehow did not renew.

    Now the plugin totally refuses to work on my site, and I wanted to try with the latest updates (user reviews) if things are working again.

    Thanks for a quick reply.

  40. Hi, this may be a silly question: what is the shortcode to display average stars and average rating e.g. 4.5 for a specific post? – I tried

    [Total: 4 Average: 4.5]
    but the text “click here to vote” and the submit button would appear.

      1. Actually, ratings are no longer stored. After clicking the stars and hitting submit, nothing happens.
        There is no visual error, nor anything in the error log. And the rating does not reach the DB as well. Happens for situations with prior and w/o prior ratings.

        Stopped working from one day to the other. And pretty sure it’s not cased by caching or something similar like performance plugins.

            1. Thanks!
              Updated to version 1.5.4 – now the “Submit” works, but it keeps spinning and spinning. Values are not stored (spinning does not end). With a refresh of the page, all is back to where it was.

              No Caching plugins installed, and all tested in “Incognito Mode”.

              Best, M.

            2. Installed and it seems to work. Looking good.
              Tested with around 20 different votes.

              Was that a bug or a speciality of my site? Will you push an official update or will this fix come in a future version for everyone?

            3. hello Mark, just use the size attribute

              you can us “small”, “medium” or “large”

              Remember that you can use the shortcode creator in the edutor.


            4. You’re welcome.

              Can I ask, if you already didn’t, to rate 5 stars Yasr on WordPress.org?
              It’s a big help for me.

              Thank you!

            5. please note that you’ve to use
              " nad not ”

              Again, you can use the shortcode creator while you create a post or page

            6. That fix is already available for everyone in version 1.5.4

              I didn’t change the version number because I released this fix just a couple minuts later.

            7. Hi Dario,

              I just tried your suggestion and it still does not work.
              I put both these into a test post and they show the same size of stars.

              The only way i can get the small stars to show up is if its on auto insert and I selected small stars in the settings.

              Any more help appreciated

  41. Hello, First off… thank you very much for creating such a comprehensive tool. Just a question regarding yasr_overall_rating… is it possible for me to insert a few lines of code somewhere to create a tooltip that shows the yasr_overall_rating value, in number form (e.g., 3.5) if the user hovers over it? Thank you.

  42. Dario ciao!

    Ho acquistato l’estensione user review..
    Se io creo un set per far votare gli utenti, c’è modo di far visualizzare le statistiche del set, o anche solo la media generale? Mi spiego meglio…
    con l’estensione del plugin gli utenti votano dai commenti, dando un votazione generale, e possono visualizzare la media utenti con [yasr_visitor_votes_readonly] giusto?!.. ecco mi chiedo se è possibile far la stessa cosa con un set.. devo scrivere [yasr_visitor_votes_readonly setid=”xxx”]?

  43. ciao e grazie per la risposta .
    Ti spiego cosa devo fare cosi ci capiamo meglio.
    Sto creando un sito per una radio e sulla pagina delle clasifiche vorrei far votare alla gente il brano più bello.
    Ho creato una tabella con i vari brani più ballati e viino ogni brano vorrei mettere le stelle per la votazione.
    Posso farlo come mi hai spiegato tu nella precedente mail?

    Hello and thanks for the reply .
    I tell you what I have to do so we understand better.
    I’m creating a site for a radio and the page of clasifications I would like to make people vote the most beautiful song.
    I’ve created a table with the most danced songs and wine every song i would like to put stars for the vote.
    Can I do it as you explained to me in the previous mail?
    thank you

    1. Ciao Diego, quello è sempre Yasr, ma è una classifica, e nelle classifiche gli utenti non possono votare.
      Yasr abbina ogni set di stelle al post o alla pagina, quindi se vuoi inserire set diversi su cui votare, devi passare un postid diverso, es yasr_visitor_votes postid=”XXXX” dove XXXX è il numero del post di cui vuoi fare vedere i voti (questo post può anche non essere ppubblicato, basta che sia in bozza)

  44. Hello Liangy li, this is not available with the default settings sorry!


  45. Hi I’ve just downloaded the YASR plug-in (my first plug-in installation), and I’ve inserted the tool onto my page. I want to be able to insert it multiple times onto my page, and I’ve added the shortcode, but the ratings all appear the same for each time I’ve inserted it. For example, say I’ve inserted the shortcode at the top of the page and the bottom, but I only click on the one at the top, it also has the same affect on the one at the bottom. I want to be able to have separate rating features but on the same page. Is that possible?

  46. Great plugin!

    I am trying to get a list of ratings for ALL posts, sort by rating score. I want to see which posts rank the lowest. Is there any way to add it in dashboard so I can monitor it easily?

  47. Hi, for the multi-set rows, it is currently one row in yellow and then one row in white. Is it possible to have all the rows in white?

  48. Aileen Cornelio

    Hi Dario,

    I just purchased the Yasr User Reviews Extension for a Single Site. How do I enable my license with the license key I was emailed?

    Thank you.

  49. Hi,

    rich snippets arent working anymore. Since a few days google doesnt show the stars in the serp anymore:(

  50. Hello,
    Is there a support?

    We have problems with the plugin – moreover, is it possible to keep the votes if we transform the articles into pages and making a migration?
    What are the tables to copy?

    Thanks in advance for your support ..

  51. Hi. I would like to use the rating and markup only on pages and posts, but not on custom posts types. Also the json with the rating data should not show up on these pages, because i want to use review markup there, which is included in the theme.

    So for example this page here https://www.gintlemen.com/triple-peak-gin/ should not have any markup from your plugin.

    Can you help me with that?

  52. Hi Dario

    Found the problem for stars not showing in firefox the file jquery.js was zipped file jquery.js.gz


  53. Hi Dario

    Have a small problem of the stars not being displayed in firefox browser they are ok in ie and chrome just firefox
    Looking into the console and there are Reference Error : JQuery is not defined.
    Any ideas how to resolve this..

    Great plugin by the way..


  54. Hi there,

    If on my homepage, I want to display the 5-star visitor rating assigned to one of the pages on my website (say with postid=47), what code do I need to enter on the homepage in order to show this?


