October 9, 2015

Yasr User Reviews



Yasr User Reviews allows visitors from your website to review a post, page or CPT on your website quickly and easily.

This extends the standard built-in WordPress comment form, adding two new fields in order to insert the rating and the review summary.

This adds three new shortcodes to show statistics from user’s reviews.

The first is yasr_pro_comments_ratings_progressbars shortcode. As you can see, it shows through progressbars the stats for your reviews.

5 stars 21
4 stars 12
3 stars 2
2 stars 0
1 star 1


The second is yasr_pro_average_comments_ratings. This shortcode simply show the average rating from the reviews in your post.
Using the attribute “size” you can choose between “small”, “medium”, and “large”.


The last shortcode is yasr_pro_rankings_from_comments_reviews; this simply create a ranking from the most or highest reviewed posts.

Post / Page Order By:   Most Rated | Highest Rated
Yasr User Reviews

[Total:36    Average 4.4]
Yasr 1.2.0 is approaching.

[Total:4    Average 3.3]
Yasr User Review 0.1.1

[Total:1    Average 5]
Test page n° 1

[Total:1    Average 3]
Post / Page Order By:   Most Rated | Highest Rated
Yasr User Review 0.1.1

[Total:1    Average 5]
Yasr User Reviews

[Total:36    Average 4.4]
Yasr 1.2.0 is approaching.

[Total:4    Average 3.3]
Test page n° 1

[Total:1    Average 3]

All reviews include HTML5 rich snippet for Schema.org, allowing search engines to pick up and display the product reviews in search results (serp).

== Settings Panel Screenshoot ==


Yasr User Reviews settings

Enabling / disabling in single post or page

Enabling / disabling in single post or page

In the comment form you can test this extension.

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139 thoughts on “Yasr User Reviews

  • SuperHi, Your plugin is really good. As Larry says, it would be great if there was an opportunity to see the results displayed in the dashboard. This could be subject to the purchase of the pro offer, which would be normal. Anyway with this option, I buy right away :)
  • QuestionNice plugin! Is there any way I can see a list of all my posts and ratings in my WP dashboard, so I can investigate the posts with low rating?
  • Looks nice !It's nice tohave this kind of plugin, I will try tomorrow. But I have questions: 1. I have post type called "tour", can it work for my post type? 2. Is it OK with google to use this snippet? Thank you.
  • Hi
    i have custom post with name ‘epitaphe’ and rating system is oK
    its a way to sort and display(not just a title) my custom post by following the result of the vote ?

  • schema.org/AggregateRatingHi, can you add http://schema.org/AggregateRating for rich snippets ? Because application/ld+json that you use now for comments reviews not work, google not show rich snippets in search result for my pages, but I test another plugin who use schema.org and this work very well, I see rich snippets in search result after 2 days when google reindex my page.
  • Sorry, two more questions lol.

    1. Is it possible to filter through ratings within a post? So I can see all 1 star ratings for example?

    2. Let’s say that someone registers for my site and I have a custom field indicating that they are a company. Based on that information is it possible to disable the star rating ability for that individual account? I would only want companies to be able to reply to other people who have already left a “review/rating”.

    3. Does your plugin work with “simple comment editing” so that someone can edit their comment after a certain amount of time?

    • 1) Not yet, but I like this feature and I think I’ll add this soon

      2) No, this is not possible

      3) I’ve never tested with that plugin, I can’t test it now, but I just saw the video tutorial and it should work 😉

    • Filtering through ratings would be really great. Please keep me posted on this! Or if you have a mailing list I can join. Thanks.

  • I think i answered my own question as it seems as though the star rating box disappeared after I left one rating. Not sure if it’s possible through your plugin but is there a way to disable the commenting box for anything BUT replies to other people?

    Also, is your service monthly or require a license or is it once it’s paid we have the data ourselves?

    • 1) I don’t know this, maybe there is a plugin out there for this, but not with yasr 😉

      2) It require an annual license (or you can get the lifetime license too); the license is needed to get updates and support

      • Thank you! Basically I think the only way to do it is to hide the box with css. I’ve already experimented with this myself and it seems to work (not the best way of doing it though). Since replies and the main comment box are the same thing, the only difference is when you hit reply the comment box gets a different class, so you can at least target and hide things from there. The reasoning behind this is that if someone leaves a review on my site I don’t want them to see the comment box again after doing so where if they come back they can assume they can leave another review. I only want them to be able to reply to people after having left 1 review/comment.

  • TestingIs there a way to prevent someone from leaving more than one "rating" but allow them to continually reply to comments?

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