Get your visitors involved with user reviews!

YASR Pro allows your visitors to review a post, page or custom post type quickly and easily!

With YASR Pro you will be able to extend the standard built-in WordPress comment form (see example at the bottom to this page), adding two new fields in order to insert the rating and the review summary.

Feel free to test it on this page!

 And you'll get three new shortcodes to use! 

The first is yasr_pro_comments_ratings_progressbars shortcode. As you can see, it shows the stats for your reviews through progress bars.

5 stars

4 stars

3 stars

2 stars

1 star

The second is yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings. This shortcode simply show the average rating from the reviews in your post.Using the attribute “size” you can choose between “small”, “medium”, and “large”.

All reviews include a HTML5 rich snippet for, allowing search engines to pick up and display the product reviews in search results (SERP).

The last shortcode is yasr_pro_ur_ranking; this simply create a ranking from the most or highest reviewed posts.

== Settings Panel Screenshoot ==

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Overall Rating

183 thoughts on “User Reviews

  1. Half star request Sorry, I can't help myself, but are we able to use 1/2 stars? Like vote 4.5 out of 5? If not, can you put half-stars on your list too? Thanks!
    1. No, this is not possibile.
      I don’t know if I will add this, every major site out there (google, amazon, facebook, etc) doesn’t have this…

  2. Feature request Great plugin! I am going to purchase the PRO version. Where can we make feature requests? I would like to know if you could add a "LIKE" and "DISLIKE" button on all comments and reviews? Thanks!
  3. Question about the User review feature Hi Dario! I am interested in the User Review feature, I would just like to know if these notes are synchronized on a custom post with the [yasr_visitor_votes] shortcode. For example, a logged in user has already noted a custom post with this shortcode [yasr_visitor_votes], then, later, he returns to the same custom post and writes a comment. Has the rating he had already given been taken over with the User Review feature? I hope to have been clear Best regards Eric
    1. Hello Eric,
      The ratings are not synchronized, just because usually when an user has the ability to leave a review, there is no other way to rate a post or page (e.g. an amazon product, an user can only insert rating when he leave a review)

      Hope this helps!


  4. 1. I am creating custom archive/category pages with intro text and image at the top. Is this article about a shortcode or block: ? And is this something I can show on custom archive pages, in a shortcode, to display the 5 highest rates posts in that particular post category?

    2. Do you plan on adding a flag / report function to the user reviews, so that users can alert me to a problem?

    3. Do you plan to add a thumbs up function, so that users can thumbs up other reviews?


    1. Hi again,

      1) The screen are outdated (I will change it soon) but yes, you can customize your ratings to show 5 highest rated posts in a particular post category. You can try this by enabling the trial.
      2) I think this is outside the scope of YASR, that is a rating plugin.
      3) No, at least not for now.

      Have a nice day!

      1. Thanks.

        2. Amazon has a link to “Report Abuse” on each review. It’s the same thing. If somebody leaves a review that isn’t fit for my site, it would be good if users could alert me.
        3. Amazon also has a button to vote each review as “Helpful”, same thing as a thumbs up. That way, the best content rises to the top for users to see first, as reviews are sorted by most popular, by default.

        Amazon spends millions to research these things. If they’ve found these features to be useful, I’d think they are worthwhile for every rating plugin, and would extend the functionality and usefulness of this plugin.

  5. Hi there,
    is it possible to add own fields for the rating forms?
    Like: Name | Title | GDPR Checkbox to accept | Message

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  7. Mult Set Feature Hello, I am using your multi set feature and am trying to make it automatic apply its itself to all posts, without making me manually add the short code into the post myself. Is that possible?
  8. I just bought the User Reviews plugin. My wordpress theme does not allow me to activate the comments. Can I use your plugin in some other way?

    1. Hello, thank you for your purchase.
      If you click on “Quick Edit” you should be able to display the comment form 🙂


      1. Hello Dario,
        I know, but there is a problem with my theme. The theme is personalized and doesn’t show comments. Now we can’t change the theme. That’s why I ask you if I can use your “user review” plugin without the WordPress comments.

      2. Hello Dario,
        In my wordpress theme it is not possible to activate the comments. Can User Reviews plugin be used in any other way? If it is not possible. Could I request a refund?

  9. Super Hi, Your plugin is really good. As Larry says, it would be great if there was an opportunity to see the results displayed in the dashboard. This could be subject to the purchase of the pro offer, which would be normal. Anyway with this option, I buy right away :)
  10. Question Nice plugin! Is there any way I can see a list of all my posts and ratings in my WP dashboard, so I can investigate the posts with low rating?
  11. Looks nice ! It's nice tohave this kind of plugin, I will try tomorrow. But I have questions: 1. I have post type called "tour", can it work for my post type? 2. Is it OK with google to use this snippet? Thank you.
  12. Hi
    i have custom post with name ‘epitaphe’ and rating system is oK
    its a way to sort and display(not just a title) my custom post by following the result of the vote ?