  55. Hi,

    sorry for post it again but no answer received and this is critical for us: after enable “Show Overall Rating in Archive Page?” it does not appear stars in category pages or archives. Any idea about?

    Thank you in advance,


  56. I am having difficulty with updating ratings in the top ten ranking. If i update a ranking in the side widget and save the page, the new score is not reflected in the top 10 ranking.

  57. I am trying to display the top 10 rated scored based on the average score from the multi-set for each product – I do not seem to be able to do this – is it at all possible?

  58. The ratings system has worked well for us and I have been able to customise it rather well, through the plugin and through CSS.

    However I have come to notice a problem. We have it on our footer on the home page and the ratings are shown there. However the same footer on other pages is shown as blank. From what I can tell the footers are only set up once in our theme, so there would be no chance of another ratings block interfering.

    How can we mirror the information across all pages?

    Here you can see the problem – http://www.virides.com.au
    Notice that the ratings are shown on the home page in the footer to the right, but on any other page, they are grey as if no ratings were given.

  59. Christoph Hanenkamp


    How can i use the size of the ratings from the visitor rating for the multisets?
    Because at the moment they are only displayed in small size.

  60. Hi,
    you replied to another user that editing / deleting bad reviews will soon be possible. Do you have any more information when this will be? Or is there already a possibility by manually editing files or database entries? I’m really having problems because my page is performing great in the serps so the competitors are hating me. And just switching to author rating would be kind of lame – giving myself 5 stars on everything 😉 .
    Best regards,

  61. Hello,

    I was curious if I create a few rating categories using the multiset feature, is there any way to allow users to filter by these? Or for instance, having a widget that shows the top rated posts of a particular multiset rating? For example if I create 3 ratings, let’s say Story, Acting, and Production Value, can I have somewhere that shows the top rated posts for Production Value only? (ignoring Story and Acting).

    Thank you!

  62. Hi, Is it possible to get a voter-ranking-index from posts to sort selected posts by this voter-ranking-index.

    best, Mac

    1. Every Day Publishing

      Thank you! I didn’t even think to check for an email from you before asking. I’m all updated and good for another year. Thanks so much for everything you do to make this plugin so awesome!

      Happy Holidays & best wishes,

  63. Every Day Publishing

    Hi Dario,
    I’m just trying to figure out how to renew my license for another year as it’s expiring in two days. Do I just purchase the premium package again from the front page? Or is there a different way to renew a license that already exists?
    Camille from Every Day Publishing

  64. I downloaded the Yet another star ratings months ago and it was working great, but just up until the last update which was about a week ago, I updated it and it total crashed my website and now I have to disable it. Does anyone know what happen.

    I have the latest version of 4.6.1 wordpress. I had to call my go daddy which what I use for hosting and they had to fix it for me where they had to disable that plugin. Need Help please.


  65. Christoph Hanenkamp

    Hi. Is it possible to insert a shortcode like [rating stars=5] or [rating stars=3] ?

    I have a case where i have a bigger test for a few products and would like to rate them one by one without using a table with multiple ratings.


  66. Hello,

    I’m using Live Composer (a front-end drag & drop builder) to build my pages and when I insert the YASR short code it doesn’t stay (ie: the moment I enter the code and save..it’s as if I never entered the code).

    I tried it on the default wordpress page editor and it works fine. Is there a way to make it compatible with drag & drop page builder plugins like Live Composer? No other developer seems to have an answer for inserting rich snippets on pages made by page builder plugins. I really like the simplicity of YASR and want to integrate it into my site.


      1. IT is possible but you should add some custom code in your functions.php file of your child theme. Is it ok for you?

  67. Christoph Hanenkamp

    Hi! Is there a way to add the schema.org Markup for rich snippets to the shortcode

    [Total: 4 Average: 4.5]

    Because at the moment it doesnt work. Or am i wrong? For example see the homepage of gintlemen.com.

  68. Hi Dario,
    I have some questions regarding style in Comments Ratings:

    There is no space between the input fields for the title and the comment.
    Where can I change this?

    “Title of your review” is visible in the input field and over it. I only need it in the input field. Where I can translate it to German.

    Where can I delete “Add your own review” (is double)
    Where I can translate “Rating” to German.


    I would be glad if you could help

    1. Hello Matias, thank you for using Yasr!

      This is not possible yet, but will be available soon!


      1. Hello!

        About the translations, in the plugin directory, you can find “languages” dir. Here open file yasr-user-reviews-de_DE..po with a software like poedit and translate what you want 🙂

        To hide the first “Title of your review” add this rule in Yasr Settings, -> Aspect & Styles, Custom Css Styles:

        #yasr-pro-comment-form-title-textarea {

  69. I installed the Version 1.4.2, I ve got an issue : in the general setting I set in the section :
    > Select default item type for all post or pages : BlogPosting (as I want to use it at an Item I fill the both sentences : Publisher name and Logo URL)
    When in my post I tried to set as Product instead of BlogPosting and clicked on selection button to confirm, save the post, refresh the cash, and check in the google snipets tool it is set as BlogPosting.
    Other issue using the BlogPosting : the google snipets tool is reporting URL error :

    @type BlogPosting
    datePublished 2016-08-23T08:39:47+00:00
    headline Acupuncture : Équilibrage général
    dateModified 2016-10-03T23:26:24+00:00
    name Acupuncture : Équilibrage général
    @type WebPage
    @id http://www.chrysalide-eveil.com/acupuncture-equilibrage-general-23082016/
    @type Person
    @type Organization
    name Chrysalide Eveil
    @type ImageObject
    url http://www.chrysalide-eveil.com/medias/2013/06/favicon.ico >>> BlogPosting (as I want to use it at an Item I fill the sentence : Publisher name and Logo URL)
    width 16
    height 16
    @type ImageObject
    width 16
    height 16
    warning L’attribut image.width possède une valeur incorrecte.
    url Veuillez saisir une valeur pour le champ url. >>>> AN URL IS REQUIRED WHERE CAN I SET THIS URL ???

