Customize your rankings with Yasr Pro!

Do you need more flexibility from YASR Rankings?

You get all the flexibility you need with YASR Pro!

You will be able to:

  • Get rating from one or more category or custom post type
  • Customize how many rows to display
  • Change the size of the stars
  • Insert a customized text to show before or after the stars
  • In the “Visitor Votes” rankings it’s possibile to select a score range, and choose the default view between “most rated” or “highest rated”
  • In the “Most Active Reviewers and Most Active Users” chart it’s possible to show “display name” or “user name”
  • Select start and end date

Just go to Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings -> Rankings to see all the available options.


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4 thoughts on “Yasr Custom Rankings

      1. Hi Dario, no worries. If I buy it now, do I need to reinstall/reconfigure it (and add all the stars again, almost a 100 posts) or will the existing functionalities just be expanded? Sry for possible noob question, never upgraded a free plugin before 😉

        1. You will get a link where you will able to download the pro version, and no, no setting or rating will be lost 🙂