October 9, 2015

Yasr rich snippets

Have you ever noticed the stars in the google search result? I’m sure you did!
And if you are here is because you want them too! With Yasr you can easily add rich snippets in your posts/page.
In the settings, you can choose between “Review Rating” or “Aggregate Rating”.

If you select “Review Rating”, your site will be indexed from search engines like this:

Rating itemtype with Yasr

Rating itemtype with Yasr

If, instead, you choose “Aggregate Rating”, your site will be indexed like this

Aggregate Rating with Yasr

Aggregate Rating with Yasr

With Yasr User Reviews, all the rating data will be taken from the user’s reviews, so pages will be indexed like this

Review Count with YASR

Review Count with YASR

16 thoughts on “Yasr rich snippets

  • Hi, if I use shortcode [yasr_overall_rating] there is no json microdata. Is it possible to add something to shortcode or in php to define proporties of object manually?

    • Hello Adam, sorry for the delay of this answer.

      If you want to use microdata for [yasr_overall_rating] shortcode, you’ve to select “Review Rating” at this question in the setting:

      Which rich snippet do you want to use?


  • Hi, wonderful plugin!

    Is posible to deactivate rich snippets? I’m trying to apply ratings to pages that are neither products, places, recipes, blogs. Instead, they are something more similar to companies, or groups. I was thinking that maybe have a rich snippets that is not correct can be harmful for SEO.


    • Hello, sorry for the delay of this answer!

      It’s not possible with a setting, we’ve to insert a little function in your child theme!

      Is it ok for you?

      • Thank you for your answer!

        We have a customised theme, so no child. So i think that I just should insert the function in the function.php file?

          • Yes, true but the theme (not programmed by me) is a custom teme, so don’t know who will update it and when. Anyway, if I have to apply only some functions without a child theme, I use Code Snippets..

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