    @type Review
    name Acupuncture : Équilibrage général
    datePublished 2016-08-23T08:39:47+00:00
    @type Person
    @type Rating
    ratingValue 5

    I tried to desactivate / reactivate the plugin – Desinstalled/re installed the plugin – Erase de WP data base (WP_yasr) …. no positive effect

    Thanks for your help

  70. Hi, not sure that you plugin work correct on my website. As sample here http://writingservicesreviews.org/power-essays-com/
    I can see only this snippets on page

    No organization name, no author name.
    I tried to change snippets to Review Rating, but always see “aggregateRating” in page source. And can’t any snippets for my site in google serps;

  71. Hi, I would like to correct the gramma. In the box, in spanish …”Reviciones” are wrong. You should replace for “Revisiones”.
    It´s necessary to check the words and phrases, If you ask me for that, It will be great.

  72. Hi, I am having trouble creating a multi set in YASR. It says: Something goes wrong trying insert set field name. Please report it. Thanks

  73. Thanks Dario. The issue I’m having is that my admin username (I typed it in brackets above but it wasn’t included) is being used as the author, ie it says “Review by admin” rather than my site name. Is there a way I can change the author so it displays as “Review by MySiteName” instead? Thank you.

  74. Hi, Could you please tell me what I should change so my site name shows in Google results rather than my WP admin name? At the moment the stars are showing but it says “Review by “. Thank you.

  75. Hi,

    I have shortcode

    and only show top ten. Can I show only choosen postition like 2nd, 5th etc ? also I would like put little thumb from post near title and short description ? Where I can do that ?

    Cheers !

  76. Ciao DARIO,
    it looks like when I insert

    [Total: 4 Average: 4.5]
    in my post, it doesn’t show data from table “xxxxx_yasr_votes” (number_of_votes, sum_votes). I don’t understand where it takes data.

  77. How can we update to 0.0.8 (Yet Another Stars Rating – Custom Rankings)

    Automatic Update in WordPress for reads “unavailable for this plugin”


  78. Hi, is there a short code like yasr_top_ten_highest_rated for multisets voted on by users to my site? I’d like to include something on my site showing the highest rated posts based on the average rating of my multisets.

    Thank you!

  79. I tired another card and purchased the Custom Rating plugin with any problems…Your plugins are great…craig

  80. I am trying to purchase the Custom Ratings plugin but keep getting a ‘card decline’ message. My bank notified me to make sure I was the one using my card and the told me to try again. I tried again and got another decline message.

    I purchased the comment plugin with this card a few weeks ago and love it. Can you help me..craig

  81. Do you have a snippet for the “Yasr Recent Ratings” widget to show the actual recent star ratings instead of saying “Vote 5 from anonymous on”? What we’d like to have is just the post name and the actual stars.

    1. Hello Wieland, this is not possible yet, but will be avaible soon 🙂 (I hope the first half of September)


  82. Actually I want to work only with Comment Reviews.
    If I want the charts (Custom Rankings) from a Category I just get dates from the Visitor Rating (yasr_visitor_votes) or the Autor Votes. Is there a possibility to make charts with the voting from the comments (yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings) ?
    Thanks Wieland

  83. Hello,
    Does the YASR stars only show up to admin users? I have users with roles as authors and editor roles and they are not able to see the YASR stars to rate them, however I can go in as an admin and see them just fine on their posts – so the shirt code is being inserted, they just are unable to do their rating because the pkugin isn’t showing up to them.
    Is this suppose to be happening?

  84. Hi

    Is there any way to check if a post or page has a editor rating or not? I just activated YASR. But I have 100s of posts so I will add them one by one.

    Here is the code I have so far:

    add_action( ‘genesis_entry_header’, ‘sp_page_info_filter’ );
    function sp_page_info_filter() {

    ‘ != “”) {
    $post_info = ‘Editors Review:
    echo do_shortcode( $post_info );

    Please let me know 🙂



    1. hello, you’ve to check the post meta ‘yasr_overall_rating’, eg:

      $overall_rating = get_post_meta($post_id, ‘yasr_overall_rating’, TRUE);

      and then check the variable if($overall_rating)

      or you can use the yasr function yasr_get_overall_rating(), eg:


      in the second case, be sure yasr is installed or you’ll get a fatal error!


          1. Ok, so why would the author of the post then not see the multiset? Do they need to be set as certain types of users? I haven’t had this problem until I used the “author” user setting.

            Basically, I have an “author” user, who can’t even see the stars – yet, it’s their post.,they wrote it.

            Then I have me and another admin who can see the stars no matter who’s post it is..


  85. I think it would be good if we can still choose the stars size when we not use auto insert. Currently it will auto choose the large size. and Thank you so much for include the recent review widget in the earlier version 🙂

  86. Saksham Talwar

    Hi, I want to know if it’s possible to add the ratings widget to a category or tag or a custom taxonomy page in WordPress (I want users to have the ability to rate the tags or categories or custom taxonomies as a whole)
    An example of a link that I want the users to be able to rate is – ahemahem.com/technology/

    1. Hello, Yasr needs a postid to work, so you should it manually in your template something like this

      <?php echo(do_shortcode('
      [Total: 0 Average: 0]
      ')); ?>

      Where xxxx is your post id (you can simply create a draft page and use that id)


  87. We are trying to change some default frontend labels, for example we would like to change the titles of the stars when hovering over them. Currently they are “bad, poor, ok, good, super”, we would something like “not at all, a little bit, ok, a lot,very much”

    We’ve found the same string in yasr-functions.php but editing this file is not really upgrade-safe I guess. Fiddling around with the .mo/.po/.pot files doesn’t seem to work either, because we’re not actually using a translation(?) .

    So what would be the correct way to make this work?

    1. Hello, sorry for the delay of this answer.

      Unfortunately I can’t try this by myself, can you please try to copy and paste the “yet-another-stars-rating.pot” but with this name: “yet-another-stars-rating-en_US.pot”.
      Then try to insert your strings.