  13. Hi, can you add for rich snippets ? Because application/ld+json that you use now for comments reviews not work, google not show rich snippets in search result for my pages, but I test another plugin who use and this work very well, I see rich snippets in search result after 2 days when google reindex my page.
    1. Hello Denis,
      it’s using AggregateRating, with “ratingValue” and “reviewCount” attributes.
      You can test this page as example.


      1. Yes, you page have rich snippets in google.
        Not sure why my page not 🙂

        Very strange. Ok, may this some problem with my site

          1. Yes, sorry. I mean no have stars result in serp. And I think will no have in future because as I think not using Because It had enough time to index and for your page also.
            Anyway thanks for answer.

            1. Uhm yes seems like yasr user revierws doesn’t print the “@context”:””

              This fix will be available in the next version

  14. Sorry, two more questions lol.

    1. Is it possible to filter through ratings within a post? So I can see all 1 star ratings for example?

    2. Let’s say that someone registers for my site and I have a custom field indicating that they are a company. Based on that information is it possible to disable the star rating ability for that individual account? I would only want companies to be able to reply to other people who have already left a “review/rating”.

    3. Does your plugin work with “simple comment editing” so that someone can edit their comment after a certain amount of time?

    1. 1) Not yet, but I like this feature and I think I’ll add this soon

      2) No, this is not possible

      3) I’ve never tested with that plugin, I can’t test it now, but I just saw the video tutorial and it should work 😉

    2. Filtering through ratings would be really great. Please keep me posted on this! Or if you have a mailing list I can join. Thanks.

  15. I think i answered my own question as it seems as though the star rating box disappeared after I left one rating. Not sure if it’s possible through your plugin but is there a way to disable the commenting box for anything BUT replies to other people?

    Also, is your service monthly or require a license or is it once it’s paid we have the data ourselves?

    1. 1) I don’t know this, maybe there is a plugin out there for this, but not with yasr 😉

      2) It require an annual license (or you can get the lifetime license too); the license is needed to get updates and support

      1. Thank you! Basically I think the only way to do it is to hide the box with css. I’ve already experimented with this myself and it seems to work (not the best way of doing it though). Since replies and the main comment box are the same thing, the only difference is when you hit reply the comment box gets a different class, so you can at least target and hide things from there. The reasoning behind this is that if someone leaves a review on my site I don’t want them to see the comment box again after doing so where if they come back they can assume they can leave another review. I only want them to be able to reply to people after having left 1 review/comment.

  16. Testing Is there a way to prevent someone from leaving more than one "rating" but allow them to continually reply to comments?
  17. Important Question Is it possible to use MULTIPLE SET with this extension so users can review a PRODUCT with same settings as me?
  18. Hallo,
    Is it possible to create comment forms with different ratings criteria , (example) 4 lines with 5 stars , so with MultiSet ?
    Thanks for answer,

    1. If you mean to insert a multi set into the comment form, isn’t possible yet but will be in future 🙂


  19. Сorrect localization of the plugin Hi. I want to localize the plugin yasr-user-reviews. I made a translation of instructions from file \yasr-user-reviews\languages\default.po (+ and saved the data as ru_RU. po (ru_RU. mo). Unfortunately, I can’t see my translation. I tried to keep the translation as yasr_ur-ru_RU.po ( I have also nothing happened .What should I do for correct localization of the plugin?
  20. I am interested at the Pro version.
    I only work with pages, not with posts, so I have no categorys.
    I have, for example, 20 hotels all have the parents page “Las Vegas Hotels”.
    Can I create a ranking of these hotels and another ranking for hotels that have a parent page “Los Angeles Hotels”?

    1. Hello, thank you for using Yasr!

      This is not possible, (at least not for now) rankings can be done from categories or cpt.


  21. Integration with Social Comments? Hi Dario, Congratulations for this great plugin! I read that the next update will include multi set rating in the comments. I am using the Social Comments plugin (only Fb and G+) and I would like to know if my visitors would be able to multi rate in the comments while being logged into either their Fb or G+ accounts.
    1. Also, will the other visitors (not necessarily logged in) be able to rate the comments/ratings as useful or not?

    2. Hello!

      If these plugin are used just to login your users, it’s ok, just be sure that you’re using the standard wordpress comment form.

      1. unfortunately no… it’s a separate comment form. WP comment form can be “part of it”, but I opted out of it, since anyone can create a WordPress/Gravatar account without phone verification. There is an alternative rating plugin that does what I need, but I was hoping that I can avoid paying almost $80 for this… 🙁

        Anyway, thanks for the reply. You still have a good plugin here… unfortunately not for me 🙁

    1. Hello, sorry for the delay of this answer!

      This feature will be available on Yasr User Review I hope for the end of this month.


