Yasr order posts by ratings

Order your posts by ratings!

As you know, by default, WordPress posts are ordered based on the date they were published on.

With YASR, instead, you can reorder your posts by ratings!

More specifically, you can sort your posts by:

  • Visitors’ ratings count
  • Visitors’ average rating
  • Authors’ rating

In the settings, (General settings -> archive Pages) you can reorder your home page, archives and tags.

If you want to have more granular control, there is the shortcode yasr_display_posts.

Use your custom template!

By default, the posts are printend using a template that you can find inside the templates diretory.

If you wish, you can override the default template, creating a new folder named yasr in your current theme.

For example, copy /templates/content.php to /your-theme/yasr/content.php and make the required changes. You’ll see the changes in the frontend. This way you can override the plugin without modifying the plugin core, which might be replaced upon updates.


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