  88. jessica peters

    Hi, I just purchased the plugin with the 3 extensions, I wanted to know if it’s posible to combine multi set and user review, I enable both and I have now 2 review system instead of one.

    1. Hello, thank you for your purchase!

      Multiset will be avaible soon in Yasr User Review, it is already on my to do list 🙂


  89. Hello. How can I change the size of stars in multi-set? I don’t use average, and individual ratings are shown with small stars. How can I make them medium or large?

    1. Hello Vlad, thank you for using Yasr!

      This is not possible (yet) but this feature will be avaible soon!



    Hi I have just renewed the YASR PRO licenses for a new year but when I try to activate the license I’m getting a “This license is invalid” message.

    What I’m doing wrong?


  91. hello Dario
    i use YASR and found it very usefull.
    my YASR works fine in posts and i could see stars in serach results in google.
    also i have one page (homepage) that i cloud see YASR works for it in Structured data in webmaster tools
    but i could not see any stars for that page’s search result in google!
    any idea ?

    1. Hello, thank you for using Yasr!

      Yasr add rich snippets only in single post or pages 🙂


      1. hello Dario
        i know that YASR works for posts and pages only.
        my prolem is that my YASR works for posts and could see it in webmaster tools also could see stars of posts in serach result in google.
        but i have 1 page ( homepage ) that YASR works for it and could see in webmaster tools but i could not see STARS in search result for that PAGE!

        1. Ah, I see, if it works in the webmaster tools we can’t do anything, just wait (and hope) that google will index the stars 🙂

  92. Hi Dario. Is it possible to require a user to rate every line item in a multi set list?

    1. Hello Manuel, thank you for using Yasr!

      This is not possible…at least not yet! 🙂


  93. is their a way that the overall ratings will not be removed after a week? I am using the yasr for review rating and my employer is the reviewer. he adds the rate. so removing the rating per review should not be done. how do I do this? thanks

    1. Hello, thank you for using Yasr!

      I just check up your page with the browser console, you’ve a js error that is causing the issue.
      I suggest to fix that first 😉


      1. LePetitBordeaux

        Thanks Dario, how i can find this JS ? it’s Facebook ? Analytics ? Or other ?

        1. I suggest to deactivate your plugin 1 by 1 and see what it’s going wrong 😉 ( it could be even the theme to cause that)

          1. Hello Jerome, thank you for using Yasr!

            Not pretty sure about the question, once an author vote the article, it will stay there until someone doesn’t reset the vote.
            If nobody reset the vote, it will stay there.

            Do you want to avoid another users to reset the vote?

  94. Kristoffer Nygård

    Hi! Is there any way to translate “Post / Page” in the ranking? I have successfully translated “Most votes”, “Highest rated” etc, but I can’t seem to get the translation for “Post / Page” to work. Any help?

    See image here:

  95. Ciao Dario,
    To validate your ratings as BlogPosting I firstly had 2 errors and 1 warning :
    1/ The url of the logo of the publisher was missing
    2/ The url of the Image Object was missing
    3/ The width of the logo of the publisher (or was it the BlogPosting’s Image object?) was wrong.

    I could not validate, whatever data I put in the field “Logo Url (if empty siteicon will be used instead)”.

    I have entered your code, and hardcoded my data and now it validates with all the correct data.

    I don’t know where the problem came from.
    But perhaps it’s coming from some confusion you make in the “Logo Url (if empty siteicon will be used instead)”. I don’t think it is a good idea at all to take the FAVICON as a LOGO, because the specifications for them in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool are totally different :
    – Favicon’s dimensions can be from 16×16 to 512×512 or else. Favicons are not taken into account in Structured Data Testing Tool.
    – Publisher Logo’s dimensions MUST BE at least 240px wide to validate in Structured Data Testing Tool for the AMP pages, and this is very important for SEO !
    And :
    – The Image Object of the BlogPosting MUST BE at least 696px wide to validate in Structured Data Testing Tool for the AMP pages.

    Another problem is that I have my own json-ld script in my header, with a BlogPosting section. It was validating correctly before I installed YASR.
    So with YASR, Google sees 2 rather identical BlogPosting, and yours was containing errors… so I edited yours and removed mine. But perhaps you should say somewhere, for newbies : “if you’re already using BlogPosting somewhere in your code, remove it, or remove YASR, but you have to make a choice”. And if we choose to have our BlogPosting written by your YASR, then perhaps you could give us more info and more control, more fields, even just to display the data your plugin will use, so we can check whether it is correct or not. With the current version, all the json-ld writing is done in silent, mainly in yasr-functions.php without us watching and knowing what’s going on. We need to know.

    As a conclusion, I think you could perhaps reconsider the way you define the urls and dimensions of the Publisher’s Logo and the BlogPosting’s Image Object. Favicons and logos do really not play the same role and can not be confused.

    Apart from that, thank you for your plugin and all the nice job done, Im’ using the free version and it works great, better than other plugins whose code is outdated.

    1. Hello Ludovic, thank you for using Yasr!

      You’re right, Logo and Favicon are totally different!
      I always reccomend to fill that form; hovewer, if for some reasons an user doesn’t do that, it’s always better to insert an image (even if with wrong dimension) that doesn’t use it at all.
      I think I’ll insert a link near that form to the google doc, to give more information to my users.

      We’ve to remember that Yasr is not a rich snippet / seo plugin. 99% of my users doesn’t know at all what rich snippets are, they just want the stars to show up in the serp (sad but true)

      This is why Yasr cames with just a few of settings… and if an user like you know what to do they can always do…that’s why in the code I’ve added this

      $filtered_schema = apply_filters( 'yasr_filter_schema_jsonld', $review_choosen );

      An user with some dev skill can easily use this hook to filter the result and insert all the info that he/she wants 🙂

      Have a nice day,

      1. Hello Kristoffer, thank you for using Yasr!

        In the plugin directory you’ll find a “languages” directory.
        Find the file with your language and with a software like Poedit you’ll be able to translate that 😉


        1. Kristoffer Nygård

          Thats what I have been doing with the other translations and they work just fine. I can’t figure out why it wont translate “Post / Page” when everything else is working..

