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Increase your SEO traffic with Rich Snippets!

Have you ever noticed the stars in Google’s search results?
I’m sure you did!

With YASR you can have them too, quickly and easily! For each post or page on your site, you can select how the stars should appear, with a lot of settings available!

In order to do this, YASR will automatically fills in the necessary microdata using the JSON-LD standard.

Let’s begin!

Below the editor (works with both Gutenberg or Classic Editor) you will find a box like this:

The first thing you need to know is that stars in search results can be indexed using two different kind of properties: Review or AggregateRating

Review must be used if the post (or page) is a review. The author gives a vote according to his judgment and this vote will be shown in search results like this:

To accomplish this, in YASR you have to select “yes” in reply to the question “Is this a review?” below the page editor, and give a vote using the yasr_overall_rating feature.

With AggregateRating, average rating is instead based on multiple ratings or reviews. When based on multiple ratings, stars will be shown like this:

With YASR, you can achieve this by using yasr_visitor_votes shortcode, and select “no” in reply to the question “Is this a review?”.

With Pro version your visitors can leave a review in the comment form: ratings will be indexed like this, based on your user reviews :

Wich itemTypes are supported?

YASR supports the following itemTypes:

  • BlogPosting ✝
  • Book
    • author
    • bookEdition
    • BookFormat
    • ISBN
    • numberOfPages
  • Course
  • CreativeWorkSeason
  • CreativeWorkSeries
  • Episode
  • Event
  • Game
  • LocalBusiness
    • Address
    • PriceRange
    • Telephone 
  • MediaObject
  • Movie
    • actor
    • director
    • Duration
    • dateCreated
  • MusicPlaylist
  • MusicRecording
  • Organization
  • Product
    • Brand
    • Sku
    • Global identifiers
    • Price
    • Currency
    • Price Valid Until
    • Availability
    • Url
  • Recipe
    • cookTime
    • prepTime
    • description
    • keywords
    • nutrition
    • recipeCategory
    • recipeCuisine
    • recipeIngredient
  • SoftwareApplication
    • applicationCategory
    • operatingSystem
    • Currency
    • Price Valid Until
    • Availability
    • Url

    ✝ BlogPosting itemtype will not show stars in search result. More info here.

    You will notice that if you select review and then test the page with Structured Data Testing Tool with some schema itemType (e.g., product) this warning will appear:

    The aggregateRating field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.

    Greetings by the Structured Data Testing Tool

    After a lot of tests, I noticed that if both aggregateRating and review are in the same page, google will index it with aggregateRating.
    So, you should just ignore that warning if you want to index your page as a review.

    21 thoughts on “Yasr rich snippets”

    1. Hi Dario,
      so far your plugin is wonderful and perfect for my blog! Thank you first at all.
      I struggle with one detail in the recipe rich snippet. The time should be inserted with ISO 8601 format, I tired it so many times and just do not know what format to use. P1H?

      Can you maybe support? So like for a recipe I need a time duration like 45 mins, or 1 hour 20 mins.

      Thank you and regards from Germany.

      1. Hi Madeline!

        From Wikipedia:

        The capital letters P, Y, M, W, D, T, H, M, and S are designators for each of the date and time elements and are not replaced.

        P is the duration designator (for period) placed at the start of the duration representation.
        Y is the year designator that follows the value for the number of years.
        M is the month designator that follows the value for the number of months.
        W is the week designator that follows the value for the number of weeks.
        D is the day designator that follows the value for the number of days.
        T is the time designator that precedes the time components of the representation.
        H is the hour designator that follows the value for the number of hours.
        M is the minute designator that follows the value for the number of minutes.
        S is the second designator that follows the value for the number of seconds.

        For example, “P3Y6M4DT12H30M5S” represents a duration of “three years, six months, four days, twelve hours, thirty minutes, and five seconds

        So, if you need 1h and 20 min, use PT1H20M, or, to use 45min, just put PT45M

        Hope this helps.

        1. Thank you so much Dario.
          I missed the T. Sure it will work now.

          Thank you for your support and help.
          Have a nice day, Madeline

    2. Hi, if I use shortcode

      there is no json microdata. Is it possible to add something to shortcode or in php to define proporties of object manually?

      1. Hello Adam, sorry for the delay of this answer.

        If you want to use microdata for

        shortcode, you’ve to select “Review Rating” at this question in the setting:

        Which rich snippet do you want to use?


    3. Hi, wonderful plugin!

      Is posible to deactivate rich snippets? I’m trying to apply ratings to pages that are neither products, places, recipes, blogs. Instead, they are something more similar to companies, or groups. I was thinking that maybe have a rich snippets that is not correct can be harmful for SEO.


      1. Hello, sorry for the delay of this answer!

        It’s not possible with a setting, we’ve to insert a little function in your child theme!

        Is it ok for you?

        1. Thank you for your answer!

          We have a customised theme, so no child. So i think that I just should insert the function in the function.php file?

            1. Yes, true but the theme (not programmed by me) is a custom teme, so don’t know who will update it and when. Anyway, if I have to apply only some functions without a child theme, I use Code Snippets..

        1. I need to Review Count with YASR ( on the picture).
          But I just bought( Yasr Custom Rankings) that can’t do it( picture).
          So I can hope to have -Ratng:7.8/-2,659 reviews.
          I have purchased plugin.
          Do this? If Unable.
            Can replace ?
          I am not good at Engilish.
          Zeng pppdog

          1. Hi, I just bought your plugin “Yasr Custom Rankings”. However, due to my poor English (I’m not a native speaker), I’m sorry I made a stupid mistake. Actually, what I wanted was “Review Count with YASR”. Is it possible to allow me apply for a change?

            1. Thanks for your reply. But when I logged in My Purchase and go to “View Details and Downloads”, I didn’t see any download link of “Yasr User Review” or “Review Count with YASR”, what I only see is still the download link of “yasr-custom-rankings-0.0.8” only. Please check it again for me.

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