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Shows the Overall Rating for a post or page.


(optional) Size of the stars. Accepted values: “small”, “medium”, “large”.
default: large
(optional) The post ID
default: the post ID of the current post or page


[yasr_overall_rating]    will show the Overall Rating with large stars set (default) for the current post or page.

[yasr_overall_rating size=medium postid=2548]    will show the Overall Rating with medium stars set for the post ID 2548.

How To insert the rating

Classic Editor

With the classic editor, a box in the top-right of the screen will show up. You can save the rating here.


With Gutenberg, you can save the rating in two different ways:

Click on the “+” icon to add a block, search for YASR and select YASR: Overall Rating. A new panel will appear to the right: you can add your rating here.

Click on the star in the top right; this will show up the YASR settings for that post or page; you can save rating here on the options panel of the rating plugin for wp.