            1. Kristoffer Nygård

              I agree, very strange.

              I used this shortcode:

              No posts found with these parameters. Try to remove some filters.

            2. Ahhh ok, it’s a pro ranking!

              In the directory of Yasr Custom Rankings, open file yasr-cr-shortcodes on line 243 and 304 change this

              Post / Page

              to this

              " . __('Post / Page', 'yasr-custom-rankings') ."

              The you can use the po file in the language dir.


              P.s. WordPress is cutting the < th > tag, keep it in the code

  96. Hi,

    Since WordPress last update i’ve got an issu with the vote multiple.
    Here’s the code i get in the window where i should have the panel with the stars to set the vote :

    Warning: include(/homepages/31/d619169994/htdocs/clickandbuilds/latetedanslalune/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/yasr-metabox-multiple-rating.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/31/d619169994/htdocs/clickandbuilds/latetedanslalune/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-functions.php on line 285

    Warning: include(): Failed opening ‘/homepages/31/d619169994/htdocs/clickandbuilds/latetedanslalune/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/yasr-metabox-multiple-rating.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php5.6′) in /homepages/31/d619169994/htdocs/clickandbuilds/latetedanslalune/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-functions.php on line 285

    Can you help me ? thank you !

  97. Olá,
    É possível importar os votos do plugin WP-PostRatings?

    You can import the votes of the WP-PostRatings plugin?

  98. Hi! How can I use the NEW FEATURE: If auto insert is enabled, it’s now possible to exclude the single post or page. Thanks!

    1. Hello Ashwini, thank you for your purchase!

      Just checked out the page, I see you removed yasr_visitor_votes shortcode and used yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings instead …so I think you’re done 🙂

      Let me know if I can help you!


  99. Hi… I purchased the user rating extension and activated it… and then I inserted the visitor’s review through shortcode

    [Total: 4 Average: 4.5]
    at the top of the post. The problem is ratings submitted through comments are not being reflected in visitor votes displayed on the top of the post.

    I want to collect rating through both the places – stars at the top of the post, and through the comments form, and the aggregate should be reflected at one place, preferably in the stars placed at the top of posts.

    And if that is not possible, I would like to gather votes only through comments, but would like to display the result at the top of the post. How can that be achieved?

  100. Hi! I’m considering installing this and getting the extensions. Have a few questions. I’d like users to select a star rating for the page they’re viewing while leaving a comment, as you have on this page: https://yetanotherstarsrating.com/extensions/reviews-in-comments/

    1. If I require the user to be logged in to comment, is it possible to remove the name/email/website fields from the comment box?

    2. I only need one overall rating, not a separate one for the page author vs. visitors. Is this possible?

    3. Does the user’s rating AND it’s association to the page get stored in the database? I’d like to use it elsewhere in the code. For example, I’d like to sort my listing category pages by highest rating. I’d also like to display a user’s ratings in their public profile.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Michael!

      1) Yeah, in the settings you can choose if the user must be logged in to rate. If so, the only fields that will show up are

      Title of your review


      3)YEs, it’s stored in the db

      I’d also like to display a user’s ratings in their public profile.

      This is not possible yet, sorry.


      1. Great, thanks. To clarify 3.1, I already have a plugin that displays a user’s public profile. I’d simply need to include a field with your shortcode, or custom code the rating by pulling from the db. Is that possible?

        1. There is not shortcode for this, you should write your own function 🙂

          (most of work is already done, you can use as starting point the function yasr_users_dashboard_widget_callback inside the lib/yasr-db-functions.php )

    1. Hello Borja, thank you for using YASR!

      If you’re using auto insert, this is not possible yet, but will be avaible soon!


  101. Hi Dario. How do you require a user to be logged in before posting a comment? Under Settings => Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings => User Reviews (tab), I clicked on No for “Allow Anonymous?” It still allows non-logged in users to comment.

  102. Hi Dario. Is there a way to have one submit button that will submit both the user comment and the multi-set rating together?

  103. Hello,
    I’m having an issue with the stars and average displaying when I paste the multiset shortcode into my custom posts. It was working yesterday, but now a number 1 shows up in place of the stars. Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong? example here—> http://mywebesy.com/site/kindness-yoga/
    Thank you!

        1. Hello Manuel!
          This is so strange, did you deleted your cache?
          do you have a link to your site?


  104. Hi Dario. I have been working on a system that is in test mode that uses the Multi Set List and User Reviews components. It’s about ready to go to live to production. What’s the easiest way to delete the Multi Set List ratings and User Reviews that was used in testing? (FYI…I would comfortable with going directly to the database and executing SQL statements if that is the only way to do it–just let me know what SQL statements to execute.) Thanks.

    1. HEllo Ron!
      On Yasr custom rankings dir, open file yasr-cr-shortcodes.php and on line 258 change this

      <td width="40%" class="yasr-cr-visitor-right><div id="yasr_visitor_votes"><div class="$stars[class]" data-rateit-starwidth="$stars[px_size]" data-rateit-starheight="$stars[px_size]" data-rateit-value="$rating" data-rateit-step="0.1" data-rateit-resetable="false" data-rateit-readonly="true"></div>

      to this

      <td width="40%" class="yasr-cr-visitor-right><div id="yasr_visitor_votes"><div class="$stars[class]" data-rateit-starwidth="$stars[px_size]" data-rateit-starheight="$stars[px_size]" data-rateit-value="$rating" data-rateit-step="0.2" data-rateit-resetable="false" data-rateit-readonly="true"></div>

      then on line 294 change this

      <td width="40%" class="yasr-cr-visitor-right><div id="yasr_visitor_votes"><div class="$stars[class]" data-rateit-starwidth="$stars[px_size]" data-rateit-starheight="$stars[px_size]" data-rateit-value="$rating" data-rateit-step="0.1" data-rateit-resetable="false" data-rateit-readonly="true"></div>

      to this

      <td width="40%" class="yasr-cr-visitor-right><div id="yasr_visitor_votes"><div class="$stars[class]" data-rateit-starwidth="$stars[px_size]" data-rateit-starheight="$stars[px_size]" data-rateit-value="$rating" data-rateit-step="0.2" data-rateit-resetable="false" data-rateit-readonly="true"></div>


      1. It seems like counting started over again for the following 3 blogposts. I don’t have a clue what happened. Could you please have a look at it? There were a couple of hundred votes already, so it would be great to get them back…


        The other posts from this format are still doing fine. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

      2. The charts are still with just one decimal. I’ve replaced the codes correctly. Could it be that I need to replace it on other places as well?

