Yet Another Stars Rating – Pro Version

Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating PRO is all about customization! By offering a significant feature set which smooth your website UX and content needs, Yasr PRO allows you unleashing your creativity but being consistent with your business / brand identity.

Yasr Pro is offering you a whole experience to ignite a fruitful user interaction with your content, product and/or service. So, just start choosing your favorite icons, customize your rankings, and let your users to add their own review!

Key Features

  • ALL the features of Yasr Basic


  1. The built-in WordPress comment form is extended with two new fields:
    1. The rating
    2. The review summary

    Take a look to a working example here!

  2. Customize your rankings to adapt reviews/testimonials to your (and your visitors’) specific needs. You can set the criteria for your review:
    1. How many rows to display (Es: you can make the top 5 or top 3)
    2. Which categories to choose
    3. Which colors
    4. Which labels
    5. Which score range
    6. Which font size
    7. Which icon size

    Take a look to a working example here!

  3. Last but not least, with Yasr Pro you can customize your stars image!
    You can upload your own icons or within a wide array of pre-set icons