  22. It would be nice to either select Comment Ratings in auto-insert setting
    or allow total_count and average in the shortcode yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings.
    The little popup progress bars would be nice.

  23. Hi. Can I get numerical values of average rating and number of votes through shortcodes or php in single.php?

  24. Query Awesome Plugin! 2 Questions - I want my Review on a Post - I want user to Review my Post - I then want the Overall Rating to be Automatically calculated adding both the above conditions. Can i do that in the current version if yes please let me know how?
    1. Hello Soniak, thank you for using Yasr!!
      Unfortunately this is not possible (at least….not yet!)


  25. Hi, Dario,

    hope that’s the correct spot to post my question..
    We installed YASR together with the YASR user review extension on a client’s website.

    Visitors are supposed to be able to rate and review within the comments of a post.

    It works nicely as long as I’m logged in. As soon as I log out it doesn’t display the option to rate (= the stars) anymore and it also doesn’t display the field for the title.
    So nobody is able to comment because rating and title is mandatory.

    I checked all settings concerning comments etc, but I cannot figure out where the problem is.

    Unfortunately I am not able to publicly post the URL, if necessary please drop me a line and I let you know via email or slack.

    Thanks a lot for your help!


    1. Hello Elisabeth, thank you for using Yasr and sorry for the delay of this answer!

      Thank you for your feedback, I just noticed that if anonymous are not allowed to vote and title and rating are mandatory it’s impossible to insert a new comment because title and rating are missing! I’ll fix this asap.

      To answer your question, in the “User Review” tab, did you select “yes” at this question? Allow anonymous?


      1. Hi, Dario,
        yes, I selected “Yes” at the question “Allow anonymous”..
        Unfortunately, the updates didn’t do anything for our problem. I am able to see all the fields as long as I am logged in, but as soon as I am logged out there is only the regular contact form, no rating and no title field.
        If you have a quick fix I’d appreciate that. I’ll gladly provide you with a link and all the necessary passwords if you let me know how to send it to you. I cannot post it here.
        Thank you so much for your help,


  26. Hi Dario,

    We are using wp-discuz plug-in. We bought Yet Another Stars Rating – User Reviews. it works with native comments but not with wp-discuz.
    Do i missed some configuration?


    1. Hello Onur Emir, thank you for your purchase!

      Yasr User Reviews works only with the default WordPress comment form, as you could see. Unfortunately wp-discuz overwrite the standard form with a new one, and Yasr can’t add the new filed into it.
      If you wish you can ask for a refound.


  27. Two question Ciao Dario, prima di tutto, adoro il tuo plugin! Ho bisogno però di un paio di chiarimenti. 1. Esiste un del seguente shortcode? [yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings] Così lo inserisco direttamente nel codice dell'articolo in wordpress senza dovermi preoccupare di inserirlo ogni volta in ogni articolo 2. Esiste la possibilità di avere una classifica in base alla media dei voti nei commenti dati dagli utenti? Grazie mille
      1. Ciao Davide, grazie per usare Yasr!
        1) Se vuoi inserire lo shortcode direttamente nel template puoi fare cosi:

        2) Non ancora, ma è una cosa che verrà aggiunta!

        Buon lavoro,

  28. I am looking forward to using this plugin and have generated the short code – [yasr_multiset setid=0]

    I placed this in a widget in a side bar I have defined. It shows up all fine but I can’t click on it myself? I am assuming it knows I am admin and stops it from happening, but I would like to be able to test it (as I can delete it and start again should I need to).

    1. Hello Scott, thank you for using Yasr!

      If you wish that the content of the multiset change on every post or page, the shortcode is fine, you just need to insert the vote in the post editor (above the text editor)


      1. Thanks 🙂

        Further to that I think I have found a bug…

        So I put the short code into the side bar and later I realised that I needed to change the wording to better suit what I need voted on (and before I had also applied some ratings myself to test this, I pressed submit to save them).

        When I changed the element names in the settings for YASR I could save them fine. But when I refreshed my page the changes didn’t carry through. I then tried to delete the widgets and create them again with the same short code, this didn’t fix it.

        So the only thing I have done to fix this was to create new multi-sets with the content I now want to apply their short codes with the new ids. The old multi-sets are still stored but I have changed the first element name to say “DO NOT USE”. I have left them there with the hope that I could apply them again and the changes work (this is to test if it takes time for it to update it).

        So basically I have a work around that works, but obviously the preference is to not hack it to make it work for me.

        Other than that, really do like it.

  29. Hello I just bought the review unlimited extension. I thought could it was possible to comment in addition to rating on the page. Is this not possible??

    1. Hello, thank you for your purchase!

      Yes, you’ve to enable it on the settings or in the single post or page, and in the comment for will be possible to insert a rating!