          1. It does, but only “most rated”, add the same code on line 311.

            Never, never , never, reset _yasr_votes tab. There is where the rating are stored.
            The “individual votes” (_yasr_log table) is simply a table used to see stats and to check if something goes wrong with voting.

            There is a cookie to block an user to vote a same post or page. But if the cookie is deleted, he/she can vote it again.

  105. hi
    instead of the do_shortcode

    I would like to call directly the function. Is it possible? something like shortcode_visitor_votes_callback() . thanks

    1. Hello,
      the related function for that shortcode is shortcode_overall_rating_callback()


  106. Somorjit Konthoujam

    Hi just purchased “Yasr User Reviews” but license key is not accepting showing following.
    I’ haven’t been able to comunicate with yetanotherstarsrating.com. Most probably your hosting can fix this

    1. Hello, just go in the YAsr Settings, open “Aspect & Styles” tab and insert this in “Custom Css Styles”
      .yasr-already-voted-text {


  107. Hi thanks for solution, I have another issue, my customer is unable to rate any post everytime, and I also I have tested this after some time or after updating post rating many time I become unable to rate again, is there any limitation or how can I fix this issue?

  108. Hi

    using the shortcode button on the post doesnt produce any shortcode (pressing the button nothing happens).


  109. Hi Dario,

    All of a sudden I keep getting this error:

    I’ haven’t been able to comunicate with yetanotherstarsrating.com. Most probably your hosting can fix this
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home2/klang54/public_html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-stars-rating-pro/lib/pro/EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater.php:363) in /home2/klang54/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1228

    It looks like it is file EDD_SL_plugin_updater but I haven’t made any changes. I’ve also tried deacivating and activating the plugin but i’m still getting the error message. Do you know what this could be?


    1. I’m still using the old YASR Pro version but my license has run out.
      I’ve renewed the license, but does this have anything to do with this error?


      1. Yes I have some development skills, basically I am developing this site for my customer, I have used “Posts in page” plugin and using template for blog where I have added your short code to give users ability to post their ratings on blog page and my customer want them sorted according to rank

        1. I never did but this is a good starting point http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/141125/allow-html-in-excerpt/141136#141136

          In your own function you should query the yasr tables: this is the code that the plugin use for show the first 10 rated posts:

           $query_result_highest = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT (sum_votes / number_of_votes) as result, post_id, number_of_votes
                                                      FROM " . YASR_VOTES_TABLE . ", $wpdb->posts AS p
                                                      WHERE post_id = p.ID
                                                      AND number_of_votes >= 2
                                                      AND p.post_status = 'publish'
                                                      ORDER BY result DESC, number_of_votes DESC LIMIT 10
  110. Hello I am waiting for last two days for your reply but if it’s not possible to add sorting option for my blog page with ranking then please refund and there is no need for this extension if it’s not possible to sort posts
    Thank you

    1. Hello Awais, you wrote me on saturday (and you got answered) and then waited in sunday…You know, I’m not 24/7 on YAsr, I’ve got a work and a life too 🙂

      With Yasr RAnking you can’t sort post but build and customize ranking. It’s explained in this page
      https://yetanotherstarsrating.com/yasr-rankings/ and here too https://yetanotherstarsrating.com/extensions/yasr-custom-rankings/

      Please note that before purchase, you agreed to the Term & Condition. Here it’s write, in bold

      ” NOTE: refunds will not be granted if you simply decide not to use YASR or do not adequately understand what you are purchasing and why “

  111. I just want to sort posts with high ranking first and then in descending order therefor I bought yasr custom ranking extension, hopefully you can help me

    1. Hello, thank you for your purchase!

      Can you please post a link to the page with the rankings?


  112. Hi I have purchased your plugin, I am using “Posts in page” plugin to create custom blog page and I have added your code to show rating on excerpts and it was working then I purchased your extension to sort those posts according to their rank but suddenly ratings are disappeared from that page, can you help me in this?

  113. Hi Dario! I am still having issues with the following:
    (1) How do you suppress/remove the overall impression star rating that appears right above the multi-set group?
    (2) How do you remove the star rating from the bottom comments section right above the title of the review?

    To further clarify what I am asking, I created the following PDF containing screen captures:


    (1) is on page 1 of YASRQuestions.pdf.
    (2) is on page 2 of YASRQuestions.pdf.

    Please advise. (Let me know if you have any issues with the link above.)

    1. Hello Manuel!
      1) That is appearing because you’re using the auto insert. You can disable it in the settings 🙂
      2) Same as above, but here if you want disable it in the single post or page, just open the edit screen and on the top tight you have a box with this text “Check / uncheck to enable/disable reviews in comments” disable it and you’re fine! (I’ve just released tasr user review 0.0.8 update it first 😉 )

  114. Hi Dario. (1) How do you suppress/remove the overall impression star rating that appears right above the multi-set group? (2) How do you remove the star rating from the bottom comments section right above the title of the review? (I want the user to just rate using the multi-set and no other star rating mechanism should be shown on the page.) (3) How do I display historical multi-set ratings containing the user’s name and the corresponding multi-set rating given by that user? (The listing owners would like to know how each user is rating their business based on the different criteria and not just the collective average as displayed on the top part of the page.)

  115. Hello, I recently installed YASR. I am only using the stars in subdomains, thus I am not able to use the Google Markup Tool from Google Webmaster Tools (I’d need to verify every subdomain I think…) to tell Google where the ratings are located at.

    Does Google will just pick up the stars by itself and show them in the search results? Domains are such as: https://whatsapp.descargar.mobi

    I have seen I dont have any error under the structure data testing tool but I don’t see anything stars-related there.

    1. Hello, update to version 1.2.5 and you can find in the settings -> Multi Set tab a new field where you can to select if show or not the average in all sets.


      1. if so, I suggest to put your javascript and related function in your child-theme, it should work and changes will stay there even after updates.

        1. You’re right, at least for now yasr doesn’t store users that vote on a multi set.


          1. Hi Dario. Thanks for the quick response as always! With regard to question (3), is it possible for me to extract the information from the database directly? My initial analysis of your database structure would seem to indicate that the tables do not allow for that level of detail (unless I am completely mistaken). It seems that only aggregate information is stored, and I would not be able to query what any given user scored a business based on the multi-set criteria.

            1. Hello Dan, thank you for using Yasr!

              If you haven’t any error, stars should appear in the serp, no matter about the subdomain.
              Sometimes it just need a few of days, sometimes up to 2 or more months…so we can only hope & wait 🙂


  116. Premchand Katuri

    Hi Dario, I want to add Entertainment Reviews on my website and for that i just purchased the three extensions licenses and I only see “Product, Place, Recipe, BlogPosting” Item Types but no Movie/Film post type? How to add a movie review post type or should i use one among those four types for my film reviews.
    Sorry if my question seems stupid, I’m a bit new to WP!
    Thanks for your time. 🙂

  117. Hello Dario, Im using the multiset for visitors, but i want to hide the stats, how do i do this? I have over 200 pages, i hope you have a easy solution..

    1. Hi Dario! No AJAX calls here. I created a two dimensional array with “hard-coded” values on a separate PHP file, and the values from that array are displayed accordingly depending on which row the user clicked. (I changed the event trigger from mouseover to click, because it the user experience was annoying.)

  118. I import alot of my posts using a cvs bulk importer. Is there anyway I can assign my custom field to YASR so I dont have to manually create a rating for each post?

    1. Everytime you update a plugin, wordpress just remove the old directory and then upload the new one, this is why you loose your changes

      If you wish to preserve it you should use a child theme and insert that in your functions.php file.
      What kind of changes you did? Maybe we can use an hook so we’ll not loose any changes

      1. No, it just save the new settings in the db.

        So do you do an ajax call on stars hover in the yasr_visitor_multiset ?

        1. Hi, sorry for the delay of this answer!

          No, there isn’t support for Movie (At least not for now). If you want just to show the stars in the serp, you can use the “Product” type, or if you wish more power you can integrate yasr with a rich snippet plugin 🙂


          1. Dear Dario, I’m using explicit ratings theme for my film reviews website. I want to install your plugin there and use “Aggregate Rating”, Will it work out or will it gets conflict with the theme’s rating system. Kindly let me know.
            Thanks for your time. 🙂

            1. Hello Manuel!

              1) From version 1.2.5 just go in the yasr settings, “Multi Set” tab and select “No” to this question: “Show average?”

              2) I guess you’re using auto insert. Disable it

              3) This feature is not avaible for now!


  119. Hi Dario. I had added custom code to yasr-functions.php and yasr-functions.php to support an enhancement.

    (1) Besides upgrading to newer version of the YASR plugin, what other activity would cause custom code to disappear?

    (2) Is there a way for me to be able to preserve my changes when an upgrade or some other activity [from (1) above] happens?



  120. Dario, love your plugin. I set it up to use the visitor votes. Mainly for better CTR in serps. All works well and Google shows the stars/votes in Serps. Today i saw via site:website.tld that a lot of rating removed by Google. You know that problem? Any hint what´s to do?
    Best Regards

  121. Franck BARBIER

    Hello, how can we achieve integration directly into the single.php file?
    What is the php code to insert to display the rating?
    thank you !

      1. Hello Charles, thank you for using Yasr!

        If you want to create a top 10 ranking from your rating, you’ve to use yasr_top_ten_highest_rated shortcode. But this, will only show up the top 10 rated pages/post.
        You could resolve this with yasr custom rankings extension, but it only works with category…so for example, when you write about attraction asd you’ve to add as category “section” a and “park 1”. This is, (at least for now) the only way to do it.


  122. Hi Dario,
    I have bought the Yasr User Reviews – Single Site, but how to install it?
    I could not find it.

    Your immediate response will be helpful.


  123. Charles Boisvert


    I’m new to this. I have a site about a theme park. Each attraction is located in a section of the park which is in the park itself. Each of them has a page. Let’s say that there are 200 attractions in 15 sections of 4 parks !

    I want to use YASR for the attractions pages to give my evaluation first and then allow my visitor to add their own rating on it. At this point I have no problem

    I would like, on the park page to add a ranking of the 10 best attractions of the entire park according to me.

    My problem is because of the category… I use pages…

    I did create a hierarchical taxonomy in which I locate the attraction . So I have

    – park 1
    –section a
    —attraction asd
    —attraction hjk
    —attraction mmm
    –section b
    —attraction uio

    each one when created has a ID

    How can I, on the page park 1, list the top ten attractions of the park ?

    Thanks !

        1. No- I’m hoping there will be no words after the stars before and after the user does the rating. Before the user does the rating, I want the stars to appear blank. After the user does the rating, I want the stars to only show what the user just picked. So the average is never visible to the user. Thanks

          1. Yep, I understood this, what I need is a screenshoot of your browser console (just press f12) to see where is the error 🙂

            1. No, I’m not using any multi sets. I use visitor votes on multiple pages and only logged-in users can vote. Thanks

  124. Salve, stiamo provando a utilizzare il suo plug-in ma, data anche la nostra incapacità, abbiamo un problema:
    se un utente, dopo aver espresso una primaria preferenza cliccando con il mouse sulla stellina, cambia (prima di salvare il voto) la valutazione cliccando su una nuova stellina, risultano due voti differenti nella somma complessiva. E’ possibile evitare il verificarsi di codesta situazione?