      1. Can you explain me in detail how i enable it? does the stars show up for every single user? can different people rate and write a review?

        1. Once uploaded and installed the plugin, simply go to the Yasr Settings and click on tab ” User Reviews”.

          There you can enable it on every post / page, and further allow if enable only logged in user to leave a review or logged in and anonymous.

  30. Hi Dario,

    Right now, I’m using Auto insert options for Visitor Votes.. What would happen if I add this User Review extension on particular single post? Would it automaticly count votes from comments into the Visitor Votes? Or it would create separate votes count?

    1. Hello Andrew, thank you for using Yasr!

      Visitor votes will no be affected from the User Review extension 😉


      1. Is it possible to make votes from user reviews also being counted as visitor votes? So logged in users only need to vote one time via user review.. As for non logged in user (guest visitors), they can still vote via visitors vote..

  31. Hey! Is it possible to show only the Stars for rating and nothing else – no Text behind (total and average)?
    But it has to shown in google serp? thx 😉

    1. Hello Roman, thank you for using Yasr!

      In the settings, open the “Aspect & Styles” tab and on “Custom Css Styles” add this:

      .yasr-total-average-container {
      display: none;


  32. Hi Dario, is there a way to make title and vote mandatory?
    In this moment I’m receiving comments without the vote…!

          1. Thank you Dario. I’ve tested the new release.
            A problem with the “mandatory-field” feature is that now title and vote are mandatory even for the admin who wants to reply to reviews…!! This happens in the frontend and in the backend.
            Fields should not be mandatory for replies… To be honest, I think they should not be there for replies…
            Let me know!
            Bye, Nicola

  33. I tried to rate this recipe . Its Url:
    I have disabled all the plugins and caching and try to rate this recipe. Still it doesn’t work. Like I said before. Page displays the top of the details page followed by index page and then followed by rest of the details page. I think the rating stars *****[Total:0 Average 0/5] is replaced by the index page. Please see for yourself. Thank you.

    1. WTH I never seen something like this…seems like the ajax response get overwritten from a new page…honestly I don’t know what is causing this, I think it’s something in the theme

        1. Actually the problem I mentioned before is not at all fixed. I thought it is fixed. But then again, I rated the recipe after logged in. I could not rate the recipe on my website as an anonymous user. I have checked ON for the anonymous user. Can you please help me to fix it. Thank you.

          existing problem : When I try to rate a recipe on my website, it displays the top of the details page followed by index page and then followed by rest of the details page. I think the rating stars *****[Total:0 Average 0/5] is replaced by the index page.

  34. I really wish i could use something like

    [yasr_pro_comment_ratings_progressbars ID=”57″]
    [yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings ID="57"]
    Where ID = the post id

    I wanted to display results of a post to another post.

  35. Hi, all short codes work bar the… yasr_pro_comment_ratings_progressbars

    I have paid version but no joy, if i add the shorcode it simply shows as [yasr_pro_comment_ratings_progressbars]

    1. I copied code from above turns out it was just missing a (s) from comment.

      yasr_pro_comment_ratings_progressbars <– wrong
      yasr_pro_comments_ratings_progressbars <– correct

      Thank you anyway, love the plugin 🙂

  36. Just bought: simple but it appears to be a great work! Hi Dario, I was creating a translation file for the User Review add-on and noticed that "Review Summary" wasn't translated. To get things works, for now, I edited "yasr-ur-comment-form-functions.php" file on line 204, adding the domain to the translation function. Hi, Nicola.
    1. Hello Nicola, thank you for using Yasr!
      I’ve fixed this and and the fix will be avaible from the next version!
      (I’m Italian too, I hope to include italian translation soon)


      1. The Italian translation will be appreciated.

        Dario, visiting a page with reviews enabled, I see correctly the title and the rate fields right before the form; submitting a review, the page reloads and I see the form to comment without the title and the rate fields… Is it correct?

    1. Hi pppdog, this multi-site shoulds work, (never tested but should work) but I can’t answer for woocommerce yet. IF it use the standard wordpress comment form it should work.

      What do you mean for the permanent?


    1. I never tested with it, hovewer, I just opened their site and this is what they say:

      “Jetpack Comments replaces your default comment form with a new comment system that has integrated social media login options.”

      If it replaces the default comment form the answer is no: YASR use some hooks avaible in the standard comment one.


  37. Hi Dario Just wanted to know are these stars in comment field are the same as those stars were in free version. Mean to say if i deactivate Show "Visitor Votes" in Archive Page? in general settings and use only pro features how will rating work
    1. in short like u was using to pass rating through shortcode and postid for multiple post on one page.
      can anyway i use rating and review through postid in the same way as i was doing in free version.
      and in above comment point of discussion is are the can be seen at this link. where we can see that two ratings calculations. star rating votes are different from reviews vote collection