    Cordiali saluti

  125. Hi Dario! Quick question — is it possible to make it so the stars are not filled in with the average rating? I used this:
    .yasr-total-average-container {
    display: none;
    but it still shows the average score to users by how many stars are filled in. Instead, I would like them to be unfilled, no matter the average.

    1. Hello Tom, thank you for using Yasr !

      Can you please try to add this on file lib/yasr-functions.php inside the plugin directory, on line 322

      if ( is_shop() || is_product () ) {

      return $content;


      Let me know!

      1. Hi Dario,
        perfect, thank you very much.
        My CSS removes the visual stars in the shop, your code removes the structured date.
        Just tested it, and it works just fine.
        Thanks for your help,
        have a good day,

        1. I did change my theme, but that’s it, and the dashboard is still the same. I cannot rate my posts – no stars are visible in YASR-box. When I publish my post, the rating looks like 0 stars, but the visitors can still give their own ratings…
          I can send you a screenshot of how it looks.

  126. Hi Dario
    I’ve been using your plugin for a few weeks and been happy with it.
    Suddenly I am not able to assign a rating when writing a new article. I am the only one putting content on my site and no settings had been changed for a while when this happened. I can only assume it has something to do with the latest version (using version 1.2.3).
    What has gone wrong?

  127. Hi Dario,
    is there a way to exclude YASR from Woocommerce pages?

    I currently hide it via CSS, but Google still recognizes the blog ratings that I have set as default for the product pages. On the Product Pages, I do additionally have the product ratings, and since I’m not sure how Google handles a ratings mixture like that, I’d like to really exclude the YASR ratings on WooCommere pages.

    Is there a way to do that?

    Thanks a lot … and by the way: I’m really happy with the plugin! Works great!


      1. Hey Dario,

        Thank you for your response. I can show multiset form using No Set Found with this ID . How to show the rating result in shortcode or custom function?

        Thank you

        1. Hello Ed, thank you for using Yasr!
          Not pretty sure to get what you mean 🙂

          Do you need to get the vote from which shortcode? Overall rating or visitor votes?


  128. Hey,

    Thank you for the great plugin! I love it! I need to show average voting from my multisite rating using shortcode or custom code. How to do it?

    Thank you

  129. Hi, the license activation for custom rankings isn’t working on my site – field to enter key isn’t appearing. have deactivated and activated again but no luck. It was working at some point because i activated it. Any ideas? cheers

    1. Hello Alper, thank you for using Yasr!

      I’m glad you’ve resolved with the translation, if you wish, sand me the .po file on my email address at d DOT curvino @ tiscali DOT it , so I can include it into Yasr! (if you don’t want to sant it, remember to save it elsewhere, or everytime you update the plugin, you’ll lose your translation)

      What shortcode are you using? overall rating or visitor votes?


      1. Hello Simon, it wasn’t on yasr-ajax-functions.php but in yasr-functions.php. Open this file and find this

        $date = get_the_date('c');

        $date_modified = get_the_modified_date('c');

        and comment it out, like this:

        //$date = get_the_date('c');

        //$date_modified = get_the_modified_date('c');


  130. Hey Dario

    Where do i remove the date so it doesn’t show in the SERP.

    Before the latest update is was in: yet-another-stars-rating/lib/yasr-ajax-functions.php

    Is it still there?

    Please let me where and what line to edit.

    1. I’ve solved it. the problem is the name of the file. The ones who are going to translate it must rename the po file like yet-another-stars-rating-tr_TR

      Now i want place the rating on the left. Not it appears on the right. How can i do that?

  131. Hi, i translated it into Turkish, but the problem is That translation does not appear in the website and the language remains as english even though i deleted all language files. What should i do in order to make it appear as Turkish?

    1. Remember to NEVER translate the plugin into the code: use the .po file instead 😉

      With this “jump” you can never use Multi Set for visitors, but maybe you don’t need this at all.

      To translate that words is already possible in the settings ( Custom text to display AFTER Visitor Rating )


      1. yes i had jumped directly from 0.8.x coz i had made some translations inside the code and i had to re-do them on each update. It seems like the problem is fixed now. You have added new options on admin panel and i had to set the new options. After i made these settings today, stars appeared again normally.

        PS: It would be great if you offer on admin side to translate these words: [Total: 3 Average: 4.3/5]

  132. Hello, i am using star rating since version 0.8.x and i updated to latest version and the

    [Total: 4 Average: 4.5]
    stopped working. Any idea? I have many visitor votes for many pages and i don’t want to lose them

  133. Hello,

    Is it possible to use this service in order to get customer feedback about content, like articles for example? Knowing that we have hundreds of pages of articles on our website and we’d like to be able for customers to give their opinion.

    We’d like to proceed that way in order to improve our Google referencing: could this be the efficient way to do it?



      1. Hi Dario. After updating to YASR 1.2.2, a number now appears next to the 5 stars which equals the numbers of stars selected. Is there away to suppress this? I don’t recall this number appearing before the update.

  134. Dear support,
    In general, YASR works great on my site. Just some minor issues that are related to the caching that my website hoster WPEngine is using:
    – People can vote more than once because the message “Thanks, you already voted” does not appear
    – The current number of votes appears after you voted, but an outdated number might show on the page before you vote.

    WPEngine would be able to exclude certain paths from caching. Is there a path that they could exclude which would make YASR work better? So that somehow only the YASR element would be excluded from the cache? That would be awsome, because caching is vital totay – and at the same time, I really want to show ratings.

    Thanks for your help,

  135. Hi Dario! Is it possible to add more fields on the comment form in addition to the Review Summary and the Comment? The date of the visit would be a field that would be useful.


    1. Hi Dario. Thanks for the reply! Let me try to explain (1) better. Let’s assume I have a multi set list with three items named A, B, and C for which a user gives a 2-star rating for A, a 3-star rating for B, and a 4-star rating for C. I would want to automatically calculate and set the Overall Impression rating to a 3-star rating (i.e. the average of (2 star + 3 star + 4 star ) divided by 3). If this is possible and the Overall Impression is a calculated field, it would also need to be read only.

      Does this make sense? Let me know if it’s any clearer.